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How To Connect with your Guardian Angel

Jenny Smedley 19 Jul 2017 comments
How To Connect with your Guardian Angel

So, you believe in angels. You see the results other people get from theirs, but yours seems to be asleep, or to be ignoring you – or maybe, just maybe you think you don’t even have one, or deserve one. This seems like a very sad thing, and it is, but I get hundreds of letters from people who think one or all of these things. They ask their angels for help, but they never seem to get it. So, how can they connect with their angels?

For me it was a dramatic journey. I’d been up and down, happy and then sad, for most of my adult life. What I didn’t know then, and wouldn’t have understood, was that my angels started to build and use this depression in order that I would start to listen to them. It sounds odd, and a little cruel, but let me explain. As a child, like all children, I was strongly in touch with my angels.

As I grew up, like with most people, life took me over. They don’t mean to, but in their efforts to have us ‘fit in’ with society, our parents and peers, our teachers and employers, tend to shape us and instil their priorities in us. In doing so they squeeze us away from our intuition and away from our natural instincts, and we start to generate the wrong kind of energy, which of course estranges us from communication with guardian angels.

Someone else’s priorities rarely make us happy, and so we continue on our journey through life, often striving for the wrong things in an effort to be happy. We lose ourselves, and we forget the plans we had, our role in this life, our reason for being here, when fulfilling those things are the only way to true happiness for us.

This was exactly what happened to me, and I as I achieved the priorities I had been trained to want, instead of them making me happy, I became more and more sad. I reached a point where I was in near despair, and this is what I think my angels used to connect with me. My depression allowed me to ‘let go’ of the material world, and open my heart once more to divine help. My particular message was about a past life, and I believe it came from my soul angel.

In a matter of months I lost weight, both in fat and in spirit, I started writing songs, one of which earned a silver disc. I started on a journey of discovery of who I had been in a past life, overcame a fear of flying and went to the USA to visit my past life husband, country singer Garth Brooks.

In a matter of a few years I became a TV presenter, hosting a daily show in which I interviewed all types of spiritual people. A few more years and I now have three best-selling books here in the UK. Hay House in Australia have now agreed to start publishing them here, starting with Soul Angels, and I am extremely delighted to be able share them with my Take 5 readers. I am now on my right path and so I am happy!

So, how do you change your life and get in touch with your angels? You’ll be pleased to know that you don’t have to sink into deep depression like I did. Depression was my tool because it made me want to switch off my daily life and escape, and its deepest moods were therefore not unlike meditation. I had nothing to lose so I stopped worrying, stopped stressing and found myself in a passive place where I just waited in quiet expectation.

For most people, connecting with their angels is all a question of energy. Angels exists in a different dimension to us, as you would expect. They can’t live in our dimension, because its vibration or pulse is too slow. We can’t live in their, in our human form, because its vibration is too fast. They only way to connect with them is by raising our vibration, and to do this our energy has to be calm and smooth with no turbulence. Any kind of negative emotion, such as anger, frustration, impatience, fear, hatred, etc makes ‘rough’ energy. Positive emotions such as hope, love, thankfulness, patience etc makes ‘smooth’ energy. You can liken your energy state to being in a small boat on the ocean. Picture your angels as being on a raft some distance away. If your energy is turbulent, you’ll create waves, and no matter how hard they try, the angels on the ‘raft’, won’t be able to get near to you, whereas on a smooth, calm sea, their progress towards your ‘boat’ is easy and natural.

So, how do you face up to everyday problems and issues, family disasters, work-related dissatisfaction and the general injustices of life and keep your energy calm and positive? I’ve developed a tool that seems to work very well for people. I call it a focus picture, and using one really is your first step towards connecting with your angels.

To encourage a vital, positive start to the day, and come to understand that you have the power to organise your reality, you need to draw a focus picture.

You’ll need a white card, a set of coloured felt-tip pens (or paints if you’re feeling particularly creative), and a fertile imagination. You can use any bit of card really, even cut from the back of a cereal box, so long as the inside is white or at least very light coloured, but it needs to be at least 6ins by 8ins. In the centre of the card, draw or paint an image. It should be something that represents how you’d like each day, and your life, to be. It could be a sailing boat, a rainbow, a happy house, a heart, or whatever your imagination or higher self provides. You don’t have to be an artist; you just have to put in enough detail to make it yours. Take your time and colour the picture brightly, as each stroke of the pen or brush will connect you ever more deeply to the image in your mind. The brighter and more colourful the image the more effect it will have on your subconscious and your energy.

While you’re at it, you can also ensure your kids grow up with strong positive minds and balanced energy, which will bring them the good things in life, by having them make their own, because this kind of imagery works very well with children. They enjoy the process of making a focus picture more that adults, because they don’t feel in any way self-conscious about it. Their minds are free, and so you can instil a wonderful habit in them like this that they’ll take with them for the rest of their lives. You can even go wild with the art, and this works especially with your kids, by decorating the image with stick-on sequins and glitter.

Around the image write eight words or short phrases in a circle. These must be words that also trigger the right thought patterns, such as ‘free’, ‘fly’ ‘happy’, again, whatever words you choose to represent yourself as you’d like to be. You’ll find that quite naturally you’ll have created your very own, tailored, mantra. For instance, if you use the words, ‘no clouds’ ‘brave’ ‘happy’ ‘contented’ ‘no fear’ ‘blissful day’ ‘free’ ‘wings’, then when you read these words out, they will form the thought patterns of, There are no clouds, so I can be brave and happy, contented that there’s no fear in my blissful day, so I am free to stretch my wings and fly! It won’t matter where you start the words. Backwards this would be, I have wings to set me free, and my blissful day will hold no fear. I’ll feel contented and happy, and I can be brave because there are no clouds to spoil things. Anyway and any direction you chose will create a good energy basis. All these steps will make this mantra and this picture so attuned to your energy that every time you use it you’ll build a better and better connection to yourself and your needs.

Now that your focus picture is complete, all you have to do is to spend a few minutes every morning before you get up, and before the day has a chance to imprint on you, and spend a few moments using your focus picture. As you stare at the drawing that you created, it will calm your mind and help you focus on creating a good blueprint for how you want your day to be. As you say the words at least eight times, your endorphins (those ‘happy’ brain chemicals) will start to multiply and grow in your mind, and you’ll become more and more cheerful. This will set up your energy to manifest a good day.

The reason you have to do it before you get up is so that the bad stuff, if it happens, won’t be able to divert your energy flow from positive to negative. The more you use your focus picture, the more you’ll find you can maintain a positive outlook, despite setbacks. As time goes by and starting off this way becomes habitual, your whole brain pattern will change, and you’ll find it easier and easier to cope with the day. Even better still, as you continue to use this you’ll find that your life will change. Each time something threatens your equilibrium, just bring your personal little picture to mind. Bring your mantra, which you’ll soon now by heart in any direction, in any combination, to the front of your mind, and use it to drive bad stuff away. Your boss will start to be nicer to you, because he/she and everyone else will love being around this new, enervated person, and you’ll become more and more valued. People just love being around a positive person! Even your hubby and your kids will change their attitude to you, because instead of a downtrodden Mum or Dad, they’ll start to see you as a strong person, worthy of respect. In time, even your ‘luck’ will change as you attract abundance, because your positive, magnetic energy will bring positive events and outcomes bouncing back to you from the universe. And it’s all possible because you created the right energy seed in your mind from the second you opened your eyes. Most important of all you’ll suddenly discover that you’re walking with an angel at your side, and it will be so natural that you’ll wonder how it could have ever been any other way.

A Ten Minute Guide

When you wish upon a star

Take some time to look up at the night sky, and let the beauty of the moon and the stars fill you with wonder. During this quiet moment of reflection and joy ask your angel to tell you their name. Just allow your angel to speak it into your mind.

Unconditional Love

Take some time from the hustle and bustle and experience loving yourself. Sit quietly and make your breathing regular and soft. Close your eyes and feel a warm glow coming over you as unconditional love from your angel wraps around you like silken wings. If an angel loves you this much, then you should surely love yourself too.

Focus Picture

Draw a picture that symbolises how you’d like your life to be. Write eight words around the picture that describe your ideal life. Each day before you get out of bed, look at the picture and say the words. This will create a positive mindset that will help you to avoid absorbing negative emotions from other people and from problems that might crop up.

Clear as Crystal

Fill your home with as many crystals as you can, as they’ll help your home develop a positive aura. The crystals can be very expensive, gorgeous rocks, or sweet little tumble stones that cost very little, because angels don’t mind! You can buy a big book of the properties of various crystals, but I believe the best way to choose them is to let them choose you. Just pass your open hand over the stones and select the ones that make your palm tingle.

Pass it forward

A really good way to create the positive vibes that angels are drawn to is to make a habit of ‘passing it forward’. This means that sometimes if you do someone a good turn and they offer to pay you, tell them to just pass it forward and do a favour for someone else for free instead. Imagine if everyone did this – wouldn’t the whole world be a better place?

Odd Jobs for Angels

Once you feel a connection with your angel, start asking for little things, like a parking space in a busy shopping mall. These small things will give you faith that your angel can hear you, and once you have that faith you can start to ask for bigger, life-changing things.

You Don’t Need Money!

If your problems involve cash flow, don’t ask for money as angels don’t use it! Just visualise the way your life would be, and the things you’d do if you had plenty of cash, and then leave the ‘how’ up to your angels. Picture everything very clearly. For instance, if your dream is a new home, see it all, the front door, and the garden, everything, even down to the colour each room is painted. Make it real enough, and your angel will make it so.

Be Careful What You Wish For

Don’t just ask for instance to ‘give up work’, because there are many reasons that could happen and they might not always be nice ones! Just picture yourself with plenty of leisure time and make sure you see yourself as happy and fulfilled at the same time.

© Jenny Smedley 2012


Jenny Smedley

Jenny Smedley

Jenny Smedley Based in the UK, and happily married for over 41 years, Jenny Smedley DPLT, is a qualified past life regressionist, an author, TV and radio presenter and guest, international columnist, and spiritual consultant, specializing in the subjects of past lives and angels. She’s also an animal intuitive and tree communicator. She lives with her husband, Tony, a spiritual healer, and her reincarnated ‘Springador’ dog, KC.

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