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How Magic Works

Sarah Rooke 12 Nov 2014 comments
How Magic Works

I have often heard people ask how magic works, so this little article is to help you there with some information.

First of all, magic itself is neither black (bad) nor white (good); it is how it is used or the Intention that colours it, though there is also a ‘grey’ area. So please remember that old Wiccan saying ‘Do as thou wilt, and may it harm none’. Sure, you can do some really dark magic, but with everything, there are consequences on a karmic level to consider first. So remember law number one, like attracts like. This is where what you give out will be exactly what you will receive back

Also magic must not be used for personal gain. Like everything in life, there are rules. So if you fancy a play on the lottery or a bet on the G-G’s, please again think of the consequences of your actions. For example, you want £1000, and you do a spell. However, you obtain this money because Aunt Flo died and left you this sum. It is far better to ask the Spirits for what you need to help you to live and get by.

And whilst we are on the subject, let’s take love spells. These are always iffy, say you fancy Jo Bloggs, and do an appropriate spell. However, you find that you can’t stand that person or that you don’t get on. Then what do you do? It is again far better to ask for love to come into your life than ask for a specific person.

Magic basically works on three levels, the physical, psychological or spiritual to sink in, or take it another way, the subconscious, conscious and super conscious levels. There is a certain psychology in magic – let’s liken it to an affirmation. Say you do a spell for a job interview. This will help to boost your confidence, so that it goes in at all three levels.

The same works regarding curses, and that is the key here, the empathises is on what you believe and if you think you are under one, if it has any power over you.

Let’s take some basic magical techniques.

Mirror of Hathor

This is a mirror dedicated to the Egyptian Goddess Hathor and works by sending negative energies back onto the sender (i.e. when you feel you are receiving some flak of someone). You will need an Egyptian style Mirror for this, or one that has been blackened (like a scrying mirror). You can do this either with a ceremony or not. Or you can visualise if you do not possess a Mirror of Hathor.

First, look into the mirror without looking into it (if this makes sense). Say ‘I hereby return all negative thoughts and energies back onto the sender. May Hathor be my messenger as she was for Ra.’. Then say a prayer of thanks to the Goddess.

You could always request help from the Celtic Goddess Morrigan or the Greek Goddess Athena if you prefer these as an alternative.

Veil of Nephthys or Cloak of Invisibility

This is another Egyptian magical technique, and invokes Nephthys, the Egyptian Goddess of Revelation. You do this by drawing psychically a veil of protection around yourself by drawing your aura in. This is useful when say you are entering a crowded or dangerous area and wish to go incognito. The Nephthys ray will diffuse any situation and can also be used on property, so that any would be burglar is soon deterred and will lose interest!

If you prefer other pantheons, then try Persephone for the Greek or the Welsh Cerridwen which would be good equivalents.


Another Egyptian magical technique if you ever need any books, or help in researching or studying a subject, is to call upon the Egyptian God Thoth, God of Wisdom. A simple prayer to him for help will ensure assistance is rendered in ways you couldn’t imagine. If you prefer the Celtic or Greek vibes, then try Merlin or Hermes.

Scales of Ma’at

This is another Egyptian magical technique, if you are undecided on something and can’t make up your mind, then give this a go. You can visualise a pair of scales with the feather of Ma’at (truth) on one side and a scroll representing your question on the other. Visualise the scales lifting up to the ether and a pair of hands, the hands of Thoth, taking them off you. You should have your response in a day or so. If the scales balance, all is well, if not, then beware.


If your animal is ill or missing, a simple prayer to the Egyptian Goddess Bast for Cats and the Egyptian God Anubis for Dogs will help. I have never known them refuse a sincere request.

The Home

If you have any problems at home, simply ask the Egyptian God Ptah, the Architect, for help. This can be for anything of a practical nature, such as to do with masonry or machinery or on a practical level. Perfect for those who need help with DIY, or about the home!

There are other things to consider in practising magic; however I hope that these brief notes help

These books are recommended for further information (try Amazon)
Practical Egyptian Magic – Murry Hope
Practical Celtic Magic – Murry Hope
Practical Greek Magic – Murry Hope
Practical Solitary Magic – Nancy B Watson

© Sarah Rooke 2014

Sarah Rooke

Sarah  Rooke

I am a Priestess Hierophant with my own Lyceum or teaching centre in the Fellowship of Isis, I am also an Archdruidess in the Druid Clan of Dana and am Archdruidess of my own Druid Order, the Berengaria Order of Druids. I have mentored and trained many priestesses and priests both nationally and internationally in the Fellowship of Isis over the years. My late father’s side of the family are Spiritualists, so I come from a mediumistic family

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