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Help With Overcoming Depression Meditation

Kaz Blueskywolf 11 Feb 2015 comments
Help With Overcoming Depression Meditation

Before attempting this meditation, may I ask you to make sure you will not be disturbed… turn your phone off, lock your door and know that this is your “time” – you can either lay on your bed whilst doing this meditation or sit in a comfortable chair… either way is fine. Please make sure you are grounded and protected before doing this and also have a glass of water beside you.

Okay as so many of you know, depression is becoming more and more out in the open, it is not how it was years ago where someone was afraid to say they suffered from depression in one way or another… so my aim here to help you try and overcome your depression…

Once you are fully comfortable – let’s start by taking a deep breath in through your nose – nice and slowly… knowing you are breathing in positivity… hold that breath for 3 seconds and then exhale through your mouth only this time, knowing you are letting go of any negativity… please repeat this until you begin to feel your shoulders dropping… your heart beating at a nice relaxing pace… every part of your body is very slowly becoming relaxed with each breath you take…

Now that you are at this stage, I want to ask you to try and think back to when you were well and not suffering from depression at all… this can be very, very hard so if you cannot do that the first time with this meditation, please do not worry as you can come back here at anytime – for the ones that can do this, just let yourself go to when you were happy… let those feelings of happiness come to surface… close your eyes and see yourself when you felt so happy and at peace with yourself … this could be a year ago or it could be as long as 20 years ago… keep breathing and really try your best to go with this… you may find at this point, today is trying to surface! Replace that thought with happiness again… and know in your heart, you were not put on this earth to suffer… tell yourself you can overcome this and really feel yourself becoming enlightened… feel a huge weight being taken of your shoulders… really feel how much lighter you are becoming by allowing yourself this time, this moment and this place to be yours…

You tend to beat yourself up day in day out because of your depression – blaming yourself on anything that goes wrong… tears falling from your eyes, you finally get a glimpse of what life used to be like for you – those tears that are falling from your eyes are tears of healing… and tears of you missing who you used to be however the thing you do not know is this – no matter what you have gone through, no matter how many struggles you have had – no matter how much heartache you have endured, you do have the ability to let go of this terrible depression that has taken hold of you and you do deserve to be happy and to laugh again, just like you used to!

Depression is such a terrible illness… one that has taken so many lives as people cannot see any other way out however please think about this… why should you take your own life when you have so many loved ones in around you that love you unconditionally? Believe me I know what it is like to suffer as I too am a sufferer and have been for 17 years… however now with it becoming more and more common to use meditation to help with the likes of depression… there is light at the end of the tunnel… you may not quite see that just yet but I can tell you it is there…

Maybe you seem to get a glimpse of yourself every now again on how you once felt… such as being a bubbly person, having so much fun… and living life to the full – and now each day seems to be a struggle and at times, a struggle that is so hard that really all you want to do is hide from everyone – close yourself away and end up going into yourself… as much as I hold my hands up to doing this too… I also question “Why do we tend to do this?” “Why do we close ourselves off from our loved ones?”

It’s very hard for loved ones and friends to understand what we are going through… in our minds and our hearts… I honestly do not believe anyone knows what it is like to suffer like this unless they are going through it themselves… so let’s take a little walk over towards the swings we can see now in our view – take your shoes off and walk on the luscious green grass you see… let your feet really feel Mother Earth… and as you do … feel the beautiful breeze blowing at your hair and on your face… what you are experiencing is bliss… the swings are getting very close now so walk over to one – there are three… you choose the middle one… the swing is made of wood yet it feels so comfortable as you sit on it… let yourself begin to swing and as you do – you continue to feel the slight breeze which is getting a little heavier as you swing… look in front of you… and take in all the beauty Mother Earth offers… the gorgeous lush green grass… that you have not long walked on… the trees you see – look how tall and proud they stand… again please be aware of your breathing… you know you are safe… you have not felt this way in such a long time that it makes you feel you are dreaming… when in actual fact, you are not dreaming at all… the part of you that is screaming to get out – can finally see the light of that tunnel I spoke off… let those emotions flow… if you feel tearful… that is okay, let those tears fall and remember tears are also very healing…

Look up to the sky… what colour is it? I see it as blue with a few grey clouds however the blue sky is beginning to cover up the grey clouds… so more sun is beginning to shine on you… you begin to feel heat on your back… on your face, on your arms… and most importantly in your heart… you begin to tell yourself – “This has not been my fault that I suffer so and now that I have had a glimpse of how I used to be – I am going to work on that. I know I am loved unconditionally and now it is time to love myself – not dislike myself, not blame myself and certainly not to destroy myself… I was put on this earth for a reason and it was not to suffer… it was to live life and enjoy it and that is exactly what I am going to start doing”

You can feel a smile on your face as you say the above words… and the heat continues in your heart… a heat that you have not felt in so, so long… a feeling of being loved…

You have really enjoyed your time however it is now time to come back to the here and now… please remember to take what you feel back with you knowing that you can come back here anytime you like… as you start to come back to the here and now, please take 3 deep breaths again in through your nose and exhale out through your mouth… nice and slowly… when you are full aware of your surroundings – please take wee sips of water just to keep you grounded and remember this is your life to live not to suffer.

© Karen Davidson aka Kaz Blueskywolf 2015


Kaz Blueskywolf

Kaz  Blueskywolf

Kaz Blueskywolf has over 25 years’ experience as a professional psychic, medium and angel reader. She also performs outstandingly accurate tarot and past life readings. She is likewise an experienced spiritual Reiki healer, and has written well over a hundred guided meditations for both public as well as personalized use.

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