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Helen Duncan The Medium

Paul Cissell 02 Aug 2014 comments
Helen Duncan The Medium

Although there are many talented and gifted mediums throughout the world I’d like to think of the United Kingdom as being a nation that has produced some of the finest Mediums both present and especially past, who have come from all walks of life to inspire others with their unique mediumistic abilities. Someone once said to me that they wish they had my life as having the life of a Medium was so easy, a life without hardship and pain where rewards are plentiful.

Not at all! How far removed from the truth was she. In fact it can sometimes be a tough life with many hardships and personal pain and sacrifice to contend with.

But those kinds of mediums who have suffered during their lifetime are the people’s mediums. They understand and can relate to the needs of others, helping to bring comfort to a person’s life. Not only here on the earth plane but some mediums have the ability to bring comfort to those who have passed across to the world of spirit helping to heal their own wounded emotions. Good mediums observe and can show great compassion towards their sitter and with the help of spirit are able to guide their sitter forward and teach them another way of living.

There are many young talented mediums, working today but very few have the ability to draw on personal suffering enabling them to work on a healing vibration both for the sitter and sometimes the spirit communicator themselves merely due to lack of life experience. If you have not suffered how you can understand the concept, in the same way if you have never loved it’s hard to understand the true meaning of the word.

One such medium who had suffered in her life was Helen Duncan; born in 1897 she was a spiritualist medium with the ability of trance and materialisation. Helen Duncan was a Scottish house wife with a family who found herself during world war two being convicted under Britain’s ancient Witchcraft Act and jailed for nine months for working as a medium and claiming to be in contact with the dead.

As you could expect with any period of mass loss of human life, people would turn to religion and other spiritual beliefs as well as mediums to help with their pain and their loss of a loved one, to look for reassurance and some kind of hope that their loved one was ok as well as themselves.

It was believed that the British government grew nervous of Helen’s accurate messages from the other side much of which had been verified countless times. But it was during one of her many sittings of that time when she materialized the form of a young sailor with the name H.M.S. BARHAM on his cap. The sailor, who had only recently passed to the spirit world, had been serving on a ship that had sunk, a ship that the English government was denying having ever been sunk.

When word got out about the ships sinking and Helen had produced phenomena proving that the ship had been lost, Helen Duncan was promptly arrested and jailed for being a spy and then a witch. Even after she was proven correct and news got out about the sinking of the war ship, she was still held as a witch and incarcerated for nine months of her life.

Helen Duncan’s materialisation Mediumship had been tested many times, often she was stripped naked and examined before she worked so as to prove that nothing had been concealed that could be used to fake the appearance of a spirit person.

After being released from prison is wasn’t long before Helen was feeling strong enough to start her work once more. Due to her now increased high profile she soon found herself in more demand than ever before and was spending much of her time travelling around the country working in her trance state. However since being imprisoned the quality of her séances seemed to have deteriorated, remembering that it takes a lot of focus and energy from the medium.

In November of 1956 police raided a séance where Helen Duncan was demonstrating. According to all accounts it would appear they grabbed her and strip searched her, taking flashlight photographs of her and the séance. They were looking for any evidence that showed she was working fraudulently. But it appears they found nothing to show that she was working fraudulently.

I often remind my own students not to make any sudden loud noises or touch another student when that student is working even in mental Mediumship just in case it puts them into shock, so through ignorance the police had committed the worst possible crime against physical phenomena; that a medium in trance must NEVER, ever be touched. The reason for this is that the ectoplasm used from the medium to manifest the spirit returns to the medium’s body far too quickly and can cause immense and sometimes even fatal damage to the medium.

As a result of this manhandling a doctor was called to see Helen, who discovered second degree burns across her stomach area. It is said that Helen was very ill after this and once back home in Scotland she was taken to hospital.

Not long after the incident involving the police, Helen had passed away to spirit herself. Had what happened that night caused the death of Helen Duncan or was it that after everything that this lady gone through in her life time the body was not as strong as she would have liked and it was now her time to go home.

It had been reported that since Helen has passed back to spirit she has communicated from the other side many times through many Mediums! And with more than forty years after her passing her story still goes on.

© Paul Cissell 2011


Paul Cissell

Paul Cissell

Paul Cissell is one of the south coast of England’s popular evidential psychic mediums. Paul’s work takes him worldwide and delves into the realms of trance mediumship and soul rescue. Paul brings a refreshing vibrancy as he sails between many realms searching for genuine afterlife communication.

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