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Healing Yourself With Heaven

Sheelagh Maria 20 May 2015 comments
Healing Yourself With Heaven

Did you think heaven was ‘up there somewhere’? In actual fact ‘heaven’ is all around us, it’s ‘in between ‘ the particles and the atoms, it’s in between the pencil on your desk and the mug in your hand, it’s in your aura, in-between your toes, and every breath you take.

‘Heaven’ is a state of being for some, for children they can tap into this magic in many ways, yet for a lot of us we spend too long in the 3d world actively trying hard to connect with something that is essentially the very root and cause of ‘who we are’

A lot of conventional healing practise focus on others laying their hands on you, or you purchasing some kind of product or routine to help you to become ‘healthy’ and ‘cleared’ when in fact the most effective and magical prescription is at your fingertips and – well everywhere else too!

I teach people how to heal and clear themselves with ‘Heaven’ working exclusively for them, and now I’m going to pass on some easy tips and tools for you to use this too. The great thing is that ‘Heaven’ can help you with every issue not just physical, but emotional, financial, practical you name it , ‘Receiving help from heaven’ is as easy as a b c.

The Method

To heal ourselves with heaven we have only to breath, it really is as simple as that. If you ‘intend’ to receive help, you will always receive it. Sometimes the help will come in real world form such as guidance, or assistance from another, and sometimes the healing will come metaphysically and transpire a few days or hours later. Intention is like the car that you put in the ignition, to allow the momentum to gather.

Using your breath, is a way of drawing into you the divine energy that makes up our world (and all others) you don’t need to use complicated visualisations, or affirmations but simple open your heart, and breathe. If you want to be more pointed about this then try some of the tips below.

For Physical Pain

Take yourself somewhere where there are trees, grass or greenery, this can be in a house, a garden centre or better still natural surroundings, take a moment to look at the greenery and imagine yourself ‘covered in it’s healing energy’, then as you gaze at the divine green, ‘breathe’ the green in keeping your eyes open and allow the essence of healing to fill you. ‘See’ the green entering into your body through your heart and finding it’s way to the place of discomfort, and ‘ask’ that whatever caused this dis ease is also healed by the green you are breathing. Better still imprint a picture of the tree/field/hedge on your mind, and ‘take it with you’ For people who have lower mobility, simply visualising a green field and breathing in this essence will alleviate the discomfort over time. Relax ‘into’ this practice and allow Heaven to do what it’s made for , which is love comfort and support,

For Financial Healing

Gold is the colour of financial healing, so either gazing at the sun (in a safe manner) and breathing in its warming rays, or visualising a golden stream of light coming down from the ceiling of the room you are in, ‘see’ this light going ‘through’ your body and entering out of your feet into the ground. ‘Intend’ that all discomfort financially, all fear, all worry is sent ‘out’ of the golden stream and is transumuted into the earth. Pay particularl attention to the sacral (stomach chakra) which contains our concerns and our ability or inability to manifest and be magical. Really ‘see’ the energy of lack leaving you and then ‘feel’ the warmth of heavens abundance coming in. Make it a practice to see the abundance all around you, yes even other peoples. Be aware that when you breathe gold you are encouraging situations to move on and to heal and you are also opening yourself up to avenues of resources that will appear to you as pathways over the coming days and weeks. It can take up to two weeks for this to begin to work depending on the beliefs that you hold. Most of all enjoy this excersise and make Heaven a daily part of your life.

For Emotional Wounds

Pink has long been the colour of love. it encourages a focus on softness, nourishment and tenderness. Where you have been hurt, or are hurting, are worried scared of rejected, connecting with heavens soft euphoric pink is going to soothe and open the way for even more love to reach you. Buying yourself some flowers of a soft pink colour, or carrying a soft pink stone can also help. The idea is to breathe in pink to your heart and ‘see’ it softening and cleansing and helping you to accept what ‘is’ - this can often be the hardest thing to do in matters of the heart, however, it is only when we accept what ‘is’ that we can attract what we want – so by allowing what ‘is’ to become okay with you you allow heaven to bring you new love situations, reconciliation and hope for the future.

Whatever you entrust heaven with will always be dealt with in your highest interests. Remember, it doesn’t matter if you don’t know ‘who’ to ask, there are many roads winding to this mountain, but remember to allow at the same time. Keep your eyes open, your heart aware and your intention purely set on living a heavenly healed life.

© Sheelagh 2015

Sheelagh Maria

Sheelagh  Maria

Clairvoyant Sheelagh Maria sees the ‘real’ you. Along with your team of Angels she is able to identify your purpose, your passion your mission. If you are having issues with identifying your next step, or want to create a new inspired life, then you’ve come to the right place. Sheelagh does not just do ‘readings’ she performs miracles, magic and inspired action with you at the centre. Sheelagh specialises in bringing through the help of heaven in a way that connects you with your own truth. Sheelagh helps you to connect to Your own team, and to develop your Own gift. Whether you want to work with heaven for yourself or others, or you want to attract a new career, relationship or purpose then you have arrived. She uses channelled guidance, heavenly clearing and healing techniques and helps you to be clear about what comes next on your path. Sheelagh’s clients come from around the world and are a mxuture of healers and therapists wanting to expand, and conscious women that are ready to Receive the very best guidance – Heaven sent.

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