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Healing with Crystals and Gemstones

Sarah Rooke 18 Oct 2014 comments
Healing with Crystals and Gemstones

AVENTURINE: A very sweet green variety of quartz, usually available in touchstone form from most New Age outlets. This is a handy one to have. Good for emotional and etheric bodies, it has a calming influence. The chakra it relates to is the heart.

AGATE: A variety of chalcedony, this comes in many colours. Tones and strengthens body and mind, works with the chakras according to the colour of the stone. Slices of agate make nice display pieces.

AMBER: One of my favourite stones, this is fossilised pine resin from prehistoric trees. Therefore, if there are any inclusions, this gives the stone more power. The redder shades work on the kundalini, whilst the golden tones work on the crown centre. Very good for getting rid of infection and drawing out pain, however the stone has a tendency to become cloudy. Many Priestesses in Wicca and Druidry wear jewellery made of amber, going back to the days of the Saxons and Vikings. The stone has associations with the Goddess.

AMETHYST: A beautiful purple variety of quartz, Roman legend has it that amethyst wards of drunkenness. Very good for headaches and insomnia. Lots of New Age jewellery features this stone. It connects to the crown chakra, and has a transmutating effect by encouraging meditation and seeking enlightenment (many bishops wear rings of this stone). Its high density vibration connects to the higher spheres and spirit guides, thus it is a good stone for the mystic and psychic. Birthstone for February.

AQUAMARINE: Meaning ‘gem of the sea’. This stone carries obvious water connections. A variety of beryl, it is calming and purifying. It works on the throat chakra, thus is linked to communication. This stone comes in lovely varying shades of blue, and is good at balancing and filtering energies. Birthstone for March.

ARAGONITE: These hexagonal crystals are formed by twinning. Thus the union of two crystals in this manner signifies the tantric joining of male and female. Calming and peaceful, they come in either clear or lavender shades. A supportive meditative stone.

AZURITE: A rare indigo stone this, but valuable if you can get it. This stone has the ability to draw out mental and psychological pain, thus it works on the third eye chakra. It represents also occult wisdom and the mysteries, thus enabling contact with the higher planes and spirit guides.

BLOODSTONE: A variety of chalcedony, strengthens the blood system and heart. If you suffer from anaemia, this stone will help. Also linked to the base chakra, this stone can be very grounding for those individuals who are away with the fairies somewhat!

BLUE LACE AGATE : A variety of agate, this stone is a gentle blue banded crystal that works on the throat chakra. Calming and balancing, this little stone makes a nice touchstone and is readily available from most new age shops.

CARNELIAN: A variety of chalcedony. This stone is linked to the stomach chakra, thus it aids in assimilation and digestion. An energising stone, another nice little touchstone to have as it is warming and friendly. Can also be earthing to hold.

CELESTITE: A lovely blue crystal this, usually comes in a cluster. Very much of the angelic realms, it connects to the throat chakra. Reduces stress and is calming, this is also a nice meditative stone to have in your home.

CITRINE: A variety of quartz, this lovely yellow stone is linked to the stomach chakra. I always feel a sense of joy when I hold my citrine, maybe because it carries the energies of the sun inside. Very good for digestion and depression, however please be aware that most citrine on the market is baked amethyst. The darker shades work more on transmutation, whilst the lighter shades promote clarity.

DIAMOND: Marilyn Monroe sang ‘Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend’ and Shirley Bassey sang ‘Diamonds are Forever’. The hardest substance known to man and the most precious of gemstones. Whenever I wear diamond, I always feel a sense of clarity. A master healer, this stone links to all chakras as it manifests all the rays of the spectrum, and especially of the white light of the higher realms. Birthstone for April.

DIOPTASE: One of the new gemstones, very much still evolving. This pretty green stone is linked to the heart. Its strong healing energy reminds us of the earth, therefore this stone can be very balancing emotionally.

ELESTIALS: Elestials are a variety of crystal cluster linked to the angelic realms. They contain a vast amount of knowledge and healing. Can be used to gain cosmic awareness, they also remove negativity from the aura. One of the new master crystals.

EMERALD: One of my favourite stones, this variety of beryl is also one of the most precious. Emerald is linked to the heart and earth, thus it is balancing. A tonic for body and mind, it is very much a Goddess stone, so is useful in meditation. Please wear emerald alone or with the diamond, as other stones can diminish its power. Birthstone for May.

FLOURITE: Another new stone, this comes in purple or green varieties or a mixture of both. Thus it will work on the crown or heart chakra according to its colour. Usually hexagonal in shape, like a double pyramid. This can be used in meditation.

GARNET: One of the semi precious stones, garnet is another favourite of mine. In Medieval times, a combination of garnet, pearl and gold was used in jewellery. Garnet represented the blood of Christ, pearl his purity, and gold his kingship. The combination can still be pretty potent today and I always feel a sense of strength when I wear garnet. The garnet is linked to the base chakra and kundalini, and is the birthstone for January.

HAEMATITE: This black stone is linked to the base chakra, but it is also linked to the blood system on account of its composition of iron. Its powers are also grounding and it strengthens the physical body.

HERKIMER DIAMOND: Not a true diamond, but a variety of quartz. This stone can be a marvellous all round healer and can amplify energies. Linked to all chakras, but especially the crown. ‘Herkies’ that have black spots are very special, as they are recorders and thus contain information. Thus they are one of the new master crystals.

IOLITE: Another new gemstone. and am I attracted to this one! This is a lovely indigo purple stone, and is linked to the third eye and crown chakra. A nice meditative stone to have, linked also to spirit guides, dreams and the mysteries.

ISIS CRYSTALS: As the name says, this variety of quartz is linked to the Goddess Isis. Easily recognised by the five pointed marker on the terminal (end) that is facing upwards. Very special meditative crystals these, they contain the Divine Feminine. This is one of the new master crystals.

JADE: Works on the chakras according to the colour of the stone. Lavender works on the crown, green on the heart, charcoal on the base, red on the kundalini, and yellow on the solar plexus. Red and yellow were the most sacred in ancient China, reserved for the Emperor alone. The stone is also linked to the dragon energy, as it is considered lucky and is connected to the earth.

JASPER: A variety of chalcedony. Jasper is a powerful grounding and good all round healer, depending on its colour. A stone that works more on the physical body, it is a nice little touchstone to have.

KUNZITE: A pretty pink stone this, with characteristic striations. This stone has a high lithium content, so it is useful for people with addictions. The soft pink helps one open up the heart chakra, and thus aids to heal the emotions. Also electromagnetic.

LABRADORITE: One of the new gemstones. Also known as spectrolite, this stone also has a high lithium content, so useful for people with addictions. The lovely iridescent silver blue tones of this stone link it to the higher chakras, consciousness and meditations with spirit guides. I am certainly attracted to this one!

LAPIS LAZULI: The sacred stone of the ancient Egyptians, said to be the stone of heaven. The gold flecks in this lovely dark blue stone enables contact with the higher planes and spirit guides. A stone for the third eye, psychic vision and communication.

LASER WANDS: A variety of quartz. These are specialist crystals that are long and slender, and can be used in crystal surgery. They cut away blocked energy and can help repair the aura. Look out for special markings on these, indicating use in the past. One of the new master crystals.

MALACHITE: A striped green stone that has the ability to draw out pain. This stone is very shamanic in its uses, and is excellent at unblocking areas and rebalancing. Use this stone with azurite for full benefit.

MOLDAVITE: A form of meteorite that fell to Earth about 15 million years ago. It is clear green and apart from working on the heart, aids in contact with extraterrestrial and inter dimensional sources. A very new age stone you will either love or hate.

MOONSTONE: A lovely white silver iridescent stone that has links to the lunar energies and also regarded as helping to bring out the feminine qualities. Very popular in jewellery, this stone is very calming and helps relieve stress.

OBSIDIAN: A very grounding black stone, but also one to help you explore hidden depths. The American Indians used to make their arrows out of this stone as it is very hard. The stone also has a reflective surface, thus acts as a mirror for negative energies. Snowflake obsidian helps to strengthen the male and female polarities.

ONYX: A variety of chalcedony. Relieves stress and acts on the base chakra. This little black stone is generally known to assist in emotional balance.

OPAL: A popular white iridescent stone, this stone can reflect all the colours of the aurora borealis, thus it works on all chakras. This stone can also aid in intuition and resonates with the higher powers. Birthstone for October.

PEARL: One of my favourite stones, an English woman’s trademark and made popular by Elizabeth I. I always feel regal when I wear mine. Please note that the freshwater variety is the more powerful. Pearl is linked to our development, wisdom and purity. Birthstone for June.

PERIDOT: A green yellow stone that works on the heart and stomach chakras, thus it helps relieve depression and is an aid to anyone with irritable bowel syndrome. This stone became popular in the 1950’s just after World War II. Birthstone for August.

PHANTOM QUARTZ: These are quartz crystals with another crystal growing inside them. Thus these are linked to geometry and pyramid power. This means they can be used to reconnect to past life memories and initiations of the higher consciousness. They are one of the new master crystals.

QUARTZ CRYSTAL: The must have stone for anyone working with crystals. An all round healer and balancer. Works on all chakras, this clear stone helps unblock and recharge energies. Also useful to have in meditation, helps contact with higher guides.

ROSE QUARTZ: A lovely pink stone this, and can be given as gifts between people. Works on the heart chakra and helps ease tension, stress, anger and fear. Also can dispel headaches. Literally opens the heart up to love and emotional healing. Makes a nice touchstone.

RUBELLITE: A variety of tourmaline. This lovely pink stone heals the heart. Its lithium content aids emotional stability. The deeper tones work the base chakra transforming the passions. I always feel comforted when I wear my rubellite.

RUBY: One of the traid of precious stones (along with Emerald and Sapphire). Works on the base and heart chakras. It revitalises and redefines the passions, lifting them to a higher plane. Also helps the blood system. Birthstone for July.

RUTILATED QUARTZ: This form of quartz has golden striations in it, giving it the ability to regenerate and revitalise. Gives a sense of inspiration, and increases psychic abilities. Highly electrical, it can pierce through layers of your being.

SAPPHIRE: One of the sacred triad of precious stones. The blue variety works on the third eye, thus enhancing psychic abilities and connections to higher guides. Can also be used as an aid for migraine and headaches. Sapphire can also come in many other colours (e.g. green, pink), thus will work on the chakra concerned. Birthstone for September.

SMOKEY QUARTZ: Known as the psychic dustbin, this stone will draw out negativity and dump it for you. It works also on the base chakra, and initiates the development of the kundalini. Grounding and an excellent aid in meditation.

SODALITE: This blue stone helps on the throat and third eye, thus it helps with communication. It is calming and sedating. Similar to lapis, but not as intense and is cheaper in price. A nice little touchstone to have around.

SUGILITE: One of the new gemstones. Discovered in the 1960’s by Professor Sugi in Japan, this stone is rare. A dense speckled purple stone, that works on the third eye and crown chakra.

TANZANITE: Another new gemstone, this stone was discovered around the 1950’s in Tanzania and was given its name by Tiffanys. Another new gemstone and expensive in price, as it is rare. However, it’s purplish bluish tones means that it works on the third eye and crown chakra, and am I attracted to it!

TIGERS EYE: A variety of chalcedony; this striped iridescent golden brown stone is beneficial for the digestive system. Also very grounding, it strengthens and is very much masculine on account of the colour.

TOPAZ: Comes in either golden or blue tones. It detoxifies and draws out negativity from the body. The stone will also give its power to the wearer. Soothing and calming, it works on the chakra according to the stone. Birthstone for November.

TOURMALINE: Comes in a variety of colours, and thus works on the chakras according to the colour of the stone. Balances endocrine system, aids in meditation, and highly electromagnetic so a powerful healer.

TURQUOISE: The sacred stone of the Tibetans and American Indians, this stone represents the sky, so therefore is shamanic. Aligned to the throat chakra, it is also grounding and enables us to value the Earth mother. Birthstone for December.

ZIRCON: A clear stone similar to the quartz crystal and Herkimer diamond. Much used in jewellery as a substitute for diamond, this stone is an all round healer. Helps with insomnia and in unblocking energies.

Some suggested further reading:

Healing with Crystals and Gemstones and Healing the Heart Both by Daya Sarai Chocron, a German shaman. Easy to read and understand, these little books tell you all you need to know

Crystal Enlightenment, Crystal Healing, Crystal Transmission, All by Katrina Raphael, more new age, but has a wealth of information on the stones in them than you can imagine

© Sarah Rooke 2014

Sarah Rooke

Sarah  Rooke

I am a Priestess Hierophant with my own Lyceum or teaching centre in the Fellowship of Isis, I am also an Archdruidess in the Druid Clan of Dana and am Archdruidess of my own Druid Order, the Berengaria Order of Druids. I have mentored and trained many priestesses and priests both nationally and internationally in the Fellowship of Isis over the years. My late father’s side of the family are Spiritualists, so I come from a mediumistic family

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