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Healing Waters

Margaret Hunt 10 Oct 2014 comments
Healing Waters

Water is the first element for we are birthed through water and we are made mostly of its substance. As I write these words they are brought to you as golden water taken from the inner flower of a water lily. I bring you the gold to heal you and help you to awaken to the ocean of spirit which is ever present around us. Water is life and its true meaning is spirit; if you are thirsty it is not earthly water you need but the spiritual waters of understanding. When you are searching for healing or for a deeper connection to the spiritual realms I ask you to look first to this element.

When we work spiritually we need to look beneath the surface at the true meaning of everything for spiritual language is communicated to us through symbolism. Mystic means hidden and the true mystic truths have been hidden for so long; we are fortunate that we can now speak and share this knowledge which we have carried with us from lifetime to lifetime.

Take this golden water which is now pouring from these words; drink deeply and you will receive the healing from the water lily. The water lily means transformation and that is all healing is; the changing from a state of disharmony back to harmony. The energies which flow through us are like water; we have rivers, streams and oceans within us and like these waterways we too get muddy and stagnant in our thoughts which create problems within the body leading to physical pain.

We can use the water to begin a flow again within the mind and release the blockages which only we have created. The emotional body is the seat of all our problems; with the exception of karmic illnesses which have been brought into this lifetime all physical problems arise from the emotions. The emotional body is the water and we shed tears to release our inner pain; our feelings well up from within just as the water comes from deep within the well. This spiritual journey is a constant letting go of all those unexpressed feelings which have accumulated since childhood. As each one is felt and cleared then the muddy waters of the emotional body become crystal clear.

I work with nature and I receive teachings from the natural world as well as from my guides. Mary Magdalene is my main teacher and she brings us great knowledge at this time from the earth as well as from the cosmos for we are in an accelerated time of ascension both for the earth and for ourselves. Everything has consciousness and all things are waiting to communicate with us to bring healing and self understanding. Every tree and flower waits to commune with you in the same way as your guides do. Even the sun, the moon and the stars have wisdom to impart. In time to come this precious earth of ours will be transformed beyond our belief as we learn to live in harmony not only with each other but with the land itself.

Although I mention the water here all of the other elements are waiting to help us as well. Water cleanses and creates a flow, the air blows away the old and brings in changes, the fire fires us up to new levels of creativity while the earth nurtures us as a mother would do.

Last year I visited the cave where Mary Magdalene lived in the south of France; the cave was high up on the mountain of St. Baume and this mountain was full of water. It was no wonder that she chose to live there because in France she was known as The Mistress Of The Waters and many wells and springs were dedicated to her. When I entered her cave I had brought with me a sprig of lavender which I had picked in the Provençal lavender fields as an offering to her. Deep within the cave was a pool of water and I placed it in there. As I am writing this she shows me that scene again and she asks that I give to you lavender water to go with the golden water from the centre of the water lily.

Here is her message:

“Feel the golden water within you now as it fills every part of you, see it wash away your fears, your hurts, your pain; let these feelings pour out of your hands and feel them as you have never felt them before, then see every last one transformed into a golden rose. Place this rose in your heart and let its gentle energies continue to heal you.

I bring you now lavender water for the lavender along with the rose is my symbol. Let me sprinkle this into your aura so that you are now golden within and lavender without. The gold which has purified you will continue to bring you understanding for whatever you need while the lavender will bring you perfect peace.

My ancient symbol is the letter M and its meaning is water so you can see how much I am connected to the water. Call upon me, think of the rose or the lavender and they will untie you to me. I will bring you my waters to heal you and bring you forward on your journey to wholeness. Use my symbol, M, as a healing tool and it will create balance. I come to heal the world and I come to show you the simplicity of true wisdom.”

The next time you connect to water, feel its power to transform; may your life always flow like a crystal clear stream as you move ever forward into the ocean of consciousness.

© Margaret Hunt 2014

Margaret Hunt

Margaret Hunt

Margaret Hunt is a medium, healer and spiritual teacher with 20 years experience running development classes, moon circles and Mary Magdalene Retreat Days throughout the UK. Previously a school teacher, a health food shop owner and an alternative therapist Margaret now shares her mystical teachings through her work and her writing.

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