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Harnessing the Dragon Within

Mhairi Scott 14 Oct 2014 comments
Harnessing the Dragon Within

Throughout time and across many, many cultures, humanity has been influenced by the energies of all that flows through the threads of universal connection. We have derived guidance, knowledge and direction from these energies and have given thanks for such support and care from the unseen. The names given to such guides differ depending on when and where you are.

All takes form in ways that are meaningful to the moment and the individual that is receiving such blessings. How we acknowledge, interpret and use such information is, as always, up to us.

We are moving through such rapidly changing times that it would be beneficial to us to recognise and work with the unseen. ‘Seeing is believing’ is an archaic and fruitless way to think and exist. We cannot possibly know everything whilst embodied within this dense physical world. We chose to forget upon this incarnation. Instead we are filled with reminders that seem to be but glimpses of a different world in which anything is possible, if we but only imagine and visualise.

For now, in this specific moment, I have been guided to write about the dragon within. This I feel is in response to the power that has been perhaps lost within many right now. There is a need for our bellies to growl with passion and potential, and to let this fire out into the world in positive and creative ways. We are the channels for transformation and creation of a new world that works.

When you feel the dragon inside, hold on to that feeling and knowing and visualise all that it is bringing to you in that moment. Let logic and rational thinking go for a sleep for just a little while and just feel what is being given to you by the universe. Whether you believe in this type of energy or not do not be held back by the belief that says that dragons are not real.

Everything in this universe is energy and as such is labelled by we humans in order that we can work with it and identify the different energies that flow through this universe. Do not be stuck by feeling silly or childlike in seeing and feeling this dragon within. Recognise and feel through the label that presents itself to you, in this case ‘dragon’, for there is so much more to be found within its depths. Move beyond initial perception.

This energy and guide is being provided in a particular moment for a reason. It has qualities that you need and it is taking the form of dragon to pull out certain understandings and knowing’s from deep inside, things that you know but don’t remember. In order to hear quiet your mind, listen, feel that magnificent beast within you and let it transform and take you to where you need to be. Feel the energy beyond the label of ‘dragon’. Breathe in and out and express from the belly of the beast.

There are times when you feel its presence inside of you, coiling its long tail along your spine and breathing life into your lungs and heart. You smile as you feel every delicious scale and every frisson of movement within you. It is always seeking to express and create something anew into the world. Transformation, transmutation and translating your spirit fire within are the focus of such a beautiful energy.

Do not try to tame the beast, instead let it inform, let it out to stretch and play awhile. Cool its flames a little when they reach the heavens and pull them back within.

When you feel this energy you feel protected against the outside world, boiling with such power within your belly that you look for ways of expressing your dragon self. With great passion comes great responsibility and awareness that too much flame may burn away your intent and metamorphose your hearts yearning into another changed form. Balance and care when exercising this power is paramount.

Obstacles that may perhaps stand in your way can be cleansed and purified when you embody such dragon like power. Fire creates such clarity and immediate transformation when used mindfully. Directed in such ways this energy and feeling within can transform your perceptions of the world and any barriers that you may perceive blocking your way. You become more expressive, in the moment and allow your passions to inform your thoughts, actions and manifestations.

I thus far have talked of the fire dragon but of course there are many different types that bring different energies into the world, such as, those of the air, earth, and water. You will intuitively feel the different types of energies and messages that they bring to you.

• The air dragon energy will allow you access to great knowledge and inspiration. You will feel informed by all of the world and universe around you and you are being asked to trust this innate knowledge and let it inform and guide your journey here in this physical world. Listening to and flowing effortlessly with the voice of your eternal spirit is being encouraged and lifted by this type of dragon energy. Just let it take you on a flight of great ease, grace and height as you draw to you knowing’s that have been long forgotten and a clarity of vision that can only be attained at great heights.

• Imagine the earth dragon held within the most beautiful of crystal caves, interwoven with underground streams of sparking water. Here you are being asked to call upon the abundant nature of the earth and see what shines within her and you. Feel the pull downwards and ground your energy safely. You are being given an earthy hug and being asked to feel safe and anchored in that security and love. All flows from this source in ordered knowing and seeing.

• When the energy of the water dragon springs from within you feel captured by the essence of water, suspended in this medium as you find your balance and ability to float effortlessly, arms outstretched and eyes looking to heaven above. In this state of complete balance you are able to move and think fluidly, supported by the changing nature of the water that surrounds and holds you. You can choose to stay afloat or dive deeply down into areas that perhaps you shied from before. Being of water all flows freely and without true impediment. You are connected to every shadow and trace of light as you dive deeper and deeper, ever connected to the surface above. All flows from a space of great peace and knowing that lends you the energy of courage and compassion as you glide through all that you must face on the surface and in the depths.

Visualise, harmonise and embody all that is being gifted to you.

Imagination and visualisation allows for the spirit of creation and manifestation into your world in such wonderful unexpected ways! If we but take a leap of faith and guidance when it comes in forms such as the dragon inside.

Remember that the universe is limitless and is able to send endless different energies and guides your way. Let your imagination play with all such guidance and feel your way through to the message beyond. You are also able to call on, for example, the dragon energy and guide whenever you are in need of its specific gifts. You are of the universe and therefore limitless in scope and creation.

Be guided, be mindful and be deliciously creative!

© Mhairi Scott 2014

Mhairi Scott

Mhairi Scott

Mhairi Scott graduated with honours in psychology from Glasgow Caledonian University in 2002. In 2011 & 2012 Mhairi attended the Angel Certification Programmes (ACP & AACP) with Charles Virtue and Tina Marie Bertoli, where she became accredited to practice as an Advanced Angel Practitioner. In 2013 Mhairi trained in Angelic Reiki (Levels 1 & 2) and is now able to offer healing services to clients.
Mhairi published her first book ‘An Angelic Toolkit for the Spiritual Traveller’ with Balboa Press in 2013 and is now working on her second entitled ‘Spiritual Dissonance’.
She also provides personal Angelic Reiki services, Angel Readings, e-courses and information on all things spiritual, Mhairi is based in the West coast of Scotland but provides her services worldwide.

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