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Goldfish, Death and Intuition

Maggy Whitehouse 22 Apr 2014 comments
Goldfish, Death and Intuition

Last spring, just before we went away on holiday, Horace, one of the goldfish in our pond went off his food. He had no other symptoms and it’s hard to tell when goldfish are sick unless they are actually floating.

Something told me I should get him out of the pond as we were going away but there was nowhere else to put him; no one to feed him and, anyway, he hadn’t gone a funny colour and he wasn’t any age so there was no reason to think it was serious.

By the time we got back from our week away, Horace had died and, in doing so, had poisoned the water. That meant that three other fish, Doris, Boris and Norris had also died. What’s more, Chloris, Morris, Forres and the Bunkum Fish were all looking rather sick. We caught the lot, spent a whole day cleaning out the pond and there were no further fatalities.

Six weeks later, Forres stopped eating. We were due to go away for a long weekend. I got him out and put him into quarantine at once. When we got back, he’d gone to the great pond in the sky and the big container he was in was really rather nasty. But the pond and all the other fish were fine. Which is a fairly convoluted way of saying we have intuition for a reason! It’s that tiny voice that says “Don’t you think you should…” or “Why don’t you…?” or just spotting something for no particular reason.


You’re walking down a High Street and you see an ATM when you don’t have any cash. Something tells you to take some out but you don’t because you won’t be needing cash that day. Then you suddenly do need cash and have to make a special trip to get some.

You suddenly spot a carrier bag while you’re on your way out of the house. There’s no need to take one so you don’t and either the dog suddenly performs on the pavement and you have to fish a bag out of a bin or use leaves to clean it up - or you have to go shopping unexpectedly - and they charge you for a carrier bag.

You see the umbrella hanging next to your keys just as you’re about to go out on a lovely sunny day ... and of course it rains.

You get an instinct that a certain pot plant needs watering just as you’re going out for the afternoon ... and it’s fallen over and spilt all over the floor when you come back.

Something tells you to cross the street at a certain point and a fight suddenly breaks out where you would have been walking.

Or perhaps you feel particularly drawn to a piece of tuna in the fridge just before you call your Mother. It turns out she has bad news and that little bit of protein protected your adrenal glands.

Listening to that unprompted little voice is listening to your inner guidance. It’s usually quite clear because it’s unexpected and, quite frequently, it’s telling you to do something that you don’t particularly want to do because you’re in a hurry to get somewhere else. People often ask me how to tell when it’s ego and when it’s guidance and, from years of getting it wrong, I’d say there are two ways. The first is that it’s not strong enough or insistent enough to be ego. It just suggests and then lets us decide. Ego nags. The other is that it truly is the fabled “still silent voice” and it comes from absolutely nowhere, saying something totally unanticipated.

It gets clearer as we apply the Law of Attraction consciously; spending as much time as possible on things we enjoy doing rather than pushing against stuff. It’s not that God/Spirit/Divinity is ever out of contact with us; it’s everywhere. It’s that we push and push so hard in the direction that we want to go that we don’t listen to what’s trying to get in.

My intuition has become much clearer in the last five years since I discovered Joe Vitale’s book “Zero Limits” about the Hawaiian process of Ho’oponopono – and followed it up by going to Dr Ihaleakala Hew Len’s Ho’oponopono workshop in London. It’s a very simple process: if you focus on love (they call it “cleaning) then you clear the mess and the pain inside your mind and body and make it easier for intuition to be heard. All you have to do is repeat the affirmation: “I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, and thank you” in whichever order you like whenever you come across anything that discomforts you (and actually if you do it all the time the effects are amazing).

How this works is by cleaning the ego of uncomfortable data - a gentle psychic colonic if you like. You’re saying it to yourself and to the Divine simultaneously. It works to heal the negativity in the ego because that part of your psyche doesn’t know who’s saying it. When you remember something nasty someone said to you, it’s YOU who are saying it to yourself later just by repeating it. It’s not them – they’re off somewhere else completely. For example, my ex-husband left me just the once but I made him leave me a thousand times by going over and over it again in my mind.

So if you apologise to yourself or say “I love you” then as far as your inner child is concerned, the love and apology could be coming from any of the people who did hurt you. It is lovely to have those who have hurt you apologise and love you, so the ego begins to relax and lets go of the pain.

I’ve actually repeated the mantra to people sitting with their eyes shut in a workshop and they’ve all had tears in their eyes within a couple of minutes. It feels so wonderful to have someone say “I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you.” They all heard it coming from whom they most wanted to say it to them.

Can it be that simple? Oh yes. And it works for all money matters too. As soon as you feel any financial pressure or fear or lack just swing into the affirmation. Then the old data which is causing the pain can be dissolved. And as you clean, you open your energy lines to spirit and the promptings of your higher self.

So this month, clean, clean, clean. Use that mantra as much as you can and as often as you can. Then you won’t have to learn about intuition the hard way with a pond full of dead fish.

c Maggy Whitehouse 2012


Maggy Whitehouse

Maggy Whitehouse

Maggy Whitehouse, the author of 17 books on Kabbalah, Bible metaphysics, spirituality and prosperity. Maggy is an independent Catholic priest and mystic who specialises in clarifying ancient wisdom for the modern world.

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