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Giving Yourself Permission

Chiara Irvine 29 Dec 2016 comments
Giving Yourself Permission

You get up in the morning; you get dressed, go to work, come home, make dinner and put your feet up after a long day of work. If you are self- employed you work throughout the whole of most days and into the evenings, and most weekends as you think you should and need to be engaging your clients 24/7.

You dream of holidays, spending more time meditating, reading and taking time with friends or attending workshops, but because you are so busy, you never have the time to do any of them.

You can feel the snowball effect of this racing train building up and consuming your life. It begins to affect your day to day happiness, sleep patterns and even your health as you start to loose grip on its effects in your life. You begin to worry more, fear failure and become frustrated with your life.

Do you know there is another way? Did you know that you can give yourself permission to take time out to grow, learn, evolve, inspire, heal, in fact it should be compulsory that you make this time in your day, and every day no matter how short the time is.

Taking time out is food for not just our souls, but our minds and our bodies as well, it reconnects us with the present moment and allows us to look up from our phones, computers, work and see the true beauty of what is going on around us and expand our awareness to the greater gifts that the universe is showing us.

Burn out is so common, not just in the spiritual world, though therapists are the worst for it in giving so much of themselves that they fall out of love with what they do and deplete themselves, but in all career paths.

Burn out is so common, not just in the spiritual world, though therapists are the worst for it in giving so much of themselves that they fall out of love with what they do and deplete themselves, but in all career paths.

When was the last time you just stopped? Put the pen down, shut your laptop or turned the monitor off and just sat and closed your eyes and breathed in, stretched your body, looked out of the window or took a cool drink outside and just felt the breeze and listened to the birds. Even just for a moment.

Connecting to the energy that is all around us is revitalising, it brings clarity and flow to our thoughts, its gets us re plugged in to the signs and synchronicities that are being placed in our paths and listening to the guidance of the moment.

Taking time out or off is healing, it reignites us and realigns us with the joy and happiness in our lives and allows us to step off for a moment from the hustle and bustle of the speeding train that is life and just gives us a chance to catch up, to breath and to recharge our batteries and blow Away the cobwebs in our minds.

Are you mindful of how much time you choose to give of yourself to serving others, to sitting online and being active on social sites, or are you more connected to the thought that you will miss something, an opportunity or client if you step away.

Less is so often so much more, and creating constructive time out rather than destructive time in is so much more powerful. Taking this space to step back and into your own self will give you clearer answers, more focused goals, create less procrastination and more energy around your daily life.

If your life is so busy that you can’t even see the opportunities to stop and take your time out, then pencil it in your diary. Physically put it into practice as if it was a meeting and don’t allow yourself to cancel it, regardless of what others things come up. Honour that time and honour your own self -worth and self- space to be still and quiet within that time.

You can cut out three pieces of paper and write on them ‘I give myself permission to just be for half an hour today’ and spread them out through your week, using them when you feel you need to connect and rest.

We as humans are naturally drawn to connecting to happiness, harmony and positivity, but we all too often get into a runaway train of existence and life just slips by and we lose control of who we are and where we are.

By reconnecting with the stillness within and taking time out we hear this voice again and we naturally stop resisting this pull from within to spend time doing what we love and nurturing our own inner self and being happy.

It may not come naturally to start with as you may be so used to always doing something, always feeling that you have to be doing and moving, but when you start and you remember how good it feels not only will you want more of it, you will just start to find more time to make it happen.

You will grow more, you will glow more and people will begin to naturally be drawn to your energy and vibrancy and where you thought you had to be doing to manifest the life you want all the time, you will begin to naturally just evolve into with little or no effort.

So if you love walking, but don’t have the time due to work demands, walk some of the way to your work if you can, walk in your lunch break. If you love reading but can’t read on the train or in the car to work, then listen to an audio book. If you love writing but don’t have the time to sit and write, journal using a Dictaphone or write just one line a day in a little note book. But connect and make the time.

It doesn’t have to be huge to start with, but just start, it doesn’t have to mean going away for hours on end, though you will naturally love doing it so much you will. It doesn’t mean you have to put all of your life demands on hold and not do the washing up and hovering, it just means that it can wait just 10 more minutes while you light a candle, put some soft music on and just sit and meditate in the stillness.

Begin, take time out, take time off and give yourself permission to be in your stillness and connect to what brings you joy. Recharge and reenergize yourself and your zest for life from this moment forward.

Make your diary a haven for little mini escapes and retreats to nourish and feed your mind, body and soul. What you gain from stepping away will naturally thrive in all aspects of your life. Don’t fear stepping off the train. It will stop and wait for you while you take in the view and smell the flowers.

© Chiara Irvine 2013

Chiara Irvine

Chiara Irvine

Chiara is passionate about empowering people on their own personal journey, through her teachings, writing and healing. She loves the work that she does and feels aligned to her true path; assisting others in feeling connected to their own with purpose and joy. She works from the heart and nothing less and has just created her first channeled book, entitled ‘Infinite Soul Messages’.

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