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Ghost Hunter: Harry Price

Tim Jones 23 Aug 2014 comments
Ghost Hunter: Harry Price

An introduction to the worlds most famous Ghost Hunter: Harry Price

For many years I have had a passion for investigating and researching the paranormal but never new exactly how deep I would get into research or where this path would take me. We all learn something new about the aspects of paranormal investigation and research every single day and this article charts the journey of quite possibly the most famous ghost hunter in the world Harry Price, whom many of you may recognise for his investigation at the famous Borley Rectory but what was Harry Price really like?

Harry Price was born on Tuesday 17th January 1881 in Red Lion square between the city and the West End. Harry started school at the age of 6 where until he left school at the age of 15 was a rollercoaster of events and claims that would later prove to change his life and set him on the path that would eventually lead him to gain a title no modern day Ghost Hunter would ever have - but what was it that made Harry become the legend he is in the paranormal community?

Harry Price - Photo copyrighted to William Hope
Harry Price - Photo copyrighted to William Hope

Well if we look at his early school days we can see that because of his complexion he was an easy target for bullies, thus sending him on a path of social acceptance and he would later find this in the form of magic. Harry also had a love for writing and it is well documented that he wanted to earn a living from writing. Harry did in fact get his chance to write as he contributed to his school magazine on archaeology and other things.

His love for magic would eventually take him out of The UK and to many interesting places including Germany where it is claimed he met with Hitler. However for the modern day ghost hunter they will associate Harry Price with a very famous case, that of ‘Borley Rectory’, but what’s the story with Harry Price and the work he did because many people question the credibility. If we look at bodies Harry was associated with such as the Society For Psychical Research it is clear that his passion lied with what happened to us when we die and following his time with the SPR Harry then set up The National Laboratory For Psychical Research.

Some of the famous cases he Investigated include a talking mongoose, the girl in the room (Rosalie) and of course the most haunted house in Britain Borley Rectory. Harry price to me as a modern day paranormal researcher was not only a very questionable man as I have read in the book by Richard Morris Titled Harry Price: The Psychic Detective, But he is also an idol. I think what Harry Price did for the paranormal world is to open up our eyes to another existence of our physical beings. As much as Harry Price is questionable there are also some very important things to remember about this man.

Not only was Harry (like) many of us enthusiastic and passionate about the work he did, he was also tainted by fortune as he clearly stated he ‘want’s to be rich’. What can we learn from this man, well simply we can learn just how things change with the work we do Harry Price changed the paranormal world in his own unique way and to this day his work is still questioned by the critics. For me I think this goes along way to say just how he changed perceptions. It is well documented that he in fact debunked people who claimed to be able to catch ghosts on camera one of those people being William Hope. At the time of the Hope exposure it is important to mention that during Harry’s school days he achieved very little however he did become a very adapt photographer in fact he studied the subject.

So I guess exposing the frauds in that area would be very easy. So to wrap up this piece on an idol of mine what would I say about Harry Price? Well we need to remember that as a school child he wasn’t in the best of situations having been bullied, but he did however find that there was a way into social acceptance and magic gave him power to impress.

This in its self set Harry to become a legend within the paranormal community and to some extent he is a great asset to the work we do, sometimes questionable though. The great thing about Harry Price was his passion for the truth and he did in fact say that for the future researcher he hoped there would be a device for people to be able to record in the dark and now we have it!

night vision cameras.

To sum up a man that was not only passionate but leaves an interesting message for us all, I think this statement before his death is important.

‘’I felt I had joined the SPR at exactly the right time, so I could make such a difference to psychical research’’

This sends a message out to us all no matter how being or small we are we are all here to carry out important work within the research of the paranormal. In my eyes Harry Price was a very misunderstood legend and still is. My question to you all is a simple one do we make a positive difference in the work we do? I believe we do.

© Tim Jones 2014


Tim Jones

Tim  Jones

My interest in the paranormal began in 2008 not because I had personal experience but mainly because it was a subject I had been interested in for a while. I would always visit the paranormal section in the library and from there my interest grew and grew.

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