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Gastric Band Hypnotherapy

Paul Alland 29 Jan 2015 comments
Gastric Band Hypnotherapy

Recently I wrote an article on Gastric band hypnotherapy for the print version of Silent Voices, as most people are into their third week or so with their diets and changed eating habits I’d like to just re-emphasize some important information about the benefits of gastric band hypnotherapy in case it’s something that you may be thinking of in the near future. I’d like to show you some pictures of clients that I’ve previously worked with to prove how effective this can be for you and your weight management.

Pic 1 is Amy showing the trousers she wore when she first came for gastric band hypnotherapy she weighed 17.5 stone and after a few months got down to 15 stone.

Pic 2 is Dawn Pennell and she first came to see me in May 2012 between then and Nov 2012 she has lost four and a half stone, due to her Gastric Band Hypnotherapy and new lifestyle change. Dawn is still continuing to do well, and lose the weight she desires.

Pic 3 is Dawn in November 2012.

There are lots of ways that we as the human race can lose weight; we can diet, exercise, eat smaller portions, reduce our alcohol intake, avoid food containing fat, starch or sugar and so much more.

However, some people get to a point in their life where they feel they need additional help on a professional level; which is fine, if you feel you can’t go it alone. Initially you need to establish if you can’t go it alone, and then only you will know when the additional help is required.

The biggest problem with weight loss is the psychological battle that goes on within our heads, e.g.

1. Are you ready, willing and able to change your lifestyle?

2. Are you motivated, enthusiastic and ready to plan your life style change?

If you can honestly answer yes to the statements above then you’re ready, if not give yourself some additional time and re-evaluate it every 2-3 months until you feel that you are ready.

We’ve all made choices in our lives and sometimes they can be a detriment to our health, some of us eat too much, drink too much or maybe smoke too much. Everyone has different vices and we know for a fact that not all of us live like saints.

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy is first and foremost a lifestyle change and you must address it as one to be successful. I always inform clients that I will give you between 70 – 80 % of the tools and that the last 20 – 30 % has to come from will power and determination. Which is an essential part of any screening and as a client you need to know this from the outset.

Remember don’t treat this as a diet, treat it as a lifestyle change, and use it to start being positive within your own life, once you overcome your attitude to food and lose the emotional tie then eating sensibly can be as easy as breathing.

Think about your future do you want to spend it playing with the kids and grandkids or do you want to spend it in a hospital ward all because you put too much food in your mouth.

Stay focused enjoy your food and achieve your goal…….

© Paul Alland 2013

Paul Alland

Paul Alland

My name is Paul Alland, I work as a Hypnotherapist. I cover a broad spectrum of areas. Previously I’ve worked in radio, presenting a paranormal radio show. My work as a Hypnotherapist has led to me being in the media and success stories within the national press.

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