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Finding Your True Goals

Karem Barratt 27 Feb 2016 comments
Finding Your True Goals

As 2014 draws to a close, many of us start revising our lives, where we are at, and where we would like to be. Old dreams start knocking at the door: those French classes we never took, that visit to Barcelona we had to postpone, the career we once thought perfect for us, and still wonder if it is not our true life’s call. Sometimes we even get visits from nasty strangers, nagging voices demanding that we compare what we have done and achieve with what our sister Ann and our cousin Ron and our best mate Liz did, saw or lived. Then society’s expectations enter through the window of our inner home, reminding us all we should (or should not) be doing by this point in our existence. If we are not careful, we may allow ourselves to be pressured into following dreams that are no longer, or never were, ours, and end up, inevitably, dissatisfy.

What we need to remember when it comes to goals, is that we are spiritual beings having human experiences. These experiences are not only part of our soul-growth curriculum, but also provide us with the opportunity to be hands that bring forth the Divine’s visions into this material world. However, sometimes our ego self can get in the way of some of the course work assigned to us. We get distracted, like hounds chasing butterflies when they should be searching for a lost child, and not quite fulfil part of our purpose. Hence, it makes sense that our first port of calling be our God, Goddess, Universe, Higher Self, however you relate to the Sacred Mystery. To do so, we can take advantage of the language of emotions and feelings and use it as a bridge between the Universe and our human selves.

The first step when deciding to create or follow a goal, is to connect to the Divine of your understanding, be it through prayer, meditation, reflection, sacred silence or gentle conversation. Step into that sense of sacredness, and sincerely and honestly ask what feelings/emotions/sensations would be best for you to undergo through in this moment in time, according to your divine life plan. Listen carefully to your inner voice. You may wish to invite your guides and angels to help you understand the answer. Once you have a grasp of the answer, try to evoke the feeling. Where would you locate it in your body? Is it comfortable? Do not worry if it is not: it may be that a challenge has been offered for your spiritual re-discovery.

Now, ask again for inspiration on what particular actions or situation would allow you live this feeling fully. Let’s say the first answer you got was “security.” What, in this moment in your life, will give you a sense of security? To help you elucidate this, you may want to try the following guided meditation. Let us continue working with the ideal of security.

Find a place where you will not be disturbed for at least fifteen minutes. Have a light blanket with you, as well as pen and paper and a glass of cool water. You may wish to light a candle and play some relaxing instrumental music. Find a comfortable position. Breathe in deeply several times, placing your attention on the top of the head when you inhale and on your abdomen when exhaling. State out loud your intention “I wish to connect to my inner wisdom so I can understand which action or goal would manifest better the feeling of security” (by the way, you could do all of the above when connecting to the Divine, during the first part of the “goal-seeking” exercise.) When you are ready, close your eyes.

“Imagine yourself sitting by a beautiful, small lake of still, glass-like waters. Feel the breeze touch your face, smell the moist grass and wild flowers. See the blue sky, the tall snow-capped mountains and the forest trees reflected in the water. You can hear birds singing and bees buzzing nearby. Your whole body relaxes in this peaceful setting, and a sense of inner serenity seems to immerse you in a warm cocoon.

In this calm frame, ask guidance to the Divine and/or your invisible helpers. Focus your attention on the waters of the lake. Reflected on it are images from your life as it is right now. Not everything is in there and that’s fine. Think about the concept of security. What does it mean to you? What would it feel like? Notice if there are any changes in your body, posture, carriage when you connect to this feeling of security. See yourself walking around the lake, from this feeling of security. Do you move differently, more confidently, perhaps? See your reflection. Say something out loud and hear the tone of your voice. Anchor the feeling; press lightly your index and middle finger of your dominant hand with the other hand (do this both in the visualisation and in real life.).

Once you have anchored the feeling, now associate what situation would make the feeling a tangible experience. In other words, what would make you feel secure in your life? A different job? Your own business? A supportive partner? Further education? A particular quantity of money in the bank? An investment portfolio? Your own home? Follow your gut feeling here. Open yourself to your inner wisdom. May be all of the suggestions above would give you a sense of security, but there will one that will feel truer or more urgent than the others. Which aspect of your life would connect you’re the most to the feeling of security?

Some images may come in the water to give shape to the feeling; or you may just hear the voice of your thoughts. Literally ask for an picture or symbol that represents the goal that would security in manifest in your life. See it reflected on the lake, as in a painting of sorts. Now step into the lake. Bathe yourself both in the image (goal) and feeling. Feel a surge or energy entering your body, as the goal and feeling now become part of the fabric of who you are. If no image comes, then say the idea or goal that embodies the feeling as you dip into the lake. Again, open yourself to the ideas that may come to you.”

Breathe in deeply. Become aware of where you are. Wiggle your toes and fingers. Open your eyes. Drink the water. Repeat the anchoring action; that is, press lightly your index and middle finger of your dominant hand once more. You may want to do this often as you continue the process of defining your goal or as you take the necessary steps to manifest it into your life. Write down all the ideas that come to you, without editing. Say a loving prayer or a few grateful words, for the information given.

Give yourself a few days before revising your notes. Can you see a clear goal? If not, repeat the guided meditation or try some automatic writing (this is, after asking for guidence, you just allow yourself to write whatever comes to mind and then seek the patterns) If you do perceive a particular goal, do you feel it is the right one for you? Do you feel excited, even passionate about it? If the answer is no, or not quite, ask yourself the following questions:

1) How can it make my life better?

2) How can it serve the world?

3) Who would be made happy through achieving this goal?

4) How much do I want to embark in the process of achieving this goal?

A note on questions 2, 3 and 4. Personally, I do not think question number 2 is always necessary. Just by improving our lives, we tend to be more generous, kinder and forgiving with others. But for some people, or during a particular phase in our life, there is a real need to consciously serve, hence the reason for the question. As for questions 3 and 4: if the answer to 3 is not “Me”, or you feel lukewarm about the answer to question 4, re-consider this specific goal. To stay with the example we have been working with, may be in your case security is best achieve by moving to a new neighbourhood than putting money in the bank. Remember, the feeling that you are after can be achieved in many different ways, so you may need to meditate more until a clear goal, with satisfying answers, arises from the depth of your soul.

Once you have a clear idea of your goal, do not leave it in the realm of ideas. Engage with it as soon as you can. See what you already have, be it skills, knowledge, connections or assets, that can be applied to the attainment of this ideal. Visualise it. Affirm it. Make a plan. Divided it into achievable, bite-size stages. Set approximate dead-lines. Act. And stay connected to the Source of inspiration, so no little, colourful butterfly, strays you from the path towards success and realisation.

© Karem Barratt 2014


Karem Barratt

Karem Barratt

Rev. Karem Barratt BA (Hons) (Hum) Ordained as Interfaith Minister and certified as spiritual counsellor by the One Spirit Interfaith Foundation, Karem is also an experienced Tarot reader (over 20 years), as well as a celebrant, ritual and spell-crafter. She leads workshops on self-development issues, such as meditation, prosperity, visualisation and affirmations, among other topics, and coaches people in their personal spiritual journey.

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