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Fake Tears; Real Meditation

Vikash Kumar 14 Feb 2015 comments
Fake Tears; Real Meditation

Eyes have tremendously unique quality. It is that part of material constitution, which connects and reacts with the non materialistic signals which no other part within the body can do. Your connections through eyes are stronger and message passed by it is firmer than the hand shake. This is the reason that you feel more pain through the perception from eyes than a physical jerk. Eyes are most close to you than any other body part. You feel really threatened if something falls or passes by your eyes than any part of the body even your nose. It perceives non material stuff of this world, which makes it to play a non material role also. Your emotions at the first instance show up through this part of the body only.

Eyes are really non material stuff as well as your Emotions. When emotions get uncontrolled and helplessness prevails throughout the system, your Eyes get full of moist, and if it becomes uncontainable in the cavity of eyes, it rolls out of it slowly touching your cheeks. That droplet comes to chin and hangs there for a moment and giving a sensation of itching and moisture. At that time, your mind wants and wishes it to be wiped by some person who really cares for you. However, if they are not around (certainly, they are not that’s why you are crying) than a sense of devastation prevails upon you that ‘why has god put you in such soup’. And in another place, your tears are just waiting to drop from there to earth and moisten it with prayer that I am coming to you mother earth. This earth is the final solace for your body, mind, life and death along with all related matters except your spirit.

Earth and sky have metaphorically compared with mother and father respectively in various religious treatises and sect. So while tears are falling down, a complain comes out of helplessness that father god is not listening to me, don’t know where he is, why he is pushing me towards such situation and many more. However, no respite is visible or felt and this tears you apart and ultimately doubting on existence of him only. Deep down, everyone knows his existence but fails in understanding of the lesson of that moment in gush of feelings. Lastly, one is left with the tears only.

Tears can never be fake as it symbolizes that your spirit is in suffocation. People generally think that when your desire or wishes get crippled you become disheartened and cry to vent out your depressive and dejection feeling. But then there are people who counter this by asking what about the people whose tears come out in happiness? Responses of this- there are people whose long standing hopes and desires get fulfilled, and they become overwhelmed and due to this, tears come out as they always cherished those dreams but their efforts have got shortened in the run of achieving that.

What about those myriad tears which come without any circumstantial occurrence or things related to it? These tears are not like farting and bleaching, which gives relieve to the system. These are not complaining tears also, which ask for something to god in return. These are furthermore not those tears where your being asked, “why me only.” These tears come out when your existential presence asks your spirit with all acceptances-“what you are destined for and required to accomplish through this soul, which is captured under this corporal body.” You go all places, completing all tasks but don’t understand your purpose with being in that place.

Tears coming out suddenly and force fully breaking out all social stigmas and future consequence is the real one. Where moment stops, breath ceases out and that vibrating pulse in the stomach gets felt; care of your face, expression, formality, presentation vanishes; and people around you feel like a wall around and no one seems to lend a hand for you. And in these moments, real meditation happens. You become aware of your state of being. For a moment, you feel you are nothing but a tiny particle of this vast universe, nobody, no thought, no cleverness, and perhaps it gives a glance of spirit.

This is a proper conducive state with which meditation seeps in, where you’re feeling of superficiality in this substantial incident makes you aware of your entity. So these tears are a representation in a physical form of that spiritual thirst where it needs quenching of it through a perfect meditative gestalt. There could be thousand and one rationale behind this happening but looking the aftereffect of it is very enlightening. It gives to relieve, makes you relax, generates feeling of inner silence, but conclusively it could be making your outer part weak and bringing out the stronger part in you at the surface.

When your tears touch your core, you certainly become strong, because it makes you feel your utter individuality, which certainly connects with your inner journey where you get a glimpse that you are here to embark upon your spiritual journey. So let your tears be a tool for descending meditation upon you. Make it a supportive process by your deliberate efforts and let your tears flow with gush of feelings. Drop all your inhibitions in that moment and help through your thought to make it more condensed. So that it will become cleansing process.

© 2015 ForeZorba Vikash Kumar


Vikash Kumar

Vikash  Kumar

Mr. Vikash Kumar well-known as “ForeZorba”, author of “Nugget On Wings” book is a Mindfulness Coach & SQ Trainer. He offers Counseling, Corporate coaching, Meditation & Astro-Numero guidance. He transforms and empowers people with psycho-dynamism, which is more than just advice & talk therapy. A voracious reader & ceaseless thinker, ForeZorba is an ardent writer who writes for magazines worldwide. To know more about him, visit www.forezorba.com

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