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Faery Magick

Rachel Curtis 13 Feb 2014 comments
Faery Magick

As you become more familiar with the faeries you will feel more comfortable and confident in calling upon them to work with you when you perform your faery magick. Firstly, faery magick is something that is worked with love and always for the good, it is about enhancing the communication and connection between you and the fae. They will help guide us best they can. I know what some of you are thinking and it is always best to leave Faery Queen Caelia deal with matters of love for if she can see who is meant to be together for however the length of time then she will create a situation upon where you both will meet and the path that follows, she will never interfere so no matter how much you ask her if it is not meant to be then there is nothing she can do, freewill is important. We can ask for healing to be sent to someone but if they do not wish to receive it or are not open to receiving it then it will stay around them until a time perhaps when it may be needed, I do believe though that the healing or protection sent surrounds that person like a bubble but in a very gentle and non obtrusive way and will do it’s best.

So now that we have that little thing of love out the way let us start at the beginning. Sometimes it is practical to just call out to the fae to come forth and help with whatever matter has just presented itself to you, we don’t always have enough notice of trouble, inconvenience or other occurrences ahead but that’s ok all you need to do is just ask. But there may be times when we can plan ahead and make it a bit more special so preparing yourself and the area in which you will be using is important. Taking a nice soak in the bath with your favourite bubble bath with candles lit will help you to distress and cleanse your mind because connecting to the fae requires focus. You might like to add a few drops of essential oil or some herbs to the bath water but please be careful with both and check if you can use them, watch your step in the bath too!

Next take some time to cleanse the area you are planning on working in, open the windows in the room to let out the stagnant energies and the fresh Air in, take a smudge stick around the room and as you do so ask the fae to protect and ground you and bless your space. Think about the type of music you may want to play, does it reflect your mood or will it just annoy or distract you. So now you need to think about your faery altar and it doesn’t need to be somewhere permanent or a large surface just somewhere with enough space for you to place a couple of items so you could work from your kitchen worktop or on top of your bedroom chest of draws.

For my altar surface I like to place a piece of cloth, the colour will reflect my wish so if I want to work with healing I would have a piece of green cloth, for protection I would have a blue piece and so forth. Next you will need a compass to find where the 4 elements are, in the North which is Earth place some fresh soil, I would have a small saucer to put it on so as not to mess the cloth. East is Air so place a feather there, South is Fire so place a candle in a holder, this candle will also represent your request and you can use coloured candles but a white one will represent anything so it is always handy to keep a supply. Last is West and the Water element, place a small bowl of water at this point. Ask Faery Queen Mab to also at this time bless your altar and to keep it and you protected. The other items we use will depend upon what magick we will be performing. Don’t forget to light your candle, it does happen!.

You can write down your words that you want to use because like me I sometimes forget what I want to say! And then you will find yourself stalling and it may put you off. You can write your affirmation with regards to what you want as a poem or just a few words. Below I have a few faery magick affirmations to share with you.

Lavender Faeries

To work with the Lavender faeries, take a purple/lilac candle, add a sprig of lavender to the one side and a amethyst to the other side. A Lavender faery helps to unblock your mind, are very protective of you, they will help attune you into your psychic powers & encourage deep sleep. The amethyst also enhances all of these. Start your affirmation with “I call upon thee, Lavender faeries ........and then continue with the words you have written down.

Buttercup Faeries

To work with the Buttercup faeries light a yellow candle, place a Buttercup by the side and use a Ametrine crystal. Call upon these faeries when you are feel you have low self esteem and need lots of positive energies. Also they will help to enhance the throat chakra which is the base of our spiritual communications. Ametrine crystals are used to balance & cleanse your aura, banishing negativity and letting the positive flow. It enhances the light & life throughout your body making you feel worthy of yourself. Great for helping your communication links with spirit as well.

When you have finished your affirmation just take a few moments to gather your thoughts and to then thank the fae for connecting, you can leave them a offering outside of some cake or milk. Blow out your candle before leaving the room but you can if you want leave the altar for a short while before clearing away.

I always like to encourage people to put together their own way of using faery magick, find a path that you feel is the one for you, use tools and words that flow. You can use whatever colour or gem you want or set your altar up differently, don’t worry if you cannot find the flower you need upon the ground or you do not wish to pick one (always ask permission from the fae before picking anything). These are just the basics that can be changed to suit you. Most importantly in all of this is the intent of your wish, you need to be specific and to the point but also enjoy this special time because you are connecting to the power of the faeries and they to you.

I call upon them everyday and for lots of different things especially the car parking faery but for moments where we need just a little extra something by creating the above atmosphere the fae will realize just how important what you are asking of them is and they will do their best to guide or help but you have to remember the part you have to play in your life and the way in which you move forward, it’s no good asking the fae to help you gain promotion but yet you do nothing to prepare for the interview or you don’t put in the time and effort. We still are responsible for our life and you have to put in to get out, the fae cannot do it all!.

© Rachel Curtis 2012


Rachel Curtis

Rachel Curtis

Rachel Curtis is a Author, Columnist, Faery & Elemental Teacher/Priestess, Soul Healer, Spell Maker

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