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Faery Conversations Through Meditation

Rachel Curtis 13 Aug 2013 comments
Faery Conversations Through Meditation

It’s not always easy to stop and chat to the fae when your out and about, there may be too many people around for you to connect or simply you feel distracted by the energies of Mother Nature, it is possible to get lost in her beauty and forget everything else. Sometimes you want some special time with the fae, just you and them and this is possible in a place where you feel comforatble and safe, it might be your home or your garden where you can relax and meditate and really get that connection to the fae. It might be a good idea to read through my article and familiarize yourself with the meditation.

So you need to decide where you want to meditate and prepare yourself and the area in which you will be working. You will want to encourage gentle vibrations that feel positive with lots of calm and I’m going to show you how do achieve this as well as introducing you to grounding and protection before a lovely meditation.

Once your space has been chosen bring in a small table such as a coffee table, put it to stand directly in front of where you will be sitting. Cover with a cloth of any colour and then place upon it items such as crystals, Clear Quartz, Angelite or ones you are drawn too. You could use other items like acorns, fruit, sparkly items, if using candles please use battery ones as it is dangerous to light a candle and then not keep an eye on it. You want to build a faery altar so the energies start building up for when you meditate.

Next if it helps you better, play some music quietly in the background, silence can sometimes be off putting. We need to protect the area we are in from outside influences and make it feel a nice place to be so close your eyes and visualize the room, imagine yourself walking around the room with a white light following you. As you do this say outloud

“Faeries within this place

I ask to protect this space”

Open your eyes for a moment before moving onto grounding. Sitting in front of the table, make sure your feet are firmly on the ground as we need to make this connection go deep into Mother Earth. I want you to imagine seeds that have been planted in the earth, they take nourishment from the rain and sun gaining strength daily. See the seeds begin to grow upwards from beneath the soil, up and up, stronger and stronger until the roots from these seeds push through the earth below your feet, they gently take hold of your feet wrapping around your ankles and up to your knees, you can feel the warmth still in them from being under the ground, next the roots reach your thighs, your abdomen and they change direction by wrapping themselves around your arms and hands, the roots flow back to your chest, your neck and to your face and touch the top of your head. Once here they embrace your soul protectively, gently before pulling your energy back down the way they came. Can you feel it? The roots will then once at your feet take your energy down deep into Mother Earth where they will hold onto them, you are now grounded.

Grounding is important because we need to focus our attention on what lays before us and for that we need to be in a calm, comforatble state of mind and feeling connected firmly to Mother Earth. You know when you are not grounded because you may feel light headed and a bit off balance. If you have to try to ground yourself a few times don’t worry, take as long as you need.

So now your ready to have conversations with the faeries through meditation and I will take you through a faery journey so enjoy.

“The garden you are standing in is such a beautiful sight to behold for all around you are tall lush trees that cover you from the outside world, look more closely at the trees and you see small birds in their nests. You catch a fragrance on the gentle breeze and it draws your attention to the Jasmine and Honeysuckle flowers in full bloom covering a archway, which you see leads to a small pond. You step forward a few paces and take in the breathtaking view of hundreds of different variety of flowers, shrubs and herbs and adorning these are Bees, Butterflies and other insects. The Sun shines so warmly upon your body but you feel comfortable and make your way towards the archway. ….....

Your thoughts turn to the fae and as you stand before the archway and look through you can hear laughter and splashing so being curious you proceed towards these noises. You can’t see anyone yet so set yourself down beside the pond and relax a while, take in the sight, sounds and smells….....

I want you to look to the left for you see materializing a lovely colorful swirl of mist and as it becomes more clear you are presented with 3 faeries. Take in their appearance as they suss you out, they want to know if your friend or foe. Once everyone feels satisfied call to them to come closer to you, let them come, don’t rush them…........

Let your conversation proceed and it might be you want to ask for guidance or for healing, maybe you have questions about them, whatever it is enjoy the time you have here….

Soon they disappear into the mist and you will walk back through the archway, feeling the chair beneath you and sensing the room you are in before opening your eyes and coming back to the here and now…....

You might want to leave the faery altar as it is for a few hours so you can enjoy it, maybe go outside and leave a offering of cake as a thank you to the fae for coming to you. Don’t forget to record your journey in a diary as it is nice to read through and remember the lovely times spent with the fae. You can also visit this garden as often as you like and you can adapt the whole process to suit yourself.

I do hope you have enjoyed the journey and the conversations you have had and will continue to have with the fae.

© Rachel Curtis 2012


Rachel Curtis

Rachel Curtis

Rachel Curtis is a Author, Columnist, Faery & Elemental Teacher/Priestess, Soul Healer, Spell Maker

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