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Entering 2012

Joylina Goodings 16 Dec 2011 comments
Entering 2012

As we enter 2012 many of you may well be wondering what it is all about. You may have heard that the most accurate of the ancient calendars, The Mayan Calendar, comes to an end on the winter solstice 21st December this year as some say the solar system comes into alignment with the centre of our galaxy. You may have heard the interpretations of this from the doom and gloom merchants prophecying the end of the world, either by a magnetic pole shift, an asteroid hitting our planet from outer space, the biblical armegedon, an alian invasion, massive planetary activity such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions bringing about the destruction of mankind. I personally feel it is more likely to be a change in human consciousness.

I feel we are in a period of transformation which has already started and will continue. A time of endings and beginnings both on a personal and global scale. A time when we come out of our individual separateness (ego’s) and chose to live from our ‘soul’ and join together in the acknowledgement of our sameness, our oneness. A time when fanaticism ends and the vast majority step into their power and chose to live in peace and harmony with each other.

All the ancient civilizations knew and recognized our oneness as do all today’s world’s religions if you care to notice the sameness rather than the differences.

‘All are the sons and daughters of God, good people
 all, Brothers and Sisters, since created by One Father, No rooted difference is there between them’. Hinduism
Bhavishya Purana LLL, IV, Ch.23 (our oldest modern religion).

Our current way of being has evolved from a focus on our separateness, on our imaginings of the unknown, on gaining power over others, on the rule of control through fear normally by a minority who believe “their” way is “right” and everyone else’s ‘wrong’.

This is changing. As we saw in India in the 1930’s with Mahatma Gandhi peacefully taking on the British Empire, with Nelson Mandela and the ending of appartied and as we see now in the Middle East where people have joined together and overthrown their rulers who have exerted fear and control. We have seen it in greater and greater numbers of people all across the globe seeking a ‘greater meaning in life’. In the growth of those seeking personal and spiritual development. In the joining together in prayers, in practical support and giving aid after tsunami’s and earthquakes. As the Dali Lama once said ‘religions are a construct of man Compassion is his nature’. There are many famous quotes by ancient philosophers from all schools of thought and religion that tell us how we create our world and our reality by what we choose to think.

“What we are is what we have thought for years, Gautama The Buddha (560-480 BC)

Our thoughts influence our feelings. If we think happy thoughts we feel happy, if we think fearful thoughts we feel fear. But who chooses what we think about. Our minds, our societies, our habits, or ourselves. We have reached a point in our evolution where we can consciously take control over what we chose to think and feel. We are responsible for our own lives, we create our personal and collective reality ourselves. If we focus our attention on our fear that is the reality we experience. If we focus our attention on our Joy that is the reality we experience.

We are responsible for what we think and feel and we can choose to change those thoughts and feelings. The more of us who chose to enter and live from our soul essence and BE ‘What we want the world to be”. TO chose to be at peace with ourselves and our world.

We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves. Dalai Lama

I believe we are in a time of change or returning to our soul essence rather than our egoic fears and that 21.12.2012 could well be a tipping point. As we know from quantum physics our world is a result of our quantum beliefs, loves, fears, and judgements. “We change our reality when we change the way we think and believe. So by changing the focus of our awareness we actually change our reality.” (1957 – Hugh Everett III).

With the ease of global communication via the internet, with teleseminars and global peace meditations and rallies, more and more individuals are choosing to seek peace within themselves, to act with and express the love and compassion that is within us all then so we individually and collectively grow closer to the point of morphic resonance necessary to tip the quantum consciousness of all humanity as outlined by Rupert Sheldrake’s Formative Causation Theory. This is supported by Peter Russell who states ‘there are 1010 molecules in a human neuron and 1010 neurons in the human neo-cortex of the brain. The current world population is 109 and rising’. He believes when the world population reaches 1010 (which is anticipated to be in 2012) the parts loose their individual identity, i.e. the separateness of egos, and become components of the larger whole, oneness. But can we change our individual states of consciousness, and thus our reality, I know we can and it can be done in very simple ways.

We are responsible for what we think and feel and we can choose to change those thoughts and feelings. For instance, think of a time when things were difficult in your life, when you were unhappy about something, and notice how you feel. Now think of a happy time, a time when things were going well for you, and notice how you feel. You just created your own realities. If you were at a party and could choose between going into a room where everyone was worrying about the state of the economy, or one where everyone was having fun, which would you chose. Everyone likes to share time and space with happy people, their energy rubs off and we feel good as well.

Here is what Sandolphon angel of the earth has to say.

‘You are divine beings, you are individual parts of the divine creative energy that is all things. You have chosen to experience your life in a human body, to experience the paradoxes of light and dark and to manifest the light within into the physical realm. You cannot know joy if you have not experienced sorrow, you cannot know oneness until you have experienced separateness. Now at this time of intergalactic alignment you can consciously chose to manifest your soul qualities in your physical world by experiencing those qualities and making them into a physical reality. If you chose to be at peace with yourself by feeling peace, by acting peace, by being peace you will create peace in your world. If you chose to love yourselves and each other, to express the compassion in your heart to others in manifested ways then you will become one with each other and everything. If you chose to notice the sameness between you rather than the differences and if you let go of fear, then you create a new and wonderful reality for yourselves. You have reached the time in your development when you can consciously chose how you wish to think and feel. You no longer need to react from habitual ego based fears. You can chose to be who you want to be at every moment of your time. You can manifest your soul qualities of peace, love, joy, happiness, forgiveness, hope, compassion, grace, etc by placing your energy in choosing to change your experience of your world and thus changing the reality for all and creating heaven upon earth.’

21.12.2012 = 11 which numerologically is a master number reflecting unity and balance. I believe we at this time have the opportunity to bring more unity and balance into our world and create a new beginning by letting go of fear and control by being responsible for our choices, our feelings, our individual behaviour and thus create and peaceful and unified world in which we can all live as one.

‘Every man is the architect of his own future”. Sallust (86 -35 BC) Roman Historian

© Joylina Goodings 2012

Joylina Goodings

Joylina Goodings

Joylina Goodings, author of Your Angel Journey, and President of the British Astrological and Psychic Society is a well respected, experienced professional speaker, workshop leader, spiritual consultant, soul coach and healer working with multi-dimensional energies such as Angels, Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters.

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