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Energy and Your Health

Paula Wratten 09 Nov 2012 comments
Energy and Your Health

In today’s society we have little regard for where we build our hospitals, houses and businesses; Geopathic stress is becoming more recognised in the 21st century and many books have been written about this subject, so what is geopathic stress, well the word geopathic means earth suffering and this gives a clear understanding of what we are dealing with, this energy can have a devastating effect on our health, wealth and happiness.

Our ancestors were very aware of this subtle energy and could detect both positive and negative influences in the earth, when such energies where detected they would build monuments and sacred spaces on these energy lines. In the modern world we are surrounded by other types of electromagnetic smog, sensitive people can feel the radio, microwaves and radiation that surround them, if you are living in such a high dose area it can affect the body and eventually cause you to develop feelings of being unwell, although it is not suggested it causes any illness but lowers your immune system and your ability to fight off viruses and bacterium.

Some forms of electromagnetic energy can come from harmful radiation from the electricity supply from appliances and external sources such as pylons, underground wiring and substations or harmful radiation from wireless broadband and cordless phones. Most people are not aware that energy can be changed and neutralised and will continue to live and suffer the effects of geopathic stress for years.

Subtle energy can be described as feeling uneasy in a place or unsettled, work may not thrive, health may deteriorate, yet when away from the home or business things improve, this is the body’s inner compass feeling the effects of earth energy. It is interesting to note that geopathic and subtle energies have hardly any effect on gypsies due to the nature of them constantly moving, this would suggest living or working on such energies can play a part in how we feel emotionally, spiritual and psychically.

Research in hospitals that are built on these energy grids show patients who are post-operative take longer to heal, once the patient had been moved to a safer location healing happened more quickly, the study also showed sleep patterns improved and the need for sleeping tablets was no longer necessary.

Cancer can be associated with geopathic stress the reason being is that it appears to continually disrupt the body’s electrical field and its electrical control systems; in turn the meridian lines in the body dam up causing more problems for the body.

Meridians are subtle energy lines in the body there are fourteen major meridian lines and form part of the inter-face between the psychical and the etheric bodies, acupuncture uses this knowledge to bring about healing in the person being treated. We are made up of energy and it is not surprising that earth energy can have a positive or negative effect upon us, just as humans are made up of water and salt so are our oceans, we are connected to the world through its chakra system, ley lines, water, sea etc. so it is only natural to assume that it can also interact with our own energy grid system.

We live upon a planet where science is still discovering its mysteries, but still denies the possibilities of subtle energy, although there is evidence being discovered all the time in favour of geopathic stress, we still build on problem areas and fill our bodies with medicine before even considering it may be where we live or work.

It’s important to understand that not all cases investigated are due to geopathic stress, but here is a list of symptoms if you suspect you are living or working on such energy;

  • You become ill shortly after moving
  • Feeling uneasy, not liking the property
  • Headaches that do not go away
  • Waking up feeling tired and exhausted
  • Treatment with other therapies not working
  • An existing illness will not clear up
  • Feeling a presence, cold spots

Where there is a disturbance of earth energy it is important to seek some professional help there are many experts in this field. The most important thing to remember is that Geopathic Stress can in virtually every case be cleared.

We are learning all the time about the energy grid system of our earth and how it interacts with humans and animals alike, we have merely scratched the surface, with quantum psychics in its infancy and scientists squabbling over facts and figures maybe we should look and think out of the box for a change, mainstream science has difficulties in accepting anything out of the norm, but hey wasn’t the world supposed to be flat at one point.

© Paula Wratten 2011

Paula Wratten

Paula Wratten

Paula Wratten has worked as a medium for many years, these days her work is more with metaphysical energy and quantum theories. Paula’s job is to help the client recognize their own personal power. Paula’s work has been written about in numerous newspapers and magazines and she has been interviewed on national radio.

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