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Embracing your Shadow Self

Calista Ascension 06 Jan 2014 comments
Embracing your Shadow Self

I can hardly believe that a year has passed since I started to write for Silent Voices! Thank you to everyone who reads my monthly column, and who has written to me with such kind comments on how my articles have helped them. It’s an absolute pleasure walking this path with you.

To celebrate my anniversary column I asked those that follow me on my facebook page what they would like to see for this month. The general consensus received was to help bring understanding of the ascension process, in particular how one can embrace their shadow-self: the darker, often hidden parts of the human condition that can often impede spiritual understanding if not integrated.

What is our Shadow-self?

Carl Jung, the great psychologist and spiritual teacher, said that the shadow-self represents everything of which a person is not fully conscious of, or an unconscious aspect of the personality that the conscious ego does not recognise. As one tends to reject or remain ignorant of the least desirable aspects of one’s personality, the shadow is largely deemed to be negative. Yet there is much to be gained from delving in to our shadows; truth for one, creativity another. For being aware of our shadow aspects can enlighten our beings if we are ready to accept all that we are, both light and dark, positive and negative, realising along the way that there truly is no separation in these terms, that all is truly one. As I sit here on the train to Aberdeen, on one of the stormiest days I have bear witness to, mother earth is reflecting my words in to picture form.

There is no division is the dense storm clouds as they meet the ferocious waves of the North Sea albeit for the white froth of the water as it beats against the cliff line. Everything appears overcast, yet if I were to venture above the clouds there would be light, and if I were to dive in to the sea under the waves there would be calm. The shadow self is the same. When we first face our darker aspects it can feel like we are enclosed in a storm; no way out just the perpetual feeling of the density of our unconscious or unrecognised self. But as we make our way through the darkness, we invariably find light within; coming out the other side with a new found awareness and a greater sense of expansion.

Does everyone have a Shadow Aspect?

Everyone has a shadow aspect that they carry. The more we are aware of who we are the lighter it is. Similarity, the less embodied it is, the denser it is. Our shadows are the parts of our being which judges (self and others), and which holds us in fear of doing certain things that we know we would enjoy, as well as hampers our acceptance that we are Divine Source beings. If we don’t deal with our shadows, especially if we choose the path of spiritual understanding and ascension, we will project our shadows on to others. If the projections are not recognised by those that create them then it’s easy to fall in discord with those around you, ever-widening the gap between true understanding of self and the illusionary ego self.

To put this in context I have received a lot of emails lately from those who have experienced discord coming from others, some on the receiving end of personal dramas, betrayal, and negativity from family members. In most cases those that are writing to me are puzzled to why they have attracted this in their life. In every occasion what I see is those who are doing the undermining are the physical embodiment of shadow projections coming from the receiver. For example, one lady had been betrayed by a good friend, which had mirrored her insecurity of worthiness to be accepted as a good friend. Another lady had come up against negativity from her a loved one regarding her spiritual path, which mirrored her own lack of self-worth of who she truly was.

If we take into account the law of attraction everything we think creates a thought-form that eventually manifests in to creation. Those who had wrote to me had been thinking (creating) their shadows and on some level had decided now was the time they were brought to the fore to be acknowledged. The universe we live in doesn’t try to make life difficult for us by creating these situations for we hold the reins at all times. Often hard to life through, these situations coupled with awareness and gratitude can be the greatest lessons we will ever learn.

Becoming Aware

We are living in a time of great awareness where our shadows are coming forward to be acknowledged no matter what route they chose to manifest. Perhaps you have had doubts about yourself recently; how others view you? Or maybe you have doubted your spiritual path, your connection to Source, your relationships and so on? To some extent we all are going through the motions of acceptance of our true self. It’s really the reason we came to Earth in the first place - to experience life through expansion and self-growth. You only have to look outside with all the storms and rain to see that mother earth is going through her own cleansing process. She has manifested continued rainfall and elemental forces to purify her consciousness of shadows, for she carries them too. Mankind is currently doing the same but the way that we manifest our inner shadows if we are not aware of them, is to attract them in others. We literally create a world that reflects our inner.

For a moment now, stop and think about any conflict that is happening in your life. Could this conflict be mirroring an aspect of you that you haven’t acknowledged/accepted yet?

When we start to acknowledge our shadows we may not like what we see. We may even deny the darker aspects of which we are especially if they appear in the guise of cowardice, egotism or self-doubt – others may see them in our personality but we may deny them for fear of what will happen when light is put upon them. The road to spiritual understanding is a not for the faint-hearted, but for the intrepid among us, the rewards for self-realisation are infinite!

The Steps of Acceptance and Integration

1) The first thing to do in embracing your shadow-self is to acknowledge yourself in others. Not just those who are being ‘negative’ towards you but your friends and family too, for all are reflecting back to you qualities of your being, and you for them. In fact, everyone who you come in to contact with will represent you in some way. Likewise your vibration (how connected you feel to your Source/Divinity) will mirror the relationships you choose for yourself, the balance in your bank account, how others feels in your presence and so on. The first key in acceptance of self is not individualisation but integration – embracing a sense of oneness.

2) The next stage in the process is to be discerning! Using the awareness of what we have already talked about to sift through your relationships, friendships and connections in your life that you feel are ‘negative’/mirroring a shadow within. Distance yourself from all that doesn’t make you feel good. This doesn’t have to be permanent, especially if those concerned are loved ones, just enough space so you can gain clarity of the situation and time to do your inner work. Cut the energetic cords to them asking your inner Source, or Archangel Michael, to do this for you keeping only the bond of unconditional love to them and the knowledge of any lessons learnt. Thank them for highlighting to you the inner work that will benefit your life and well-being.

3) Take time out to do your inner work. Quiet yourself in meditation to listen to your inner voice: your Source within. Ask yourself when you are centred and grounded why did you manifest this person/situation in to your life? What lesson did they represent or what inner shadow? Spend time to listen to yourself, really feeling the answers. Make peace with any inner doubts/shadows by accepting their presence.

4) Forgive and love yourself. Do not intellectualise why a particular shadow aspect came to be in the first place, this is not necessary, and in the doing will only keep you at the vibration of your shadow instead of transcending through it. Rather acknowledge that it is ok to have such inner doubts. Being vulnerable is more a strength than a weakness for it allows you to grow and expand - the reason why you came to Earth in the first place. Give love to any parts of yourself that feel they need some comfort and reassurance. You could also use this daily affirmation, such like -

“I enjoy being aware of what I create in my life, and I love creating what makes me feel good.”

Embracing our inner shadows, and not judging them in others, is a continuous process throughout our life. But by listening to our inner voice we learn to trust ourselves, and when future situations arise where our shadows’ are projected we understand them through loving awareness. We turn reacting in to action, and hurt in to gratitude.

Until next time, love and blessings, Calista

Calista Ascension

Calista Ascension

Calista is an international writer and teacher discussing topics of spirituality and ascension. She is the founder of Angel Healing™ and Atlantean Crystal Healing™, as well as the Ascension Kits™ – a new meditation and healing tool.

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