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Laura Evans 11 Apr 2014 comments

All of us dream, though many of us never remember it when we wake up. Sometimes are dreams can teach us more about the problems and worries that are going on in our waking life. They can help us to get answers to questions that we don’t seem to understand while we are in a state of unrest. This is where many of the greatest inventors of our times have found the answers to their life long work.

Thomas Edison tried unsuccessfully over 3000 times to create the light bulb. It is known that he lay down exhausted on his work table and had a dream about how to make it work. The rest, as they say, is history.

We can also dream of future events that are to happen. Many psychic readers have premonitions about things that will happen in the world, such as the Twin Towers attack, Earthquakes and even Tsunamis. The most famous psychics that do this are Terry and Linda Jamison, also known as the psychic twins. We can even dream of more events close to home. These are very helpful and usually occur when we are meant to prevent an event from happening in our own lives.

There are many different reasons as to why we dream though no one has reached a conclusive rationale. I have found that there are many types of dreams and some of them include:

• Process dreams – this is the way our mind goes through the events of our day. Rehashing over procedures, dialog and events. You may find yourself restructuring a conversation that didn’t go so well in your waking life, so that you can have a better outcome in your dreams. We can sometimes use process dreams to help us in our lives to make sure we don’t say or do the same things again.

• Venting/Nightmare Dreams – this one is probably apparent from the title. You may find yourself naked at work or being chased by a never-before seen monster that sounds very much like your boss. These dreams can help you to get rid of unwanted fears and worry by working themselves out in your dreams; albeit they are never very pleasant. These dreams can help us to understand that we are worrying in waking life so much that it is bleeding through into our dreams. Being ill can also cause nightmares (medications, pain, etc).

• Premonition dreams – fires, earthquakes, accidents, and so forth. While these may not always come to pass, these dreams that seem to foretell disaster can help you to release some stress. These usually have the affect of helping you to be aware of changes that may happen around you.

• Recurring dreams – these can be terribly annoying, especially if they are in the form of nightmares. The reasoning behind them is there is something in your waking life that you have not yet taken care of. It may be releasing guilt, fear, stress, a bad relationship and so on. From my studies, people with recurring dreams find that once they identify the reason they are having them, deal with the emotional issue involved, they stop. These can also be past life dreams. While it is not terrible common, some of us do have dreams of our lives before. These are usually very vivid and seem to repeat with exactly the same details as before.

• Wish-dreams – these are usually the best and the most fun to have. You dream you’ve won the lottery and now are cruising down the highway in your brand new Lamborghini. Happiness in a dream will in turn attract more happiness in our waking lives. Some people refer to these as “manifesting” dreams as well. If you can dream it, believe it, you can have it. There may be something to these dreams and if you can, keep the dream alive; you never know what may come your way because of them.

• Visit Dreams – these dreams are the most difficult to determine. Spirits can come into our dreams and manipulate them. You may have been dreaming of the beach and sunbathing when there is your father standing there in winter boots and a hat. I notice that when a spirit visits, there is usually something very off about them or the scene. Ie: my father in winter clothes on my beach. A visit dream you will remember many of the details months and sometimes years after you wake up.

There are people who wake up from a dream and report that they cannot move or open their eyes. Sleep paralysis is the term. When we sleep, our body automatically paralyzes the body to protect us from acting out our dreams. Many times we can wake up in our consciousness, but our body has not. There is nothing to fear when this happens and it is recommended that you simply do your best to fall back asleep. If you can, for even a few minutes, you will wake up without feeling paralyzed.

Remembering our dreams can happen easily for some and then there are others that never seem to remember even a portion of what happened that night. I will give you some tips that I learned over the years on how to teach your brain to recall your dreams.

1. Even if you only remember a part of the dream, keep a journal or a tape recording device at your bedside. Write or speak every detail you can remember. This will help to train your mind to recall them.

2. I once heard a man tell me that if you wake up, don’t move right away. Remain in the position you are in for a few minutes. Run your mind over what it was you were dreaming about. Relax and keep processing through it. The longer you can lie there and relax, the more you will remember. Then you can jot it down or record it.

3. My great grandmother had a old Native American way to remember her dreams. She was a full-blooded Chippewa Indian who believed in a lot of the tribal remedies for common ailments. She explained to me that to remember a dream, you must drink a ½ glass of water before bed. Then say “Great Spirit, allow me to remember the visions of the night.” In the morning, before she even got out of bed, she would drink the other ½ of the water in the glass (I used a capped bottle!) and she would remember every detail of her dreams. She was a person who had very helpful premonitions and it was always good for her to dream!

4. Playing soothing music before you fall asleep can also help to put your mind in a more relaxed state which will help you to awaken more relaxed as well. This will serve you for memory recall. As you know, a stressed mind has a harder time remembering anything, especially where you’ve placed your keys in an emergency.

I hope this article has helped you with some tips and tricks. Keeping journals has always worked best for me. Currently I have around 9 journals of my dreams, dated and put away. Who knows when I may need to refer back to a premonition or an answer to something I needed to know in the future!

© Laura Evans 2011


Laura Evans

Laura Evans

Professional Spirit Medium/Spiritual Teacher/Ordained Minister

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