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Do you have Spirits and Ghosts in your home?

Barrie John 07 May 2014 comments
Do you have Spirits and Ghosts in your home?

‘Barrie John investigates the knocks and raps in the home…. Ghost or spirit or us?’

We get lots of calls from people saying that there home is haunted, or has some form is ghostly presence. Firstly we need to consider is this a genuine haunting or a visitation from spirit, or even in some cases it could be the family playing tricks on each other.

If you do feel that you have a presence in your home, then I would ask you to consider a visit from a local reputable medium or paranormal team to investigate the problem that you are having. The medium first of all might ask you about yourself, and also try to find out if you have any problems within your family. Their are genuine reasons for this, we have to look at peoples well being, and to ensure that they are not any form of medication that could actually cause problems such as hallucinations or sleep problems. It should also note if there are any problems within the family home such as problems with relationships, problems with children etc.

We also have to look at the general structure of the house to ensure that the noise isn’t being made by some loose floor boards, or by doors moving in the night due to wind getting in through windows etc.

The main reason we do this is to establish if the problem is genuine. Sometimes it has been know that the family could be causing their own problems via poltergeist activity, this could also happen via stages of adolescence within the family, which can increase peoples sensitivity.

Remembering also that their could be genuine reasons for the haunting, if it has been proven. Maybe loved ones in spirit are trying to communicate via the noises or the raps that they are causing within your home.

It has been proven that loved ones do come back in times of need, and will try to let you know that they are around for a specific reason. Maybe there is a relationship issue, or a problem around the home etc, the loved one will do all they can to connect with you. This is where the medium will come in very useful, the medium will communicate with your loved one and bring forward any messages that they have, they will also try to give you proof of who the loved one is. It doesn’t always have to be a loved one who is close to you, it could be a distant relative or in some causes it could be someone who was previously connect to the house.

If the medium finds it is a spirit causing the problems, then they can always ask the spirit to move away or leave the home alone. We must also note here that spirit do have ‘freewill’ which means that if they wish to stay then they can. You cannot force spirit to move on or move away from a location, it’s their choice.

Hopefully once the medium has spoken to the spirit, they will move on calm down, but if not then we have to consider other measures. Such as getting in a local priest, vicar or minister, there is also the option of allowing a paranormal team to stay over night in your property.

Spirit are only there because they care about you and about the family, they do not intentional mean to upset you. They care as much for you now as did they when they were here. Love it eternal and unconditional.

© Barrie John 2010

Barrie John

Barrie John

Barrie John: Multi Award Winning TV Medium & Columnist. Barrie was in series 10 of New Most Haunted for Living TV. Barrie regularly write’s articles and works with some of the Top UK Spiritual and Paranormal Magazines.

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