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Crystal Wands And How to Use Them

Sue and Michael Treanor 05 May 2015 comments
Crystal Wands And How to Use Them

What is a crystal wand?

A crystal wand is an energetic tool which may be used to focus intent and subtle energy to bring about change in oneself, in others and ones environment. Wands are fashioned from a multitude of materials and into many differing designs.

Wands have been used in many cultures throughout history, in places such as Africa and Europe. In fact their legacy is still seen in positions of authority in modern society, such as staffs, crooks, and sceptres wielded by church leaders and heads of state.

Wands can be made from wood, metal or indeed anything, which will conduct subtle energy. One of the best materials (in my opinion) to make a wand from is crystal.

Once the basic wand is formed from the ‘main’ crystal, the energy may be augmented by the addition of other crystals. These crystals will blend their vibrations with that of the wand in order to bring about healing and positive change. Winding conductive materials such as metal wire around the wand can further increase the energy of the wand. If a spiral is wound down the piece, or even multiple spirals, then the energy flow will be further amplified. Using these basic principles the harmonics of a wand can be tailored to suit any practitioner.

Once having obtained your wand, either after purchasing one or making your own, what to do with it? The simple answer will be to follow your own intuition, but the following tried and tested techniques have worked for others;

Wands are usually staff like in construction and generally one end collects energy which is focused down the wand and directed via a crystal or a point to bring about change. One of the most common designs utilises a sphere as the collector and a point at the other end as a director.

How do I use my Wand?

Wands are normally held in the right hand. This is because, energetically we receive energy with the left hand and give with the right hand. Focus your intent and then direct the energy through the wand to the recipient. The wand may be used in this fashion to draw sacred symbols, connect crystals in a grid or matrix, or direct energy to a person, time or place.

One of the major uses of a wand is in healing. The wand may be used in whatever way feels appropriate. For instance, it may be passed up and down the recipient and pointed at wounds or energy blockages etc and energy will be directed in. In addition the wand may be placed base down on the recipient in order to draw negative energy or pain etc out. Once this energy is drawn out it is important to transmute this negativity and there are a number of methods to achieve this.

A statement of intent that the negative energy removed during healing is transmuted into positive energy is one way of achieving this. Directing the energy into a vortex of purple light, is another method. Calling on guidance, angelic energies (particularly Zadkiel), or Ascended Masters such as Saint Germaine to assist in the transmutation of negative energy may also be used.

Wands can also be laid on a recipient to balance the energy system, or to open the chakra chain. In addition to healing, wands may be used as an aid to meditation simply by holding the wand whilst in the meditative state.

After the wand has been used it should be cleansed in the usual ways; For example, using a smudge stick, washing in running water (but check your crystal is suitable for this) or leaving on the windowsill on the night of a full moon. You can also surround your wand in a circle of salt and leave it overnight.

A good wand is a powerful partner in any form of energy work. Tell it what you want it to do, give the wand clear instruction on what you want doing , i.e. place it at the feet of the recipient and ask the wand to open the chakra chain and dissolve any negative energies it encounters. Then turn it around and ask that it draws any negativity it has dissolved from the person’s energy field. Of course thank the wand and those who have worked through the wand for their efforts.

Never point your wand at anyone without the intent to heal or bring about positive change, and again never without his or her permission. Take care of your wand and always cleanse it after use.

In time most practitioners develop a method of working with the wand, which suits them. This article is offered as a general guide to enable you to develop a technique, which works for you. Feel free to experiment, but I would recommend that before working with any energetic process a simple affirmation that what will take place occurs for the highest good for yourself and any recipient, is good practice.

Your wand is a powerful tool for change at all levels and as such should be used with responsibility.

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Sue and Michael Treanor

Sue and Michael Treanor

Sue and Michael Treanor, A husband and wife team, both professional psychic mediums who work in all fields of the genre. Owners of the spiritual centre ‘Spiritus’, based in the heart of England. Michael is also an animal whisperer.

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