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Crystal Healing

Paula Wratten 04 Feb 2013 comments
Crystal Healing

The word quantum has arrived in our consciousness recently and is banded about to cover many aspects of science. One area that seems to have caught the interest of many healers and therapists is Quantum healing, thinking and jumping, for me quantum theories represent infinite possibilities, or the ability to use the mind to control and manipulate energy.

In brief quantum theory is the theoretical basis of modern physics that explains the nature and behaviour of matter and energy on the atomic and subatomic level. If this all sounds a bit far out then consider some of the experiments that Dr Masaru Emoto did with water, his work is widely publicised.

Dr Emoto wanted to see if water crystals could be changed using varying vibrational techniques. He used distilled water and placed it in two separate glass bottles, one had the word love taped to it the other had the word hate.

The next day the water was frozen and examined, the bottle with the word love on it had perfect crystals, the bottle with the word hate taped to it produced chaotic, deformed crystals, and the experiment proved water can hold vibrations. If we take this theory one step further and consider the impact thought may have on the human body.

With our bodies consisting of 70% water is it possible to turn our body toxic with our negative emotions, or heal them with positive and loving thoughts.

The theory of energy manipulation goes back thousands of years to our ancient ancestors; some scientists believe the pyramids were build using this type of technology or quantum energy.

Much of this information has been lost in time, but as science continues to develop some of our old knowledge is resurfacing. Some ancient knowledge still survives in acupuncture, chakra healing, herbal lore, and homeopathy.

With quantum healing it is possible to manipulate cellular energy within the body, everything in the body is a holographic image of the whole, if an illness is detected in the liver it can be seen in the eyes or be felt in reflexology, everything is connected, our thoughts have a great influence on our physical and spiritual being.

When we talk of someone being toxic, we are explaining the energy within a person, quite literally through anger and resentment they have turned the light frequency body toxic, the crystals held within the body have a chaotic vibration, if not dealt with at this level, illness will manifest within the organs.

Quantum healing starts at your core being, in every particle and cell you are creating the whole person, by the way you feel about yourself, how you eat, deal with stress, water intake (fluoride free) and how you think.

Most of the western world teachings are limited to mind energy; we in turn create a limited version of reality, when we are in fact mind, body, spirit and universal energy. If we look at this from a different view point and see the brain as the computer, the body as the programmer we can understand the correlation between mind and body.

Many people are locked into believing they are just mind energy, they believe they are the sum of all their thoughts, I think therefore I am. Case studies have shown when people have been told they are ill the mind takes over and the condition gets worse, when alternative healing has been involved the reverse takes place.

Changing a collective consciousness to believe in self-healing is a monumental task, to ask them to understand quantum healing at this point in history maybe a step too far, but we are waking up slowly to more alternative ways of healing. The pharmaceutical companies make billions each year prescribing drugs, many of these prescriptions have side effects, one symptom is cured and another is created.

When our awareness is opened we have infinite possibilities, this is the nature of quantum energy, I feel therefore I am.

© Paula Wratten 2011

Paula Wratten

Paula Wratten

Paula Wratten has worked as a medium for many years, these days her work is more with metaphysical energy and quantum theories. Paula’s job is to help the client recognize their own personal power. Paula’s work has been written about in numerous newspapers and magazines and she has been interviewed on national radio.

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