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Creativity: Unconditioned Rebelliousness

Vikash Kumar 15 Apr 2015 comments
Creativity: Unconditioned Rebelliousness

In the modern liberated state of living, most people are pressurised to be creative, and a number of them eventually feel burnt out because of this constant desire. A child starts getting judged from the day he is born. His creativity is measured against the rest of the world, and he is unnecessarily dumped with the expectations of all those around him. Ironically, it is the so-called learned but frustrated people who, out of ignorance, indulge in such comparisons; crippling the innocent mind.

As the child grows older, and subsequently joins schools, colleges or other places of education, he is asked to be creative. He is bombarded with various tasks, themes, activities and detailed assignments, without observing his originality and uniqueness, to help reveal his creativity. The children are educated in various subjects, and trained to be the best; slowly becoming a part of the rat race, and developing feelings such as jealousy, failure and competitiveness. By the time they acquire knowledge of different subjects, and become capable of earning handsome salaries, they realise that their creative potential has diminished.

It is a recent trend that most top companies expect their employees to have a creative approach. Nowadays, it is common for companies to hire people with a different approach, and any kind of creative idea or work is highly appreciated. Today, the world is run by two kinds of people - the creative, and the ones authorised to judge their creativity. It is the ones in the middle of these two realms, who are often belittled for their ideas by those in the superior realms.

Generally, creativity is perceived as any thought, characteristic, or work, which is off the beaten path, and results in something new. Creativity is also doing things differently. Creativity, truly, is the completion of something reverent that increases your self worth and provides an unparalleled satisfaction. It is work that respects your being. Though, it is only a rebel who can understand the true meaning of these words.

Most people say that in order to nurture creativity, one requires a number of qualities such as acumen, education, preparation, confidence, initiation, commitment, discipline, perseverance, and the zeal to develop a new skill. However, one important quality that gets undermined, and often given a negative shade, is rebelliousness. A true rebellion can bring major creative work to the fore.

Alas! Rebelliousness has vanished somewhere in the process of educating oneself according to the norms of the society. That zeal for creating something has naturally been buried under the pressure of earning more and more, to keep pace with the others around us.

A rebel is perceived as someone who breaks the rules, creates havoc, and doesn’t follow the norms of the society or nations. Sadly, some frustrated and misguided people have perpetrated this view. One must understand that an individual cannot disrupt the life of a society; spreading anarchy, which is the act of a group, is different from a rebellion. An individual may rebel from the system’s guidelines, a particular group’s thinking or the society’s dogmas, and when a number of people deviate from the norm, they happen to form a group – another group of thought.

It is not the rebellious who create chaos; but those whose mental reflections conjure with the intellectuals, for the betterment of life and acceptance of reality. Rebelliousness is an individualistic quality, and cannot be attributed to a group, mob, or society. Thus, it is no surprise that most breakthrough discoveries, and creative works, are credited to individuals and not to groups.

More often than not, the proponents of creative thought have to rebel against the set standards of their time. Most of the time, their conviction lands them in trouble and hardships. History is full of evidence that anyone with a rebellious instinct, who made an unprecedented discovery, invention, or creation, faced hardships on his or her journey to success. When Galileo Galilee first discovered the fact that the sun is static, and it is actually the earth that revolves around the sun, he was sentenced to life imprisonment. He dared to rebel against the church, and challenged the view of the bible. He was meted out a number of atrocities for holding on to his view, but didn’t bow down.

Going by history, one cannot force or train to be rebellious, or creative. One must strive to find his true potential, rather than trying to become someone else. In fact, ‘becoming’ someone (whether a doctor, engineer or manager) is only a matter of hard work and focus, but ‘being’ yourself, is to know your inner self, which is an arduous task!

So, do not punish yourself to be creative, but wait for the ideas to come! And when you do create something, have conviction, and be rebellious in proposing it to the world.

© Vikash Kumar 2015


Vikash Kumar

Vikash  Kumar

Mr. Vikash Kumar well-known as “ForeZorba”, author of “Nugget On Wings” book is a Mindfulness Coach & SQ Trainer. He offers Counseling, Corporate coaching, Meditation & Astro-Numero guidance. He transforms and empowers people with psycho-dynamism, which is more than just advice & talk therapy. A voracious reader & ceaseless thinker, ForeZorba is an ardent writer who writes for magazines worldwide. To know more about him, visit www.forezorba.com

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