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Colour My World

Carolyn Flynn 01 Aug 2014 comments
Colour My World

Colours are a fascinating influence to the human psyche. Each colour reflects a personality, mood or even memory. Some find colours a “feel good” reminder of what they sense as comfort, whilst others utilise colour for a bold statement of what they represent, like the colour blue for “take me serious” or the colour white for “innocence”

Colours have an influence when we wear them, adorn our home in them and when we think of them. It would be only natural that used as a form of divination, colours would reflect the spiritual, intellectual, physical and emotional bodies of the enquirer.


If the colour black has come into your life today you could be finding yourself in a time of regeneration. Transformation of all kinds will often take place when the colour black is chosen. It is time of new beginnings and fresh outlooks. If you have secretly desired to make these changes for some time, perhaps then, there is no better time than now.

Key Points: Regeneration, new ideas and ventures, hidden talents, abundance, deserving relationships


If the colour blue has come into your life today you could be finding yourself in a time of all levels of communication. What is being said, listened to or received is to help you process and understand the importance of opening the doors to what you truly want from your life at this time. You could find that advice of all kinds will be significant or perhaps it is time to start letting others know what and how you feel about situations. Especially, if you have been keeping it all inside.

Key Points: Communication – finding the truth, putting skills to good use (new areas), slow down in finances, speaking from the heart


If the colour gold has come into your life today you could be finding yourself in a time of success and achievement. You have the ability and wisdom to reach your goals. Everything you desire, longed for or searched for will manifest. Choosing gold brings abundance to all areas of your life as long as you don’t become obsessed about accumulation.

Key Points: Success, manifesting desires, abundance, don’t make it your soul focus, feeling very deeply connected


If the colour green has come into your life today you could be finding yourself in a time of seeking new directions and growth. New beginnings on all levels start to sow the seeds on a new outlook on life. Finding yourself searching for ways to improve your life often with a new place, area on your own or a major spring clean comes through choosing the colour green.

Key Points: New directions, growth, removing limitations, gifts, rewards, good financial growth, setting foundations, new look on love


If the colour orange has come into your life today you could be finding yourself in a time of great wellbeing. You could be becoming more tolerant of life around you and ready to now relax and enjoy a new found optimism. A time of feeling healthy, happy and fertile with an unlimited energy that energizes other people around you.

Key Points: More relaxed, new found optimism, manifesting goals, prosperity, magical connections, family vibrations


If the colour pink has come into your life today you could be finding yourself in a time of peace and harmony. You are more sensitive to your environment and those around you and you could find people are drawn to you because of your depth of understanding and compassion.

Key Points: Peace and harmony, service to others, taking on more responsible roles, giving generosity, true meaning of love


If the colour purple has come into your life today, you could be finding yourself in a time of enlightenment and inspiration. A time of listening to your heart and optimizing your freedom of choice to benefit your wellbeing. Growth through knowledge, wisdom and spiritual guidance will be enhanced during this time of transition. You have the strength to calm the chaos of everyday life by seeing past the minor details into the bigger picture.

Key Points: Listening to your wisdom, using talents to the fullest, trusting instincts with money, reconnections healing


If the colour red has come into your life today you could be finding yourself in a time of change. The changes are coming out of the necessity to bring more stability and structure into your life. If you have been feeling frustrated, restless or stressed that you have not had the opportunity to achieve your full potential or desires, due to circumstances beyond your control. Then choosing the colour red tells you that you have the energy and determination to succeed at this time.

Key Points: Frustrated need for change, jump to action make things happen, structure, review of finances, sensuality, expressions


If the colour silver has come into your life today you could be finding yourself in a time of tapping into your spiritual consciousness. Cutting through the illusions in your life to reveal the true pathway. All that glitters may not be gold in this case silver! Choosing silver encourages you to take a deeper look into yourself and contemplate how you may have contributed to your current situation. Perhaps you placed rose coloured glasses on or have chosen not to want to see things for what they are. No better time than now to examine and tune into your higher self. Your spiritual connection is at its strongest, utilize the tools you have been given to help you at this time.

Key Points: Tapping into the spiritual, all that glitter is not gold, sensibility in money matters, emotional



If the colour turquoise has come into your life today you could be finding yourself in a time of speaking out. Your thoughts will be on what you need, want, think and feel about matters that are important for your inner and spiritual growth. You will find yourself being in situations or around people that will encourage you to open up and communicate.

Key Points: Encouraged to communicate and open up, working on inner confidence, work gift of the gab, normalcy in finances, looking deeper for what you want from love


If the colour white has come into your life today you could be finding yourself in a time of making clear decisions. Your mind is focused and your attention to detail makes choices clear and concise. Positive results will manifest the more you keep the faith in your own inner abilities.

Key Points: Clear decisions, promotions utilizing your skills, what you put in your get back, happiness and joy in love, relaxed and secure


If the colour yellow has come into your life today you could be finding yourself in a time of knowledge and experience. All aspects of study and learning will be strengthened by your sharp, clear mind. Your willpower and intellect will enhance your personal power and self worth.

Key Points: Study, utilizing your knowledge, using your know how to work your career, light at end of tunnel with money, feeling happy and content with relationships, time to shine

About the Colour Ask System

Colour Ask was a concept I designed over 18 years ago that comprise of just 12 colours. The 12 colours covered questions pertaining to matters such as career, personal life and finances. The early system lacked a comprehensive overview of other topics that were sort.

Each colour card incorporates an affirmation, influences associated with that colour and areas of career, finances, love and over all influences. You may choose to use them as in singular (pick a card for the day or ask a specific question to see a short yet precise answer detailed on the card.)

The book gives a detailed explanation that includes a comprehensive over view of the colour chosen and the significance of that particular colour’s influence including relevant guides, angels and layout suggestions.

The book also references in detail, career, love, finances, health and wellbeing, numerical influences, and spiritual guidance message

© Carolyn Clairvoyant 2014

Carolyn Flynn

Carolyn  Flynn

Known as One of Australia’s Most Giving Clairvoyants who has built a 24 year plus reputation for being ethical, well trusted and respected as a teacher in her modalities and as a naturally gifted clairvoyant. Clairvoyant, Teacher and respected in my field for over 24 years working with Tarot, Playing Cards, Numerology, Astrology, Colourology,Crystals and other metaphysical healing aspects. Accomplished Author and creator of several decks.

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