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Cleaning the Garden of Your Heart

Karem Barratt 20 Jul 2019 comments
Cleaning the Garden of Your Heart

A Week-long Visualization to Remove Negativity and Support Inner Growth.

Summer is here and many of us are getting ready to take a few days off our daily activities. Even with a busy schedule of fun activities, you can always put apart a few minutes for yourself and your spiritual unfoldment. Here is a short and easy programme to clear away some old limiting feelings and beliefs and prepare the ground for new projects, attitudes and positive experiences. It should not take more than 5 to 10 minutes a day and, if done properly, you will end the week feeling more optimistic, rejuvenated and re-energized.

Before visualising, take time to centre. You can do this by breathing deeply several times; becoming aware of the different parts of your body, from toes to head; doing a little yoga or chanting a mantra, such as Om or Awen for a few minutes; and listening to relaxing music. When you are ready, find a comfortable position (in which you can keep your column straight) and close your eyes.

On Monday, start the visualisation by imagining your heart as a weed-riddled garden in need of some serious TLC. The weeds represents all those resentments, hatreds, fears and any other limiting belief or attitude that is preventing your garden to flourish. You can identify each weed or object with a specific memory, thought or feeling if you desire, or just “know” that they represent something that is no good for you and needs to be taken out of your heart. Do not judge yourself for having allowed your garden get in this state. Life happens and the important thing is to start clearing. So see yourself cleaning your inner garden, pulling away the weeds, pruning, raking and so forth. This cleaning will continue on Tuesday. This time look out rubbish, old furniture and broken ornaments, which represent all the plans we started but did not finish, old dreams that are no longer relevant, or barrowed belief and attitudes that we tried to make ours to please family and peers.

On Wednesday and Thursday, visualise yourself in the now clean garden, preparing the soil and planting the seeds of what you really want to have in your heart of hearts, adding new garden furniture and embellishments. Again, you can give a specific meaning to each seed or ornament, or just “know” that they represent all the wonderful things your heart aches to express, inspire and feel. See yourself watering the dark, rich earth and saying motivating, beautiful words to the seedlings. See yourself creating a water feature of sorts, one that provides a reflecting, mirror-like surface. Try to be as sensorial as possible: feel the sun, the earth, hear the birds, smell the flowers. Evoke feelings of anticipation, enthusiasm and excitement as you prepare your garden.

On Friday and Saturday, visualise yourself in the now growing garden: shoots are coming out, little buds decorate tree branches and bushes, birds are moving in, butterflies are coming out of their cocoons. Take time to enjoy the feeling of seeing all these new life grow; to enjoy having the freedom to allow your heart to have all this beautiful feelings, beliefs and world-views that create so much harmony and beauty inside of you. Allow yourself to fantasize and see in the clouds’ shapes images and symbols of some of the ideas and projects you have planted.

On Sunday, see yourself in the now flourishing garden. Enjoy the colours, the textures, the sounds, the perfumes. Inhale deeply and take in the immense peace and beauty around you. Truly, really feel it. Now find the water feature and see its surface. Reflected there is what your life can be like if you comeback to this inner garden to recharge, restore and rejuvenate. On those still waters, you can see yourself in your everyday activities, acting from peace and calmness and dealing with any inconvenience from serenity and inspiration. See it. Feel it. Hear yourself speaking, your voice reflecting your poise, your confidence. This is your inner sanctum. Enjoy it. Comeback any time you want. And as with any well cared garden, be vigilant for weeds, for anything that threatens the beauty of your heart-space and cast it out as soon as you see it

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Karem Barratt

Karem Barratt

Rev. Karem Barratt BA (Hons) (Hum) Ordained as Interfaith Minister and certified as spiritual counsellor by the One Spirit Interfaith Foundation, Karem is also an experienced Tarot reader (over 20 years), as well as a celebrant, ritual and spell-crafter. She leads workshops on self-development issues, such as meditation, prosperity, visualisation and affirmations, among other topics, and coaches people in their personal spiritual journey.

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