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Chrysoprase and Nature Spirits 

Hazel Raven 05 Sep 2012 comments
Chrysoprase and Nature Spirits 

As a small child, faeries were the first elementals to introduce themselves to me. I quickly discovered faeries were very helpful, they love to be spoken to and asked for help. I also learnt all you have to do to contact them is sit in nature, surrounded by flowers, plants or trees and quieten your mind. The faery realm is easily accessed with the crystal I have chosen to write about this month, in fact the faery realm is loving and welcoming to those who enter with love, respect and child-like wonder.

Chrysoprase Chrysoprase is a green Chalcedony, a member of the Quartz family group with a hardness of 7. It is one of the rarest and valuable of the Chalcedonies (a cryptocrystalline form of silica). Its beautiful green colour comes from nickel. The word chrysoprase comes from the Greek χρυσός chrysos meaning ‘gold’ and πράσινον prasinon, meaning ‘green’. Current important deposits of Chrysoprase are in Australia. History Chrysoprase was used by the Greeks, Romans and Egyptians to fashion amulets, jewellery and other ornamental objects. Chrysoprase is mention in the Bible as being one of the twelve gemstones set into the foundations of the city walls of Jerusalem (Revelations 21:19). Chrysoprase was very popular in the 14th century when the Holy Roman Emperor Charles the IV used it do decorate the Chapel of St. Wenceslas in Prague. Chrysoprase was also a favourite gemstone of Queen Anne of England.

Keywords: Sacred Grove, Connection with Nature Spirits.

Angel: Nature Angels Initiation: Attunement to the beauty of the natural world.

Physical: Chrysoprase supports regeneration. Carrying or wearing this stone will open your heart and clairsentience up to the elemental and angel energies.

Emotional: Chrysoprase brings balance, discrimination, tactfulness, compassion and unconditional forgiveness for oneself and others. Chrysoprase is a bridge: it activates, opens and energies the heart chakra, bringing in the Divine loving energy through the heart. Wearing this stone tunes you into the Devic realm of Nature Spirits and Faeries. Its energy is as tender and welcome as the new growth in springtime; it has a special appeal to the young and those healing their ‘inner child’ by letting go of childhood deprivation.

Mentally: Brings increased sense of security and calm, thereby promoting peaceful sleep.

Psychologically: Chrysoprase heals relationships. Counteracts jealousy, greed, resentment and selfishness.

Spiritual: Chrysoprase helps you integrate the two worlds of spirit and matter, as it activates the heart chakra and how we relate compassionately with others, with love. A gem essence of Chrysoprase makes a wonderful tonic which helps you connect with Nature beings and the beauty of the Natural world.

Magic: Brings good luck and success. Green represents growth, nature, expansion, freedom and harmony. Chrysoprase gently stimulates growth, bolsters love and friendship. Melts boundaries of space and time, making it easier to access your clairvoyant skills. Chrysoprase is an ideal companion for outdoor meditation, in fact Chrysoprase magic makes you feel it is good to be alive; it helps you succeed without struggle

Crystal Placement: Heart chakra. For attuning to the elemental realm of fairies, place a tumbled Chrysoprase stone on the heart and solar plexus chakras. Place a smoky quartz crystal on the throat chakra and another smoky quartz beneath and between your feet, to stabilise the experience. Leave in place for 20 minutes.

Cleansing: Hold the crystal under running water for several minutes and visualise imbalances flowing away. Then put in the sunlight to dry.

Affirmation: “The ‘Sacred Grove’ inside my heart has all the answers”

Nature Angels and Faeries

Faeries are nature spirits and rule over the flowers, plants and trees. Faeries and nature spirits teach us how to nourish ourselves and live in abundance as co-creators in balance and harmony. This means living responsibly with regard to all life on the planet. By focusing on the powerful energy that flows all around us, we bring stability and abundance to every area of our lives. Flower, tree and plant faeries, as our ancestors knew, have the power to heal all our ills if we choose to work with them. Simply find a tree, flower or plant that feels harmonious and welcoming and ask to work with its spirit essence.

Nature-Music Exercise As a useful awareness procedure, go out into the open air sometimes and focus your ears and mind on the natural sounds that surround you. Make a list of those you hear and your reactions to them. Appreciate singing birds, humming insects, rustling leaves, swishing grass, whinnying horses, the sounds of the waves. Which are the most obvious or hidden away? Do you tend to notice sounds by volume, loudest first, or by frequency, low pitch first?

Note: This article is meant for educational purposes only and is not meant to heal or diagnose any disease. Crystal therapy should not be used in place of conventional medical care. Always consult your GP or a health professional for medical attention and advice.

© Hazel Raven 2012


Hazel Raven

Hazel Raven

Hazel Raven is an internationally known successful Mind, Body, Spirit author, teacher and workshop leader, with over 12 books to her credit, including the best-selling Angel Bible. She is a trained therapist with over 30 years’ experience. Hazel has appeared on television, radio and in numerous magazines and newspapers. Hazel and her Angelic Crystals articles have been with Silent Voices Magazine since 2011, these articles lead to the birth of the new Angelic Crystal cards that can be purchased from Hazels website

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