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Christmas Blessings

Declan Flynn 28 Nov 2016 comments
Christmas Blessings

This is a wonderful time of year for family and friends, we all get together and have some fun, jokes and of course lots of the delightful turkey and ham, but take a few moments between boiling pots and wrapping presents to do something special for you and for Spirit.

Find some a few minutes of quite time among the crazy lists to do, to light a candle and sit for a moment. Take in some relaxing breaths and in your mind recall all the magical moments that have happened in 2014. All the time that you have been inspired by yourself, by others and of course Spirit relive these moments in an instant and feel the joy and wonder of them fill your entire energy field. If there is anything that you tried to do in 2014 and are not entirely happy with, see 2014 to be the rehearsal and that 2015 can bring you a new stage to work from, with a better perspective to these issues and a better performance and outcome being achieved in 2015.

Also take a few moments to think of those that have left your life this year through the re-birthing process back to the Spirit world. These people have all played a part in our lives; they all take centre stage and background positions, they played the dramatic, the comedy and passive roles, but what actors they have been, for they have made you who you are and shaped how you create the next role in your life.

‘All the world’s a stage,

And all the men and women merely players;

They have their exits and their entrances,

And one man in his time plays many parts,

His acts being seven ages.’


Let yourself be thankful for the blessings of 2014 and send out your intention for 2015. I did this, this time last year, I put my intention out for 2014 to be a year for me, a year that I will grow to understand more about Spirit, to learn more about myself and to start the process of laying my foundations for the future and 2010 with ups and downs has been amazing as the ups have totally outweighed the downs.

I will leave you this year with a prayer for 2015,

‘May you be grateful for the lessons that you have learnt this year,

May your hopes of 2010 become your dreams of 2015,

May your dreams become your reality,

And your life be full of prosperity, love and happiness’

Happy Christmas

© Declan Flynn 2010

Declan Flynn

Declan Flynn

Declan is Ireland’s Youngest Medium and he enjoys every moment of his work.
Declan is a down to earth guy with a sensitivity that can be seen when he demonstrates.
Declan is also a Reiki Healer. Declan works very closely with his Spirit team when healing and they help direct him where to focus upon for his client.
Declan has also written his first book ‘The Journey to the Inner Soul’ This is Declan’s first instalment to his development as a medium. His hope with this book is to show those that are on a similar pathway that what they are experiencing is absolutely normal and that they are developing their abilities in a safe manor.

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