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Childrens Guardian Angels

Jacky Newcomb 04 Aug 2019 comments
Childrens Guardian Angels

With the growing phenomenon of spontaneous afterlife communication experience, more and more of us believe that life continues on the ‘other side’ after physical death. Children and adults alike are seeing, feeling, hearing and sensing those that have died before us. ‘Love’ seems to link the two realms together.

For the most part, these experiences, particularly with children, are positive and uplifting. Grief can do many things. It can bring about depression, and even suicidal thoughts. When your loved one makes contact from their new heavenly home the experiences can be life changing. All we want to know is that our loved ones are safe and that we will be reunited at some future dates.

A loved one might contact us spiritually at the very point of death, just before, or sometimes many weeks or even years after their death. Many relatives visit their loved ones after death but there seems to be a particularly strong bond between children and their grandparents, often the first death that children experience.

Why do our children’s grandparents visit our children from the heavenly realms? Do they take on a sort of ‘Guardian Angel’ role to their young grandchildren after they pass into the light? I have many stories of grandparents giving warnings to youngsters, offering comfort and even bringing physical phenomenon like the comforting ‘touch’ of a hand.

Often a young child is the one who receives the message of reassurance from an older relative for the rest of the family. When parents, aunts and uncles are too smothered in grief, children become the messengers from our loved ones on the other side.

Children are open and honest about their experiences. They tell it how they see it! Younger children especially are great receivers from the other side. Pre-schooler’s usually have no knowledge of what ‘dead’ actually means and are open to all possibilities. The phenomenon can often seem normal to them.

Have you had contact with your loved ones on the other side? They visit us in many ways.

Some of the common ways our loved ones bring messages


If you find it hard to believe that a love one might visit you in a dream then this is the least frightening way they appear! With a dream, the reality of the experience can sink in slowly over time.

These dream visitations are always described as ‘more real than real’ or ‘the most real dream I ever had.’ It is common to say to your visitor, ‘…but you’re dead aren’t you?’ because we keep an awareness of the here and now through the whole experience.

Children are more likely to have visitation experiences because it is particularly non-threatening. They will tell you about it in a very causal way like, ‘grandma came to say hello last night…’


These can share some of the attributes of a dream but happen during our waking hours. We can literally ‘see’ using our physical eyes (although sometimes the vision appears on the inner eye.)

We might see the shimmering outline of a loved one or we might be able to see them as a whole being even if we can see right through them to the room behind. On occasion, the spirit visitor appears and feels solid but this is rare, and usually occurs in that space between sleeping and waking.

Children with particular psychic ability might see grandparents this way too.

Manipulation of clockwork items

Smoke alarms bleep, clocks stop and start, music boxes play and children’s toys begin moving about on their own. Of course it’s possible that there is a logical explanation for this but these object usually move at a time when we are thinking of the loved one or talking about them …or even asking for an actual sign!

If children experience this type of phenomenon it is a good idea to let them realise what a fun sign it is. Do not appear afraid and your children will follow your lead. Relatives who loved us in life do not suddenly become a threat after they pass. Receive these fun signs in the way in which they are sent to you!


As above, our deceased loved ones have a knack for messing about with electrical items but it goes beyond mere flickering lights. I have cases where a television or radio will switch itself on when unplugged from the wall. Often the timing is such that it coincides with a favourite song playing on the radio (of course the station seems to have been magically tuned in!) or maybe our loved ones favourite television programme is playing at the time.

Modern Technology

Has your telephone rung in the middle of the night when no one was there? Jane’s telephone continued to ring each night at the same time that her grandmother always called her…except that her grandmother had passed-over the week before. Roger’s mobile phone rang, displaying the name and number of his friend… At the time he was on the way to his friend’s funeral and the mobile was sitting in an ‘empty’ room.

Another lady received a blank e-mail from her friend who had died the year before. She replied wondering if a member of his family had been trying to get hold of her. By ‘chance’ another friend of the deceased had also received a blank e-mail and had phoned the sister of the deceased with the same query. Who had sent the blank e-mail? The sister decided to check on her late brother’s e-mail, calling in assistance from a friend with more technical experience. No e-mails had left the account as it had technically been closed.

Had the brother been reaching out from the other side to tell his friends that his consciousness had continued life?

Familiar Smells

Your Granddad might arrive on a cloud of cigarette or tobacco smoke like Astrid’s but grandma might announce her arrival by bringing you the scent of roses, lavender or maybe a familiar perfume. More unusual examples on my files include the smell coconut, chocolate and even fish and chips. Often, as with the other experiences we will likely have been thinking about, or talking about the person who has died. They seem aware of our thoughts and are drawn towards us.

The scent seems isolated from any source and can last for moments or even days. A single person might be the only one to smell the scent, even when others are in the room.

A touch or feeling

More often a visit from a loved one is an altogether more subtle experience. When we are relaxed, or daydreaming (when doing boring chores like ironing or washing up for example), we seem to open up a portal which our loved ones can use to draw close to us.

Common are just the ‘feeling’ or ‘sense’ that they are in the room. That energy is family because we have known it for so many years previously. It’s like when someone is staring at you – you just feel that they are, and we are rarely wrong! Usually this sense of a loved one is accompanied by an overwhelming feeling of peace and love.

Sometimes the feeling comes with a loving touch, like a hand on a shoulder or a touch of the cheek or the back of a hand. That loving touch brings calm and contentment and brings a knowing that ‘everything will be ok’.

Are our children’s grandparents their guardian angels on the other side? Not in the traditional sense of the word ‘angel’ no, but are our children’s loving grandma and granddad keeping an eye on their precious grandchildren from the other side? Too right they are! Be prepared for visits around the time of new births, and special occasions like birthdays, Christmas’ and family get-togethers! You never know which extra guests might appear on your family photographs!

© Jacky Newcomb February 2010


Jacky Newcomb

Jacky  Newcomb

Jacky Newcomb is known by her fans as ‘The Angel Lady’. She is an award winning, Sunday Times best selling author, columnist and paranormal experiences expert specialising in angels and the afterlife. Jacky has published many books and hundreds of articles about psychic phenomenon, and is a regular columnist for Chat its fate and Soul & Spirit Magazines. Jacky has appeared on many television and radio shows.

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