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Cellular and DNA Healing

Paula Wratten 19 Mar 2013 comments
Cellular and DNA Healing

Most of us at some point in our life go to the doctors or hospital for treatment, we trust that the appropriate medicine is dispensed and we carry on our life as before, eating, drinking and dealing with the same emotional stuff that probably caused the illness in the first instance. In today’s society there are more alternative treatments available than at any time in our history.

We can now understand the benefits of healthy eating, less stress and plenty of exercise in our day to day lives; more people are turning to healers and therapists for help with health issues rather than seek out the more traditional methods of care. Our ancestors were very aware of the connection to mind, body and the spiritual awareness to bring about a balance within the psychical being. Somewhere in our history this knowledge has been hijacked and used to our detriment.

Although this knowledge has been passed down through various teachings, many of its secrets are hidden away from the general populace, much of this information was only known to those that could read and write such as the priests of ancient Egypt, monks, and seers. What if all the knowledge you ever needed for good health and longevity lay within your own body.

Russian scientists have experimented with wave genetics and sound frequency to repair damage at a cellular level; they have also discovered DNA has an intellectual response to other organisms. This is something that healers throughout the ages have always known, that sound frequency or thought can change the structure of cells to enable healing at a deeper level.

The body itself is a complex machine, made up from water, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus. If it is possible to change or connect to these substances within the body then it is probable that healing does work on many levels. In recent years scientists have discovered DNA and its sequences and are now mapping the human genome. It is a little known fact that DNA was first identified in the late 1860s by Swiss chemist Friedrich Miescher.

Science would have us believe that 98 per cent of DNA is junk and has no real function, this is not the case as your DNA stores information and has a similar structure to human language, in fact the language contains 3 billion genetic letters, one recent study has indicated that DNA can send information at the speed of light to other cells within the body. The complexities of this coding within all living things are constantly being challenged by scientists.

If humans can master or even remember how to heal their own bodies through manipulation of their own genetic coding then we are at the beginning of an amazing era in human history. It is mind blowing to think that a single DNA strand could hold the equivalent to 12 sets of The Encyclopaedia Britannica— an incredible 384 volumes.

My theory is that humans were designed rather than by chance of evolution, we are walking computers, a biological star system, with the ability to travel through time and space via our chakra system ( star gates,) our DNA contains information that one day may be translated to reveal all the secrets of existence. If this all sounds like science fiction remember not so long ago in our history we didn’t believe we could put a man into space.

DNA is like a computer program but far, far more advanced than any software ever created.” ― Bill Gates, The Road Ahead

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Paula Wratten

Paula Wratten

Paula Wratten has worked as a medium for many years, these days her work is more with metaphysical energy and quantum theories. Paula’s job is to help the client recognize their own personal power. Paula’s work has been written about in numerous newspapers and magazines and she has been interviewed on national radio.

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