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Celestial Body Kundalini

Chrism 05 Aug 2014 comments
Celestial Body Kundalini

Earth is a creation of the divine. It carries a negative charge and is feminine in nature. It is part of the duality of creation of which we are part and is an aspect of the polarity of what we can utilize to become at-one inside of the Kundalini.

Sun is a creation of the divine. It carries a positive charge and is also part of duality.

Moon is as the fire or water and has ancillary qualities that can influence our choices based upon evolutionary maturation within its presence. Not because it has been here the whole of human existence as has the Sun and the Eart, but because all here “now” have been under its influence.

These all have a consciousness but it is not human or even remotely human any more than a human has the consciousness of an ant or a piranha or of space dust. Yes, all are part of creation and all are part of divinity yet in their own paradigms do they exist. Like humans exist in the human paradigm.

Paradigms can be communicated and interwoven as the Shaman cultures do, but not to the dismissal of the cradle of the incarnated consciousness.

Earth doesn’t have need for chakras or Kundalini or astral projection or Frito’s or cornflakes or television except as we as beings that are part of the earth use and express through these areas. We are part of the Earth and all of our traits are encapsulated within its expression. As is every other form of creation that carries the Earth signature part of the Earth.

But as we are not the sole expression of the fecal matter that leaves our body neither are the celestial bodies a sole expression of who and how we mere humans are - especially in regards to the Kundalini. They are already where we are trying to evolve into.

Earth and Sun and Moon and Stars, Quasars and Meteor, Asteroid, Comets and Gas giants, Black holes, Galaxies, Gas clouds, Star Clusters, Dark Matter, do not have the attributes of the human being. They have their own attributes that are unique to them and their particular creative processes. Some of it similar to us but different.

They do not have a spine or a chakra or a left big toe. In the physical sense. They do not have a need to build a bridge into the divine as the divine is already there for these divine creations. They have reached a place where they can assist others in this way.

They are vehicles for those of us who must learn through duality a path towards at-one-ment into the divine fields.

They are not here to ascend or to work through Karma or to fall from grace. They are here to support the human and every other creation that is supported by this great planetary and celestial system. Just as our evolution supports them.

We project our qualities upon them like a baby whale mistakes a ship for its mother. Often the baby whale will die as the ship cannot feed it. Same with projecting our specific qualities into and upon celestial objects.

I espouse personal responsibility without projection towards the outward but introspection towards the inward. I suggest taking full responsibility for who and how and what a person is without regard to star and planetary alignments. Without the need to justify activities, fabricated or otherwise, that mimic human energetic evolutionary examples. - from an energetic evolutionary standpoint.

Yes they are part of a great and fantastic system! A wonderful system and we resonate with what they give. So does water and wind and rain and fire give to us as well. These are also part of us and work within the system that allows us to be. Yet neither do they have human consciousness they have their own. Fire doesn’t need Kundalini. Water doesn’t need Kundalini. Neither does the wind.

These elements are not locked into a blind five sense conscious system, as we are. They are here to assist us within ours and others within theirs. Like teachers perhaps. Showing us through the senses what it is we reflect of the qualities they espouse.

© Chrism 2014



Chrism came into life with a fully awakened Kundalini energy and speaks from his authentic experience. Through his many years of interaction with the awakened Kundalini he was guided to live a life of helping and teaching others that they may have a safe, supported and full expression of their own Kundalini energy.He offers Kundalini community groups on Yahoo and Facebook, presents seminars around the world, writes and publishes teaching articles and is currently writing a series of books on various Kundalini topics.

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