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Can I become a Psychic? A Simple no Fuss Answer!

Anne Germain 05 Sep 2014 comments
Can I become a Psychic? A Simple no Fuss Answer!

This isn’t such an odd thing to ask when you think about it as I will explain; all of us are actually psychic to one level or another. You may call it gut instinct, woman’s intuition, premonition or even just plain odd, but as I say all of us to some degree have a level of psychic ability. In prehistoric times this actually helped to keep us alive on a daily and sometimes even an hourly basis? This ability makes all your senses alert to situations in your immediate surroundings, whether that was from your immediate environment or the odd roaming predatory animal. We can still actually witness this although obviously we aren’t often at risk of the odd wolf or tiger now. However, if you watch any animal even your domestic pet you can see this ability for example to us they appear to be asleep but the slightest noise and they are alert within a fraction of a second and it’s not just their acute hearing.

Many of you may have experienced thinking of someone only to have the phone ring within moments of that thought and you find it is them calling. Another way that your psychic ability can manifest is for example over several days you’ve had a niggling thought about a tyre on the car only to go out in the morning to find a flat tyre or have a blowout on the motorway. There have even been very extreme examples of this happening when someone has refused to travel by air or car on a certain day only to find that they were saved being involved in some disaster. However, most would put that down to coincidence rather than the psychic abilities coming into play.

One extreme is some people automatically seem to just know that they have this ability very strongly others go completely the opposite way and are adamant that there is no such thing and ignore even their own heightened psychic abilities which is sad because they are missing out on a very helpful ‘natural’ ability just because they refuse to accept something they can’t explain.

For those who have this natural ability very strongly from an early age may have already found themselves drawn to a more esoterically enlightened life pathway but this is not always necessarily the case for everyone with these abilities; it can have much to do with our environment and what our families consider to be ‘normal’, we only have to look back a few years to see numerous individuals placed into asylums because they were a little different thankfully this is a rarity now.

So can we do anything to develop this ability further or actually find the ability which has become buried though lack of use or are we just stuck with it as it is? Yes of course we can develop this ability and surprisingly quickly when you start to learn how to become intuitively aware of the ability and its impact upon your daily life. I can’t ‘teach’ you how to develop into a fully accurate psychic in just a few paragraphs but I can point you in the right direction of how to start.

One of the quickest ways of starting to work with your own psychic energies is to learn to sit still and do nothing; simple isn’t it? No not really, the hardest things any of us find to do now is just sit and do nothing, just allowing our mind to wonder and not focus on anyone thing in particular. As for just sitting and meditating most people would give up after the first couple of times because of one simple instruction ‘clear your minds’ it is initially almost impossible to actually clear your mind. The minute you try all sorts of everyday rubbish will scramble in for your attention, the shopping list, the dust on the picture frame, what to cook for dinner. Get the picture?

So how can you clear your mind, well initially don’t even try. Just learn to sit still in the quiet or with whatever music you like in the background and I really do mean background and not so it blasts your eardrums out your head. It needs to be there but not be there, a bit like lift music playing but not something you notice in particular. Get as comfortable as you can whether that is sitting or lying down I wouldn’t recommend you start doing this standing up but over time it won’t matter whether you’re sitting, standing or even balanced on your head doing this because it will become automatic. Right now the next bit is the tougher bit, keep your hands still, feet still and if you can your whole body still….. the minute you try to do that you are so going to want to move around, the end of your nose will itch or maybe you will feel cobwebs on your skin. Don’t try to ignore the sensations just acknowledge them, feel comfortable with them and let them pass. You are learning to be more attuned with your whole body not just your mind; so that includes the nerve endings which have suddenly been told not to do their normal job of sending sensations to your brain on mass but to be selective.

To start with you may find that boredom starts around 2 or 3 minutes after sitting still and quiet; that’s OK Rome wasn’t built in a day. Just keep practising over several days and don’t punish yourself if one day you can only manage 2 minutes because the next you may be able to stay still and quiet for a whole 7 minutes without the undying urge to go check your emails or whatsapp or any other form of social media you use. As you learn to take this stillness as normal you will begin to notice thoughts just drifting across your mind, if you slowly start to concentrate on them you may find you see them as a picture in your mind’s eye or as a conversation with yourself then again you may just feel as if you know something, you don’t and won’t know how you know but you will just feel that you do.

What has started to happen with you is now a way of quietly linking with your 6th sense abilities, this is round about the time you start to sit and think……… ‘what! Oh don’t be stupid that’s just my imagination’. If you persevere you will start to realise that it isn’t just your imagination but that you are becoming much more intuitive in your everyday life. You will just know which rout to go when travelling to a new location, you will just know who is a person to be trusted, whether a decision is the right one or not.

The more you practice the more heightened your senses will become and the more accurate your psychic ability. If you were to start to learn to do the oracle cards or tarot cards now you could even scare yourself with the accuracy of your predictions and ability to ‘see’ what the cards are saying to you in their own voice. I make no apology for saying that this is going to take practice and if you’re not willing to actually put in the hard work don’t expect the intuitive accuracy of the answers from your psychic self.

Happy psychic development until next time…

© Anne Germain 2014


Anne Germain

Anne Germain

Anne Germain having communicated with spirit all her life has been working internationally as a medium for over 30 years; giving public demonstrations, private readings, spiritual development workshops, attending as the main speaker at conferences around the world; Anne has had successful TV shows in both Portugal and Spain and is a successful published author

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