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Bring Prosperity Into Your Life!

Kelly Spangler The Salem Witch 01 Aug 2014 comments
Bring Prosperity Into Your Life!

As a Witch, a lot of people come to me to perform spell work for them such as love spells, prosperity spells, career spells and so forth. Here each month, I will share with you how to work your own energies with spell work.

What is a spell? A spell is a form of prayer. It is all your intentions and your wills to help influence your life whether its to heal a friend or family member , or to simply bring in more money to pay those bills that are pilling up. Most people who hear the word “spell” automatically assume that this is a bad idea simply due to lack of knowing what exactly it is. Hollywood, movies and T.V. are to blame for a lot of the “not knowing the truth” about witches and their spells putting a bad spin on what we actually do. If spells are bad, shouldn’t prayer be bad as well? Its all in the same really. The only difference is our spell work is done with tools and most of the time in our own homes instead of a church. Remember when working your spells that you must be careful of what you are saying and doing, you will get exactly what you wish for. Take your time to work what you need.

Are you ready for “Prosperity”? Lets gets started!

Before you jump into your spell, you must be sure you are in a protected space so that only the perfect energies are surrounding you. This is very important for any ritual or spells that you do. I will give you a simple circle to begin your work.

Find a quiet and safe space in your home in which you feel the most connected to. This can be your bedroom, home office, kitchen, living room , or if you have an altar room then you are ahead of the game.

Cleansing the space:

I prefer to work with sage or patchouli to clean the air of any unwanted energies whether they are good or bad. Light your stick starting in the east side of your space. Walking in a complete circle clock wise ( three times around) recite these words:

“Round and Round, the circle is bound without light and without sound. Where time has no time and space has no space, protect and cleanse my sacred place.” So Mote it be! (for those unaware of what “So Mote It Be” means, its all in the same as the words “Amen”. )

Once you have cleansed your space, at this time you would call in your elements and or quarters to protect the outer circle. Using a sword or Athame (a knife), point to the direction of each elemental location.

“To the East I call upon the element of Air. Protect my words and my circle . So Mote it be!”

“To the West I call upon the element of Water. Protect my emotions and my circle. So Mote it be!”

“To the North I call upon the element of Earth. Protect my body and my circle. So Mote it be!”

“To the South I call upon the element of Fire. Protect my passions and my circle. So Mote it be!”

“To the Universe I call upon my ancestors, friends and family. Protect me and guide me in my circle . So Mote it be” (universe is pointing to the stars).

At this time your circle is ready to work in .

Tools needed for this spell are the following:

Green or Gold candle

Nutmeg (grounded up)

Paper to write on and a pen (parchment is the best, however use what you have)

Coins and or paper money (lets grow that to a larger amount!)

Incense stick or powder to keep the protection in the circle (patchouli , frankincense and myhrr)

By the way, if there is a scent in which you normally work with for protection, use that for your workings.

pic 1
pic 1

While lighting your candle I want you to concentrate on your intentions of this spell. You may speak it out loud or simply keep it in your head. Either way, the universe hears you! Look into the center of the flame and vision Prosperity and Growth . Vision yourself with your hands full of money!! Meditate on that for about 5 minutes.

The Nutmeg is a money and good luck herb. Sprinkle a bit of this on the flame of your candle. Not to much so that the flame is put out. Keep that flame high!

As you sprinkle the nutmeg, concentrate on the idea of prosperity and wealth. See yourself with enough to pay those bills off, enough to have a vacation with, enough to buy that car you dream of, enough to have extra when you’re finished with whatever it is you need.

With all good intentions of course, you must remain positive and willful throughout this entire process!

The paper in which you have, I want you to write or draw words or symbols on it that go along with your intentions. This can be money symbols, the actual gift you want, the bill you need to pay, just write it down on that paper. Once you have done that I want you to fold the paper three times. Concentrating the entire time on what you are willing for, take that paper and burn it in the flame of your candle. Please be careful not to burn your fingers. Its best to have a plate or cauldron near by to place the burning paper on. By burning this paper, you are putting your intentions into the air with the smoke from the flame.

The coins and paper money should be surrounding the candle at all times! Keep them in place until you have received all your wishes. Again, be careful what you wish for and how you speak your words. The universe will give it to you the exact way you speak it. The kicker to this kind of spell work is to be prepared to work! Money/Prosperity comes to you in forms of a new position at work, a windfall from lottery, helping a friend move and so forth. In other words, you put the words out there and it comes to you by motivation. Opportunities arise suddenly and you now have what you wished for! Nothing is free really.

Feel free to add anything to your altar that you think would be helpful. I like to add tarot cards and stones to my work.

Once you feel you have projected exactly what you want, you may now close your ritual circle. Going in a counter clock wise motion (three times round) , thank all the elements and guides for protection during your ritual spell work.

I hope this spell does you justice as it has for me many times over. With the positive intentions, my wait time is usually 24 hours to a 48 hours. Remember though, I am a witch and have been practicing for many years. Have patience with your spells , especially if you are new at doing them.

Blessings to you and your prosperity!

© 2014 Kelly Spangler Salem Witch/ Psychic Medium

Kelly Spangler The Salem Witch

Kelly Spangler The Salem Witch

Kelly Spangler was born a gifted psychic and medium clairvoyant. She has been working as a psychic in Salem Massachusetts for over a decade. Kelly has been featured on Travel Channels #1 rated show “Ghost Adventures”. Kelly has appeared as a co-host on Hex Education blog talk radio, a featured guest on Para X radio, a featured guest on Ghost Chronicles International, guest Co-host for Ghost Chronicles, and Pagans Tonight, Kelly was featured in the New Bedford Times Newspaper, which has allowed her to expand her repertoire into Police work throughout Southern and Western Massachusetts.

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