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Beyond The Veil

Margaret Hunt 14 Nov 2014 comments
Beyond The Veil

I have just been standing in my garden, I could feel how alive everything surrounding us is; spirit is in every particle of life. The garden seemed to wrap itself around me and then I absorbed it within. I could sense the changing seasons and the new vibrations of a different season.

People often say to me that they can’t see or hear spirit and that they cannot feel anything around them; the truth is that they are looking through the wrong eyes. We do not see with our vision or hear with our ears, we feel from the heart, the heart is our eyes and our ears and if we open it enough all things will be revealed to us. Your guides are around you waiting for you to recognise their presence and it is all very simple really.

My mother passed at the grand old age of 101; she was a lover of nature, in particularly she loved birds just like I do. Not long after her passing I was asleep on a chair in the garden and when I awoke there was a female blackbird sitting by my side. From that day it never left me during the following months. Each time I would go outside it was waiting on the fence for me and it would fly down to greet me. It became so tame that it ate out of my hand and it made a funny sound which I knew meant that it was talking to me. I understood without a doubt that this was my mother who had come to me as a bird.

When my father passed a male blackbird sat outside my mother’s front door for days and on the day of her passing a male blackbird sat in the same place; it was as though my dad was waiting for her. On that same day the collared doves gathered on her chimney pot making a sound I had never heard before. She sits by my side now as I share these memories with you as she returned to me as a teacher helping me in my work healing the hearts of others. Several days before she left as I sat by her bedside she suddenly opened her eyes and looked towards the other side of the bed and she smiled and made the sound of “ah”. As I looked I saw my deceased sister-in-law sitting in a chair and I knew that many more of the family were there too. They always gather when a soul is ready to depart so we are never alone in that final journey.

The female blackbird who was my mother suddenly left me after several months and never returned; she left when my deepest grief left; I had been helped without a doubt. I share this with you so that you can understand that you can see spirit too, all you need to know is that they come to us in many forms and in many ways.

Every year I plant Heavenly Blue morning glory flowers, I love my garden and my flowers bring healing to those I work with and they speak to me in the same way as any guide. These flowers are very sacred to shamans in South America, they have the ability to help to raise the consciousness and the colour of this particular one is Mary the mother’s ray of sky blue. These flowers don’t bloom well in our cold climate but I always persevere and there are usually just a few flowers. That particular year my plants just bloomed and bloomed until the fence was covered in a sea of blue. Every flower has its own language, a language of light to bring healing; we look to the name, the colour, the shape, its country of origin and so much more. This information and symbolism will tell you how that flower can heal.

The name of this was sufficient for me for I took the word morning to mean mourning. So during my mourning I was given the blue ray of healing to help me through. Look to the birds and look to your plants and flowers and you will be given a wealth of information regarding the presence and messages from spirit. This year in my garden I had an absolute abundance of marigolds, they sprung up everywhere from seeds dropped last year and I have never seen such huge golden heads. The marigold is Mary’s flower but the Mary to me is Mary Magdalene as she works with me constantly so even the name of the flower will show you who is around.

Messages from spirit are everywhere; take notice of what you are drawn to in your daily life and often it will be your guides who are trying to reach you through the things you are aware of. Even the colours you choose to wear will indicate the colour ray associated with our heavenly teachers for they all come to us with colour and energy.

As I write this I am being shown a beautiful little flower called selfheal; it is classed as a weed and it is purple. It doesn’t matter that you don’t know what it looks like; just the name alone will bring in its vibration. Sit quietly with this flower and say its name for words have power, take in the colour and fill up with it; allow it to go to any parts of you which need healing or even to your heart itself if it is sad. Feel the purple transform all your pain both physical and emotional into beautiful healing light and the light will ease everything. Purple is the colour of transformation, you can use it to change anything, even the energy in your home for the energies where you live need a good cleaning just as you would clean things physically.

A beautiful guide has just stepped in and it is St. Therese of Lisieux. She was called The Little Flower because she loved the little things which she said were important and she loved flowers. She said that god had given her the book of nature. She also said that when she died she would send a shower of roses and this actually happened. She often comes to work with me as she knows that I too love flowers but she was also a favourite of my mother’s, so she must have brought her in as I am writing this. Here is a message for you from St. Therese:

“Look to the little things in your life and let me take care of the big things. Take comfort from all of those little things which are so important, the perfume of a flower, the song of a bird, the comfort of an easy chair and a cup of tea. Let me sit with you during those times when you need a helping hand and together we will share the peace which only the spiritual realms can provide, peace of mind, for that is more precious than anything in the world. You will know when I am near for you will smell the roses.”

You too have your guides around you so instead of reaching out and feeling that you cannot connect to them look instead at what you are drawn to at any time. Go out into the garden or the park and listen to the voices from the natural world; all you need is to believe what you feel within your heart.

There are many ways that spirit try to get our attention; one of them is through food. I have a love of Indian food, I call it soul food; I have Indian guides and I have a great connection to Hinduism, it was my first love in my spiritual journey from the time I read one of the best spiritual books ever, Autobiography Of A Yogi by Yogananda. If you are drawn to a particular cuisine stop and feel around you for you may have a guide from Mexico, China, Greece, anywhere. Know that you are dearly loved by those in spirit who come to help you and they will do anything they can to let you know that they are there but remember it is really very simple, just notice the little things.

© Margaret Hunt 2014

Margaret Hunt

Margaret Hunt

Margaret Hunt is a medium, healer and spiritual teacher with 20 years experience running development classes, moon circles and Mary Magdalene Retreat Days throughout the UK. Previously a school teacher, a health food shop owner and an alternative therapist Margaret now shares her mystical teachings through her work and her writing.

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