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Balance for Health and Weight Loss

Tom Rannachan 26 Dec 2016 comments
Balance for Health and Weight Loss

We’ve all seen those Lycra clad fitness ‘gurus’ who seem to take pleasure in inflicting pain on those poor desperate overweight candidates who have somehow been cajoled to be paraded in front of TV viewers for entertainment. ‘No pain, no gain’ they say…Well, unless you want to train like a serious athlete and take your body to the limit, it really doesn’t have to be like that.

If those tough talking sadists…eh, I mean, trainers had their way, no greasy chip would ever pass our lips again, all junk food would be outlawed forever and Lycra would become our national dress! But, as you and I know, the real world is a very different place; the fact is that most of us will be surrounded by – and tempted by- fattening and tempting snacks and foods on a daily basis. Many of us eat when we’re stressed, eat and drink alcohol when we’re celebrating and snack on fattening junk when we’re watching TV or at the cinema. I’m sure everybody is aware that following that lifestyle without balancing things out is detrimental to the health.

So, how do we get motivated to get up off of our butts and exercise? Well, first, I believe every person reading this should forget every picture of a stick thin celebrity or model they’ve ever seen in a magazine or on a screen. I’ve worked with a few in the past and can tell you here and now that celebrities live a very different life to you and I. You have to remember that their business is looking good for photographs and appearances… that is their job! Most employ Personal Trainers, Nutritionists and all kinds of Therapists to keep their bodies in top shape for public scrutiny and as we know some magazines alter the images. In reality you probably (a) cannot afford an entourage of trainers and (b) don’t have the time to devote your life to it… The average person I know has to hold down a job, juggle to pay the bills and keep a roof above their head in this harsh economic climate.

So, what is the secret of health and happiness? What is the secret to weight loss? Well, the secret is that there is no secret… The UK Department of Health estimated that an adult woman requires 1940 calories a day, while an adult man needs 2550. However, if that adult woman ate those calories and did nothing physical, those healthy calories would soon show on her hips! And the bloke…well, let’s just say he would have trouble bending over to tie his shoelaces.


Maintaining a balance in life is the key to health and happiness. Here’s what to do first: Look in the mirror and love yourself. Love the person you see. If you feel like doing it, give your image a big smacker of a kiss! You are unique…You are you. Even if you don’t like what you see in that image, you are blessed with an ability to change that image and be the best you can be in this physical life you are now part of.

Many people despise themselves and when we do not like something, we don’t care about it but when we love something, we tend to care and nourish the things we love…so, learn to love yourself. Take a few minutes every day, close your eyes and exhale…Now visualise the way you want to look in your life and promise yourself that you are now a slimmer, healthier person. Just imagine, while you are meditating your body is actually burning calories. There is an estimate that a 160lb person burns around 550 calories while sleeping 8 hours! So, keep the diet healthy, don’t eat late at night, no junk food snacks and get moving during the day!

This life change combined with a deficit in fattening foods overall will change your body over time! And yes, have that glass of wine at the weekend or on special occasions. Have that naughty treat now and again, but balance it out by earning those treats.

Just ask your higher self for help in doing the best you can with the physical body you’ve been given. If you can walk, you’re blessed… If you can wave your arms around, you are blessed and if you can read and understand this you are blessed!

Take the blessed creation you have and love it!

© Tom Rannachan 2012

Tom Rannachan

Tom Rannachan

Tom Rannachan is a published author of two books about the paranormal, he has investigated haunted locations since he was a young boy and lived in haunted places throughout his early life. During the last two decades, his work had led him to be well known throughout his country, resulting in sold out public events in his native land. He has been featured in numerous local and national radio stations & newspapers. In recent years, he left behind the world of mediumship to concentrate on his love for helping others physically, mentally & spiritually as a Personal Trainer & Life Coach by day. However, his fascination for the supernatural lives on as he continues to spend his nights alone investigating haunted places worldwide. He lives in the West of Scotland.

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