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Are You An Angel Worker?

Sheelagh Maria 04 Feb 2018 comments
Are You An Angel Worker?

I’ve always known I was an angel worker from the age of 7 after I heard them singing, rather loudly. However, many Angel workers do not realise that they are literally fulfilling a contract that they made with the Angels prior to coming into this life. Knowing you are an Angel worker and understanding how this can benefit you personally is a wonderful thing.

Signs Of An Angel Worker

Have you always felt ‘more’ drawn to angels than perhaps mediumship or reading tarot cards?

Perhaps you have always felt an affinity to angels but not been able to discern them clearly through sight and sound so have perhaps judged that you aren’t in contact? Perhaps you have tried talking to them but felt or seen less than you expected and are unsure that you are not just making it up?

If you have felt any of the above then you Are most certainly an angel worker, the very fact you are drawn to this article, or you naturally talk to them, or even possess packs of angel cards are all signs that this is a pathway you did agree to.

Angel workers are often very ‘loving’ and empathic. We often go out of our way to counsel or help people over topics that perhaps don’t have anything to do with our field of expertise. Have you ever been sat with someone and felt compelled to open a conversation about employment or relationships? Have you felt really compassionate to someone you don’t normally resonate with and felt a strong desire to ‘help them’ at some level? This is usually ‘their’ angels and ‘your’ angels pouring energy into your crown into your heart and connecting you with their angels so that you channel the advice that this person needs at this time

Being an Angel worker is a humbling experience, yet not always an easy one, you may be approached at inopportune times for help and support, you may find that there are those that don’t realise they are becoming ‘attached’ to you and you feel ‘torn’ when it comes to your own boundaries. A very common sign that you are in deed an Angel worker is if you feel very confident *yet loving, when giving advice or counsel to someone that needs your help

What happens is that the angels around you will recognise your inner light, your ‘Souls Signature’ and they will bring forth ‘their charges’ to benefit from your beautiful radiance. They understand that you only have so much energy, so often you will be asked to help someone for just a few moments or for an hour, and after this you don’t meet or hear from them again.

One of the most common situations is when you are talking to someone whose life path now is echoing some experience that you went through, and navigated. This is because at Soul Level you have the ‘qualifications’ and the knowledge that their ‘charge’ can benefit from, it really is a huge honour and privilege to serve the light in this way.

Angel workers are periodically given downloads and may hear high pitched ringing in their ears, this is when the Archangels are providing you with a vibrational upgrade so that you don’t get drained when doing your work and you are also able to access your gifts in a stronger way.

What Angel Workers are not

Angel workers are not here to ‘save the world: very often well meaning people will go out of their way to heal people that are not ready to be healed. This is often where we are mistaking our healing gifts or intuition Only to be of service to others, the Angels ask me to remind you we can only heal others when we ourselves have navigated that lesson or are doing our own growth and healing regularly

Angel Workers are not free sources of energy/advice: The first rule of spiritual work is that it is supposed to be an ‘energy exchange’ this means that whether you get paid for your healing/intuitive work or you benefit from the experience of helping another, you must respect your own energy and gifts. If you do not respect your energy, you will begin to feel drained and resentful and your gift will begin to get smaller. You will also find you attract those that want you to do it ‘for’ them rather than be prepared to manifest their own blessings, this is not what their soul designed for them and it’s not what you agreed to do

Angel workers are not always clairvoyant. Although Angel workers agreed to help the angels, they may be serving in a different way. The gifts that you have are exactly what you were given by god and they are perfect for the ‘mission’ you signed up to do. If you have an ability to soothe and calm children, then this could be your mission. If you have a desire to help the homeless or teach self-love then this is your mission. A clairvoyant is not nessacarily an angel worker, and an angel worker doesn’t need to be clairvoyant to hear the angels, because you actually carry a part of their light within you, you are partially ‘related’ to them by your very existence.

Angel workers are not always confident in their gifts, due to our highly empathic and sensitive nature, we have often not connected with what is so natural for us but what is highly unsual for those around you, so the most important thing to remember is that you Are intuitive n your own way and you are perfectly able to strengthen your gift with the help of the angels. You only need to ask, receive and commit to developing your connection with the angels for it to happen. It won’t happen over night because it’s the over all ‘tone’ of your vibration that needs to raise, and this means the very thoughts and feelings you have of ‘all’ of your life areas that need to be upgraded, again asking the angels to help you with this is recommended

How can Being an Angel Worker benefit you personally?

Apart from feeling really really good working with angels and helping people there are major benefits. For example in my house, I am never ill, I’m the only one who doesn’t get colds, flu, sore throats. When your vibration is high and you look after yourself, you are attractive to good health and healing.

Abundance is the most natural flow of ‘god’ and his angels, we were born to be abundant. If you are having money troubles do not buy into the fact you are ‘meant’ to be poor, or that it’s unspiritual to be well paid for your work with heaven. Abundance is an infinite supply, and being an angel worker naturally brings you into contact with this magical life force. If you are wanting ‘more’ abundance, it’s imperative to work with the angels to understand ‘your beliefs’ of lack or need are preventing them from gifting you with what heaven has waiting – unlimited happiness and abundance.

Many people feel that if it doesn’t happen ‘for’ them then it’s not going to happen, the angels have shared with me that they queue up the abundance that we have ‘stored’ from times when we are feeling good. Yet when we fall foul to lower emotions, beliefs or patterns it is like a postman being unable to deliver your mail because you taped up the letter box, so if you are an angel worker and you have money issues, work with the angels in a fun and light-hearted way to get your channels of receiving open. When you are abundant and grateful – those that you are able to help will be helped much more because when you feel good you are able to access higher levels of healing and guidance.

Psychic ability is a benefit that nearly all angel workers have access too, yet often we don’t understand what our psychic ability is in ‘real’ terms. With my private students I find that I am correcting their view of what clairvoyance is. If you have ever had an external experience, either seeing or hearing or sensing then this can become a belief that means you feel it ‘must’ happen like that every time.

Can you imagine having a rock song playing? It might be fine for that one upbeat song, but if you could only hear that song at that level during your day you would soon get drained and tired. The angels communicate with us whenever we talk to them, yet it’s our job to understand when they are working with us and to really enjoy what we have. When we enjoy what we have, as Angel workers they will expand and deepen your gifts so that you can help yourself and others more of the time

Angel workers can work with the angels with no tools at all. Yet when you have a tool that you trust it can really help you to feel connected and relaxed, it isn’t the tool itself, yet when you are relaxed and feeling receptive This is when the Angels can connect with you the most. So using a tool – I recommend a pendulum or a pack of angel cards, can really help you to set the one and ‘know’ that ‘now’ you are intending to connect, even doing this in a light fun way makes the connection faster deeper and stronger

A final Message

The angels are also saying asking for one particular Archangel to become your personal guide is a great way to begin to strengthen your awareness of who is working with you and what their energy feels like. With my students we work with one archangel a week and they talk to them all of the time getting messages through cards, clairvoyantly and clairaudient. Nearly always when I check they are doing beautifully and grow in confidence.

The angels message for you is to have fun, keep going and don’t ‘judge’ what you are getting. Remember the way to heaven is through the heart, so be compassionate to yourself and all the efforts you have made. Remember also that just because the energy comes ‘through’ you doesn’t mean it comes ‘from’ you, the angels want you to know the most common way of communicating is through feelings or gut instinct, so if you ask a question and get a ‘knowing’ or ‘reoccurring feeling’ trust this and use the guidance that you get.

If you are reading this it’s very likely you are an angel worker, remember to enjoy where you are at right now, and focus on building your connection with our winged friends into your life every day, there really is no job too big or small for heaven to handle.

I wish you joy and love, and above all faith that when you call, the angels always answer

© Sheelagh Maria 2015


Sheelagh Maria

Sheelagh  Maria

Clairvoyant Sheelagh Maria sees the ‘real’ you. Along with your team of Angels she is able to identify your purpose, your passion your mission. If you are having issues with identifying your next step, or want to create a new inspired life, then you’ve come to the right place. Sheelagh does not just do ‘readings’ she performs miracles, magic and inspired action with you at the centre. Sheelagh specialises in bringing through the help of heaven in a way that connects you with your own truth. Sheelagh helps you to connect to Your own team, and to develop your Own gift. Whether you want to work with heaven for yourself or others, or you want to attract a new career, relationship or purpose then you have arrived. She uses channelled guidance, heavenly clearing and healing techniques and helps you to be clear about what comes next on your path. Sheelagh’s clients come from around the world and are a mxuture of healers and therapists wanting to expand, and conscious women that are ready to Receive the very best guidance – Heaven sent.

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