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Angelic Crystal Card: 38. Charoite

Hazel Raven 03 Nov 2014 comments
Angelic Crystal Card: 38. Charoite

Path of Service

The ‘Path of Service’ is a difficult concept to write about due to the spiritual awareness of each individual. It is not for anyone to judge another’s spiritual understanding or growth. But over the many years I have been teaching I have been asked about this subject so often and in truth it is much easier to explain face to face, rather than in an article of this nature where everyone has their own level of spiritual understanding.

I do know however that I can say that I intuitively feel each individual on the spiritual pathway seeks to increase their capacity to serve humanity. This capacity, while intimately connected with spirituality, operates in relation to it in ways that need not be defined specifically. It suffices to recognize that the field of service represents the environment within which spirituality can be cultivated.

I feel we each seek to cultivate an environment where we can dynamically instigate patterns of action to improve our life by improving the lives of others and the environment. We all serve in the ways we feel most comfortable with. The ‘path of service’ should always be undertaken in an atmosphere of joy, calm and a serene meditative state of mind. Responding to the longings of our innermost heart to awaken spiritually and assist others to awaken too.


Charoite is a stone of vast spiritual transformation and deep personal healing, charoite activates the Bodhisattva energy. Whatever methods one uses to bring it about, the Bodhichitta can arise and establish itself firmly within one’s innermost spiritual heart. Here it grows and becomes the ‘path of service’. There are aspirant Bodhisattvas who are people trying to ‘act’ as Bodhisattvas, keeping the Bodhisattvas’ precepts, which basically are to ‘solely pledge to be the unfailing champion and guardian of all life in its battle to overcome suffering’. Bodhisattvas normally compose their own vows or can use a formula used by previous Bodhisattvas. However, it is one thing to ‘feel’ the Bodhichitta arise and a great leap of faith and love to ‘live’ the Bodhisattva vows.


Charoite is a mineral of unique occurrence. It is found in only one location: along the Chara River at Aldan, in Russia, from whence it acquired its name. Charoite is a rare silicate mineral first described in 1978. Ethereal in nature charoite is translucent lavender to purple in color with a pearly lustre. Charoite is strictly massive in nature with a hardness of 5 – 6; it is often cut into beads, cabochons and other shapes which enhance its swirling lilac to deep purple cloud like patterning.

Keyword: Bodhisattvas’ Path

Initiation: Path of Service

Chakra: Third Eye

Angel: Raduriel

Magic: A stone of vast spiritual transformation and deep personal healing. Charoite purifies the etheric body which then activates the Bodhichitta. This will then establish itself within one’s innermost spiritual heart. Development of Bodhichitta is linked to developing loving kindness and compassion.

Physical: Soothing to the nervous system. Charoite can improve degraded conditions, especially of the internal organs.

Emotional: Calms tense emotions. Charoite brings restful sleep.

Psychologically: Encourages a calm perspective which gives a greater understanding of the changes we need to make in our life or adapt to changes we have to accept. Charoite will release unconscious fears by transmuting these old patterns of behavioural imbalances. Of course charoite gives access to past-life experiences which is why it is recommended for those who are working through past life issues or suffering from diseases that seem hard to diagnose.

Mental: Charoite teaches us to flow with grace and ease through all life’s travails.

Spiritual: The quintessence of charoite is graceful movement and flow which encourages and accelerates deep soul healing. Charoite aids and enhances intuition

Meditation: As a premier ‘Violet Ray’ crystal it is an ideal meditation companion.

Affirmation: “I now activate and integrate my heart and third eye chakras; this brings spiritual transformation and deep personal healing”.

Crystal Placement: I suggest teaming charoite with moonstone to soothe the nervous system. Place charoite on the crown chakra and moonstone on the third eye and solar plexus chakras.

For accessing deep mind or far memory place one charoite on the third eye chakra and one in the soul star chakra.

Cleansing: Sound

Strike or ring a singing bowl, bell, gong or tuning fork over the crystal for swift, effective energetic clearing.

Archangel Raduriel

Archangel Raduriel is the angel of poetry and master of the muses. She gently inspires seekers on the ‘Path of Service’ with her Divine harmony, through music, dreams and poetic wisdom.

Invoke this angel when you require inspiration through poetry, music, writing or your dreams.

Angelic Crystal Card: 38. Charoite

Divinatory Meaning: Drawing this card signifies you are about to embark on a period of vast spiritual transformation. It is vital you make time to relax, be still and enjoy your solitude, indulging in much needed self-care. In this card we recognise that we must withdraw from the world sometimes and reconsider our position. It is a time in which our ego adjusts to the more mature requirements of life. This is why we withdraw from everyday life, in order to become clear about both the connections in life and our goals. During these times we learn to become humble and modest and accept our own ephemerality. Such phases of contemplation bring us back to the actual nature of our character. The Charoite card and the ‘Path of Service’ stand for times when there are inner and sometimes external, tests dealing with the search for truth. This search for truth prepares us for phases of great change, the goal of which being we grow in depth instead of breadth.

© Hazel Raven 2014

Hazel Raven

Hazel Raven

Hazel Raven is an internationally known successful Mind, Body, Spirit author, teacher and workshop leader, with over 12 books to her credit, including the best-selling Angel Bible. She is a trained therapist with over 30 years’ experience. Hazel has appeared on television, radio and in numerous magazines and newspapers. Hazel and her Angelic Crystals articles have been with Silent Voices Magazine since 2011, these articles lead to the birth of the new Angelic Crystal cards that can be purchased from Hazels website

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