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Angelic Crystal - Azurite

Hazel Raven 09 Aug 2014 comments
Angelic Crystal - Azurite

Essence of Meditation

Meditation brings wisdom; lack of meditation leaves ignorance. Know well what leads you forward and what hold you back, and choose the path that leads to wisdom.

The Buddha

Meditation can be learned in a few minutes but often takes a lifetime to master. Once you have the fundamentals you can easily adapt the simple technique at the end of this article to suit your needs.

Inner peace by definition must come from within and not from any external source.

Meditation establishes primary attention on your inner self.

Meditation creates a peaceful inner space within which you become aware of the more subtle aspects of yourself that have previously been obscured by the noise and clamour of the outer world. In this space you intuition grows stronger, revealing a rich stream of subtle knowledge to help you understand yourself and the world you find yourself in.

Meditation can consequently lead to abundant contentment. Meditation at its simplest is heightened awareness without the mental chatter. With our restless minds in control it may seem meditation is difficult. But, remember if you can get yourself into a state of heightened awareness and are able to quiet your mind of the chatter for a period of time, you are meditating.

A crystal that helps you achieve swift results in your meditation practise is the beautiful azurite. Azurite increases insight, inner vision, intuition and most of all intellect. In my experience no other mineral carries the perfect energetic frequency of the third eye centre.

Azurite also strengthens the astral body and will therefore offer great protection from the outside unwanted influences of others. It was used in ancient times as a third eye initiation stone to help you face your ultimate fear, the fear of the unknown and death. This links it very strongly with Archangel Azrael the angel of transition, the angel of death.


Azurite is a soft (hardness 3.5 to 4) deep blue copper mineral. This mineral, has been known since ancient times. The blue of azurite is exceptionally deep and the modern English name of the mineral reflects this association, since both azurite and azure are derived via Arabic from the Persian lazhward, an area known for its deposits of another deep blue stone, lapis lazuli (“stone of azure”). Azurite was used as a blue pigment for centuries. Azurite is used occasionally as beads and as jewelry. However, its softness and tendency to lose its deep blue color as it weathers limit such uses. Heating destroys azurite easily.

Keyword: Vision

Initiation: Eyes of the Soul

Chakra: Third eye

Angel: Azrael

Magic: Azurite dissolves fear into comprehension. Aids intuition, enhances dreams and is used to develop psychic powers. Azurite strengthens the astral body which makes one less vulnerable to the negative influences of others including psychic attacks or unwanted attachments.

Physical: Azurite is very useful for clearing stress related disorders. It has become clear that that depression and other emotional disorders suppress the body’s natural defence against illness. This state of immuno-incompetence can later be translated into physical illness through the increased susceptibility to viral and bacterial agents, as well as internal sources of diseases such as cancer. Distortions originating at the level of the astral body take their time to work their way down through the etheric to the physical level.

Emotional: Azurite dissolves and transmutes fear into comprehension. Those who are enslaved by their fears will never find true happiness and success. Conquer your fears and fulfil your destiny by following what tugs at your heart strings. The path chosen by your heart always sets mysterious forces in motion that assist you in fulfilling your dreams

Psychologically: Azurite has an energy that brings renewal and can quickly motivate us into action; this is wonderful for all those who feel world weary or are prone to procrastination.

Mental: Azurite swiftly draws out old memories that cause stress, allowing them to be released.

Spiritual: Azurite will reveal the mysteries of the universe to you (if you ask).

Meditation: Azurite is one of the most pure crystals of the third eye chakra indigo ray. This means it is a powerful ‘inner-sight’ meditation crystal which shatters the ego revealing the truth behind the illusory world the ego creates regarding personal gain and ego fulfillment.

Affirmation: “I use my inner vision to reach for the stars and my highest spiritual attainment”.

Crystal Placement: Place on the third eye chakra to enhance your meditation practice and to expand your consciousness.

Cleansing: Sound

Strike or ring a singing bowl, bell, gong or tuning fork over the crystal for swift, effective energetic clearing.

Archangel Azrael

Archangel Azrael is the angel of death. He is a Grigori (watcher) and was one of the first Archangels ever created. As the angel of transition Azrael gently separates the soul from the body.

Invoke this angel for love, comfort and support during the grieving process.

Angelic Crystal Card: 26. Azurite

Divinatory Meaning: Drawing this card signifies it is time to penetrate the veil by developing your psychic intuition. You may feel trapped sometimes by life conditions; you may feel insecure about making changes, but as long as you hold positive intentions and follow your Divine guidance all will be well. Turn your energy within; allow your intuition to guide you. Close your physical eyes and see with your mind’s eye. The angels are asking you to become aware of the subtle levels of energy at work, and to open yourself to guidance on how to proceed. The angels will illuminate your way forward.

Inner Vision Meditation

Your meditation should not feel like hard work. Meditation is really the art of not trying.

Start by taking 10 minutes to close your eyes and sit still. Find the quiet in your mind. Focus on one thing: you doing nothing. Be aware of your breathing, let your muscles relax, and let go of your daily concerns. If you are thinking about the future or remembering the past, your mind is not in the present. The goal is for your mind to be only in the present. Not only will you feel at peace, you will know that your practice is benefitting your overall health and longevity.

1. Choose a safe place where you will not be disturbed.

2. Begin by sitting comfortably and begin to breathe rhythmically.

3. Focus your conscious awareness on the place immediately behind the centre of your forehead (third eye).

4. Imagine your attention is a focused beam of light that illuminates and awakens your ‘higher-self’. This energises your higher-self where it dwells in your third eye chakra.

5. As you begin to feel centred and in balance, expand your awareness outwards in all directions, giving you a feeling of joyful ease and lightness.

6. Stay in this spacious awareness as long as you wish, consciously breathing deeply and rhythmically.

With daily practice you should start to feel stress reduction, increased creativity, more even-tempered, improved relationships and greater enjoyment of life.

© Hazel Raven 2014

Hazel Raven

Hazel Raven

Hazel Raven is an internationally known successful Mind, Body, Spirit author, teacher and workshop leader, with over 12 books to her credit, including the best-selling Angel Bible. She is a trained therapist with over 30 years’ experience. Hazel has appeared on television, radio and in numerous magazines and newspapers. Hazel and her Angelic Crystals articles have been with Silent Voices Magazine since 2011, these articles lead to the birth of the new Angelic Crystal cards that can be purchased from Hazels website

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