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Angel of The Heart

Susan James 05 Dec 2014 comments
Angel of The Heart

“I am here to remind you of the importance of understanding your heart in love and life, my message is the same: understanding your heart is the key to your happiness. Remember to share your love with those you love everyday” ~Bill Jeralds https://www.facebook.com/bill.jeralds

Proverb: your home will always be the place for which you feel the deepest affection, no matter where you are.

We use the phrase “Home is where the heart is” without understanding the true sense of what it means. Often we say it when we want to place our feelings in the one home we are in believing we love the home we are in.

So why is it when we find a home we love it, but then we outgrow it, we want to change it or move, is this truly “home is where the heart is” or is it more “Heart is where the home is”.

Perhaps if we look more deeply inside ourselves, to the soul of who we are, that is urging us to find and know that the truth of this is that when we are whole complete with love in our heart, then we have come home.Perhaps this coming home to our heart is easier said than done, this journey called life places obstacles and challenges in our way. We live our daily human lives with its ups and downs, its losses and its gains, its joys and its sorrows.

We are constantly seeking and searching for that joy, happiness and inner peace. We change jobs, homes and sometimes even partners in the constant journey for finding that sense of belonging, of love that place where we feel settled. But what if what we are looking for is within us, if so how do we tap into this energy.

“Let the body think of the spirit as streaming, pouring rushing and shining into it from all sides” ~ Plotinus

We are spirit/soul in a physical body having a human experience, we are also made up of energy, this energy is the tiny spark in the molecule of every cell, and we are made up of. It is the unseen energy field that emanates outward from the physical body connecting us to the universal energy field known as the auric field or the Human Energy Field.

Within our energy field are points of connection or vortices known as chakras. Each one of these is linked to an organ in the body. So what if we were to tap into our heart energy and work with that to bring home the love, joy and happiness we need to make us whole.

Heart Energy

The heart is the centre of our energy system; it is the bridge between our lower and upper chakras. It is the place where we feel our emotions, the place that we can protect, close or open it to the energy of love, compassion and forgiveness.

When we are born our heart is an empty room, it is simply the organ that pumps the life blood our physical body, it is the electrical connection within its self that keeps it beating, so that we may live and grow, be guided by our soul to follow the path we have chosen in this lifetime. With a heart as an empty room it is ready and willing to open and be filled with love.

This happens from the day we are born through the formative years of our life, in the way we are cared for and raised within the family environment. If we receive unconditional love our heart energy flourishes and it grows. We are able to live in and give and receive love to ourselves and those around us.

Life is not always that kind or generous, sometimes obstacles, challenges and tragedy impact on our lives. These life events begin to leave energetic scars on our heart energy. You learnt to guard and protect your heart, beginning to close it down from the pain that is inflicted on it, from the what ifs, the maybes or I am too scared to go there. Life’s knocks begin to have a negative effect on your heart energy and it becomes the norm to not feel connected to others, for fear of being hurt, but what you may not notice is that you are becoming disconnected from self, from your own heart energy.

Life carry’s on, you get up, go to work, go out, go on holiday, do all the daily living activities, you smile, you laugh, you fall in love, fall out of love and so it goes on, the cycle of seeking that joy that happiness, but somewhere in amongst all of this there is a sense of dissatisfaction, a loss and emptiness a need for fulfilment.

You begin to look for the external answers to fill this void, this emptiness. The seeking begins, you make a choice to find it through an addiction, a behaviour or a quest. You fall into disarray, for a while you feel lost, bereft, drifting in a haze of not knowing who you are, where you are going or what your purpose in being here is.

Then you begin to understand that the addictions, the behaviours that tight grip you are holding onto the material in your life is not filling the void. Gradually an awareness begins to rise within you, that there is more than this day to day existence, your heart begins to beat again with a sense of excitement, you are guided to follow a more spiritual path, you begin to fill your life with more understanding of the esoteric. So your spiritual quest to freeing that heart energy from the ties that have bound it for so long.

You find groups of like-minded people to share this journey with; you learn many new and energetic practises to heal the mind and body, learning to bring it back into balance. Slowly you begin to feel the chains that have bound your heart energy begin to release and free itself.

You begin to understand that to be a whole being you must love yourself, fill your heart with love and share that love with others, but it is not just love that fills the heart energy, it is compassion and forgiveness for self and others, that resides within this space, once you practise these feelings you begin to become these feelings, until one day you are these feelings.

Ways to Energise your Heart Energy

1) Bring that sense of playing like a child, that freedom of energy when you felt the joy of playing.

2) Express your energy by singing and dancing and feel that energy flow into your heart centre

3) Write down your feelings of love, joy and happiness, give them a colour and see that colour flowing into your heart centre.

4) Work with the goddess Kwan Yin , the goddess of Love, Compassion and Forgiveness

5) Meditate on your Heart Space

Heart Clearing Meditation

Prepare a peaceful and loving space to sit in, use candles, soothing music, perhaps some heart images to focus on.

As you focus on this space take a few deep cleansing breaths, allowing any thoughts or feelings that no longer serve to flow on the out breath.

On the in breathe breath in love and positivity

See or sense this energy as a pink or green colour flowing into your heart space.

See or sense your heart as a room with a door, sense this door how does it look

Is it easy to open is it locked or covered so that you cannot see it.

Sense this door being cleared of the coverings on it

Sense the lock, sense where the key is

Sense unlocking this door to your heart , allowing that soft and beautiful heart clearing energy to flow into your heart space.

Spend as long as you desire with this.

When ready bring yourself back to room awareness and allow yourself to relax and fully integrate the heart clearing energy.

© Susie Ockendon 2014

Susan James

Susan James

My Power comes from within and my Passion is to enable you to bring Purpose into your life. As an Intuitive Coach and Spiritual Medium I feel I am here to walk alongside you on your journey to find your own purpose. I am available for one to one consultation and group work.I have spent many years on my spiritual journey and have gathered many tools to enable me to work intuitively with you should you choose to work with me. I look forward to hearing from you.

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