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An Abandoned Building

Jack and Laura 15 Dec 2014 comments
An Abandoned Building

What is it about abandoned buildings that seem to intrigue us? It could be anything. A disused, broken shed. A half standing, pitiful remnant of what used to be. Or an old manor house, that once held many a memory, but now is claimed only by nature and vandals.

It seems to be mystery. Mystery surrounds these homes and buildings that have been left to rot, decay and fall into nothingness. We have fun creating stories in our heads about what once could have been.

For example, we once investigated a house in the woods. We knew nothing about this house, other than the fact it was on Bulmore Road. It was gothic, it was proud, but it was only a shell. The walls were covered in obscene graffiti, and the floor was littered with rubbish, empty bottles and burnt out furniture. Why did we investigate it? Because it was empty and spooky, of course. It must have been haunted, surely?

In amongst all of this were written paragraphs left by past visitors on the damp walls. Had they known about this place and sought it out purposefully? Perhaps they saw this dying home as a place to vent? Or had they stumbled upon it? Riddles, poems, and names were scribbled in different fonts. When one of our friends went to read it out, another friend said we shouldn’t, as it could be a curse.

Why do we think such things when we’re in unfamiliar territory? We allow our minds to imagine, run free, and create scenarios. We create families that could have once owned these places. Where are they now? Why did they leave?

You see rooms that would have once been distinguishable from each other. Decorated and used for purposes such as cooking and dining. Now, they all blend into one. When night falls, they just become dark rooms that pose a health risk.

Is that also another excitement of an abandoned building? The fact you could be caught at any moment and asked to leave? The idea that somebody else could turn up? Or is it the idea that this is your own little secret? Your own get away?

Abandoned buildings have been left behind. Nobody wants them anymore. You don’t feel guilty vandalising. You don’t feel guilty trespassing.

An abandoned home, hospital, shed, asylum…anything like that is the perfect atmosphere for a scary tale or two. And that’s another part of the allure.

What do you like about abandoned places?

Do you know of one that still remains?

Sadly, the one we found got destroyed by a fire, set by police who found illegal immigrants using it as a home.

© Jack & Sarah 2014


Jack and Laura

Jack  and Laura

Described as the next generation, Jack and Laura are two paranormal investigators from South Wales. The pair have been filming an online series since 2010, travelling to historic and haunted locations around the UK. They have also featured in Haunted, Awesome and Fate & Fortune magazines, as well as radio shows.

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