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A True Experience Of Realization And How You Can Experience It Too!

Heather Giamboi 18 Jun 2014 comments
A True Experience Of Realization And How You Can Experience It Too!

When we seek to know more deeply who we are, in essence we are seeking to understand a state often shrouded in mystery called: Self Realization. From my experience I feel it begins with Out-of-body travel to a little known heavenly place far beyond matter, energy, time and space.

After nearly 20 years of practising out-of-body travel without becoming spiritually free, I finally met a true Spiritual Traveller who is an expert in out-of-body travel and discovered what I had long searched for.

I did out-of-body travel with the Spiritual Travellers guidance and protection to different levels of heaven. And finally I learned that this level of freedom could be a reality. We often read of people of every faith and belief journeying to heaven. Many let us peer into the window of their illuminations or personal near death experience of leaving their body to go to heaven. In a similar way but self induced I moved in the natural method of the saints past the different levels of heaven: the astral plane, causal plane, mental plane and etheric plane going far beyond these heavenly universes. I as a pure radiance of light was suddenly surrounded by an indescribable world of white light and sparkling sound. This little known level of heaven called the Soul Plane or Atma Lok is the first heaven of spiritual freedom. It is here that the individual becomes awakened in spirit and hence in conscious partnership with God.

The blatant and striking worldly senses, emotions, and mind were left in the heavens below and I experienced through knowingness, seeingness, and beingness the realm of no matter but only pure spirit.

In the distance I saw a glowing presence of enormous light. Waves of light rolled from him like a shock wave of light that echoed out. In this heaven I had a knowingness that my physical body is not my true self. The body is like a shell, a costume. My reincarnations and current life are not my true self. I had a knowing that I am also not my sparkling astral body of emotions nor my glowing mental body with flows with thoughts. Instead of all these bodies I experienced I am rather a pure glowing particle of God. A radiance of light and sound destined to wake up to the road to return to God.

Then an essence of Great Light, Sat Nam who glowed like the sun spoke wordlessly, “There are layers upon layers like a cloak of illusions that shield you from a vision of your true God Self. A soul is a happy

entity weighed down by these bodies. Once you realize what you are Not, you begin to realize what you ARE. You are the VARDAN (divine spirit).”

He continued, “Just as the cloud saturated with water vapour is, you must be saturated with the VARDAN (spirit, light and sound) and the Master. Your consciousness filled with it and then you become this sound and greater light yourself.”

He continued,“…The Sailor keeps his eyes to the North star. Always he steers his ship by this light, knowing it will guide him home…”

“God, Divine Spirit, and the Spiritual Traveller is your North Star that you fix your inner eye on to steer your spiritual vessel and life towards it. We always fix our sights to this star… the Traveller…guiding us to these higher spheres.”

In the M.E.S.T. heavens there are a sea of voices: Gurus, Celebrity Authors, light beings and individuals all offering a different route to the spiritual. It is up to us to discern which route to follow and which route leads to what destination.

Self Realization is not for the impossibly perfect few but for those that choose themselves. Self Realization from my view point begins when we realize the God Self. It begins by as the “Star Wars” sage Yoda said, “You must unlearn, what you have learned.” This is much like the ancient saying that the cup emptied can be filled with greater levels of divine spirit. When we reach this point of wisdom which occurs again and again on the spiritual fast track, Spiritual Travellers can help the individual learn the ancient science of out of body travel to step through the threshold to Gnothi Sauton, “knowing thyself”. Self Realization and God Realization waits for us on the other side.

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© Sra Heather Giamboi 2014


Heather Giamboi

Heather Giamboi

Sra Heather Giamboi is an Author, a VARDAN Master, and the President of VARDANKAR, an organization dedicated to expanding consciousness through various spiritual techniques in order to reach the state of total awareness. For more information go to www.Vardankar.com

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