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A Numerological look at 2013

Laraine Turner 20 Mar 2014 comments
A Numerological look at 2013

First and foremost let me wish everyone a very happy new year. Secondly, numerologically I understand that everyone’s year will be unique , interesting , happy, sad, challenging, exciting and whatever we chose for

ourselves before we were born, as these are the beliefs behind Numerology.

Numerology advocates re-incarnation and that before re-birth we are very aware of our intentions and understand that we are part of the God consciousness/

the All /Divine and so believe all will go smoothly.

At this stage we are still vibrating at a higher frequency of consciousness. However; once we are re-born, we are no longer pure spirit– we are human and

have free-will as we have lowered our frequency to that of the material plane. As human beings we have descended into matter and this lowers our

consciousness, bringing about forgetfulness. Hence, we believe that we are separate from the God consciousness and will do what we like- this is when we get into a bit of a muddle.

This is where the metaphysical sciences, especially Numerology become very useful to us to jog our memories about why we chose to re-incarnate in the first place! Numerology, like Astrology, Tarot and Runes etc is merely a tool to help us decode messages.

So, what does numerology have to say about 2013?

Before we look forward, we firstly have to see where we’ve come from. 2013 obviously comes after 2012 and the important dates of 12 12 2012 and 21 12 2012. To summarise the energies and changes that occurred on these specific dates, we have all been given the opportunity to get back in touch with the God consciousness that I mentioned earlier.

Both of the significant dates in December 2012 add up to the number 11

1+2+ 1+2+2+0+1+2= 11/2


The number 11 is a master number in numerology and an indicator of illumination, spiritual messages, peace and true harmony.

These two special dates in December and the vibrational energies that they contained marked a transition to oneness amongst humanity- a time to recognise that we are all connected at a very deep spiritual level.

True understanding of this connectedness can only bring peace and harmony to our world as we finally believe and act on the fact that what we do to each other we are doing unto ourselves.

However, we are now in 2013 and so what of the changes that 2012 heralded? 2012 was universally a 5 year, a year of profound change so it is beautiful synchronicity that 2013 is universally a 6 year, a year of love and responsibility.

The number 6 also brings the world and its inhabitant’s qualities of peace, justice, selflessness, patience, empathy, forgiveness, tolerance, stability, compassion, honesty and understanding plus it bestows all with a social consciousness and responsibility.

You could already see a glimmer of these qualities breaking through towards the end of last year with things like the Christmas number 1 not being an X factor single for a change but a charity single instead about justice for the victims of the Hillsborough Tragedy.

Also, Prince Charles spoke out about what should be the most important part of nursing – Compassion!

Prince Charles may or may not be your favourite person, but he does at least have a platform from which to speak that reaches everyone. He used that to speak up about the fact that nursing should not just be about treating disease but should be holistic and deal with the mind, body and spirit, allowing patients to find their own path to health by administering healing empathy and understanding in equal quantities to prescribed drugs!

From a numerological viewpoint I love the fact that Prince Charles himself is an 11/2 destiny number……there really is no such thing as coincidence!

In the waiting room between your last life and this you chose to be you and have all the wonderful qualities that you see yourself displaying and acting upon everyday.

Now, you wouldn’t have chosen to come back as someone that you didn’t or couldn’t love, would you? Remember that when you next get cross with yourself and use the Universal energies of this year to be patient, kind and loving to yourself.

Looking at how the number 6 is written or rather drawn should be a constant reminder to you that the first person you should always love is yourself. Look at the complete circle at the base of the number, representing wholeness and perfection…That is you! Only when you unconditionally and comfortably love yourself can you reach out to others to share that love.

This year deciding to love yourself will in turn mean that you also love others more and this could indeed spill out into the wider community, resulting in you getting involved in humanitarian causes reflecting the consciousness of how in deed we are all one!

Love is all you need for 2013. That means starting with yourself and being truly appreciative of the wonderful human being that you are.

© Laraine Turner 2013


Laraine Turner

Laraine Turner

Laraine Turner’s wish is to introduce people to the amazing metaphysical tool that is Numerology. Numerology can help everyone to fully understand themselves. Furthermore it can bring an appreciation that everyone is unique and through understanding of each other we can all foster tolerance rather than judgement or prejudice.

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