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A New Era Begins

Calista Ascension 06 Feb 2014 comments
A New Era Begins

The infamous year of change, 2012, is drawing to close, and as it does many are poised on the edge of their seat waiting what will happen on the 21-12-12; the date the ancients prophesied would see the end of the world as we know it.

To best serve you in preparation for this galactic event I have channelled this month’s column through from my spirit guides (Sananda, Lady Nada and Archangel Metatron) and my Source-self.

The message is best catered for those who have chosen to ascend, i.e., consciously wish to raise their vibration and /or feel they are on a spiritual path: those that wish to live as 4th dimensional beings.

The message also draws from the perspective of those who will not/do not wish to evolve on their spiritual path: those living within the 3rd density that are concerned only with material and physical living. Fifth density being is also referenced as this is where most of us choosing to ascend will flow to from continuing to walk our journey of ascension.

May this message bring love, guidance and reassurance to aid your transition through this most-important of dates! Remember above all else that we are all on the path of ascension in some guise or another. With the best of our intentions we cannot interfere with the free will of another living soul, even if they are our dearest of loved ones. If these souls do not wish to raise their vibration based on their soul lessons or wishes, we cannot force them. All is well. There is never a time limit to ascension anyway.

We are Source beings, therefore we are infinite!

Message for the Ascending Souls

“And so it is, your December has approached and with it two energetic shifts will take place upon your Earth. The first of which will be on the 12-12-12 – a time where the influx of Divine Feminine energies will be at the highest ever on planet earth. For a matter of a few moments on that day the earth and those of you who are on their ascension path will receive, with open hearts, a deeper sense of belonging and love for yourself. For those of you who are female you may have felt more powerful the last few months; more empowered to do the things you wish to do instead of looking for verification or feedback from others. And as the Divine Feminine rises within the ascending males many will find great relief after 12-12-12. For the incremental amounts of pure Divine Feminine energy that have been flooding to earth (and reflected out from Mother Gaia) over the last few months have affected the lower mental planes, clearing what is no longer needed in all those choosing the path of ascension. This has brought much confusion, a sense of loss that cannot be rationally understood, and / or a tendency to ’run’ from situations in ascending souls who were not in balance with their yin/yang energies. As the lower mental planes become clear calm will be restored in those that felt off-balance. This re-calibration of your earth is needed to prepare her, and those that are ready too, for the move in to 4th density being taking place in the galactic shift of 21-12-12.

Not everyone on your earth will take part in the 4th density ascension as it is not part of their soul mission to do so in this lifetime. They will not leave the earth in some sort of apocalyptic event for many will not even feel any change occurring within, or around them, at 12-12-12 nor 21-12-12.

You may be mocked by these souls for your beliefs on ascension for there are many souls living in the 3rd density that firmly believe the material world is all there is; that there is no life after physical death.

This is part of their belief that is required for their soul’s growth. Many are not ready to evolve in to the 4th density and will deny its existence to you as false-hood or deem you mad for believing in such. Know all is well for each soul upon your earth is living at different stages of consciousness, and all choose their existence to match their soul’s growth. Many of you reading this however are doing so because you are ready to take the leap in to a new way of being, and are ready to alight from karmic ties, limited beliefs, conditionings and thought forms of the 3rd density world.

To you this article is aimed at. You may also be guided to this article already in the 4th density, or perhaps in the 5th, as part of you requires clarification of what you already know. Know all is well dear ones. Many souls among you are choosing to experience more of the lower earthly planes and as such will not accept or be a part of the earthly shift in to 4th density being. Do not pass judgment or try to change these souls even if they are your loved ones. Remember they have free will like you and as such have chosen their path of being.

See them with compassion and give them love like you would to any other soul. For those of you choosing to ascend with the planet move with grace and know you do not have to do anything in particular to herald in the new energies. There is no specific activation, meditation or workshop needed to align your being with the new lighter density of the planet. There is also no specific ‘time’ on the 21st of December that the new galactic shift will occur.

What we will say as guidance is to take a moment during that day to sit and breathe.

Simply breathe in to yourself, in to your heart and allow yourself to just feel the light of that moment you are in to become a part of you.

The earth holds you like a child and accepts all souls that are ready to move forward with her.

Just having the intention that you wish to move up in your vibration (to ascend) is all you need to do to be a part of the shift. Yes, the poles of the earth will shift, but know dear ones they have been shifting for years.

If we are to assume for a moment that time is linear then we can say that the galactic shift started to occur back in 1950 and culminates in the rebirth of earth (birth of the New World) in 2012. This ends the last galactic cycle of 26,000 years, which your ancients prophesied. But there are more shifts to come. There will be a shift in your cellular make-up in 2017 and a complete re-shuffle of your societal living in 2030 where most of your world’s population that are still vibrating at 3rd density will leave the planet earth.

Some will reincarnate on to other planets to continue their experience of the lower planes of being, others will decide to ascend in other dimensions that match their soul’s growth. At this time do not be concerned with what will happen in the ‘future’ as the moment you in is most important. What can best serve you at this time in terms of preparing for the shift of 21-12-12 is to keep in your hearts and seek not the truth of others as a means of clarification of your path or level of being.

Too much emphasise can often be placed on what level of consciousness a soul is at – 3rd, 4th and 5th density – that it can actually hinder soul progression.

From our perspective you are all Source Creators and are capable of 12th dimensional being although due to what YOUR soul has personally chosen to experience some of you may not in this lifetime believe nor accept this as the truth, and that is OK. Instead of identifying yourself as a density, just allow yourself to be. And if your intention is to raise your vibration, and with it your sense of truth/being/belonging, then you will naturally create this outcome.

Your consciousness always determines your reality. Therefore naturally enrich your consciousness by taking time to ‘be’ with yourself. And if you feel there is something yet to resolve within you, don’t worry about not being able to fully integrate it before 21-12-12. There is always ‘time’, and no-one that chooses to ascend will be left behind.

If you feel you have issues to resolve, shadows to face and fears to transcend etc, spend time to be in the flow of them. Without judging them or identifying with them, just ‘be’ with them. Breathe in to them, give them light and you will soon see the illusion of them either leaves you, or becomes integrated in to your being. Your mother earth will not all of a sudden alight from all her shadows after 21-12-12, how could she with some many souls choosing to remain in theirs. What she will do however – just like you if you are willing – is continue to give light to any darkness within until she has fully ascended in to her pure, natural state of being. And through her purging she will naturally reflect and hold the space for you to do the same so you can rise up together.

After 21-12-12 the souls that incarnate on to earth will only be of the 4th density and above, and part of their soul’s purpose will be to help create the New World that will look and feel very different to the world you see now. To those still in the 3rd density, the world will not change that much, but to those in the 4th the world will start to become brighter, fuller and have a real sense of unity. Communities of light-workers will come together and more renewable energy sources will be created to replace those that rely on fossil fuels and earthly resources.

Your Mother Earth will reach a level where she no longer has to, nor wishes to, experience lower planes of being and therefore her resources will become limited to those at a 3rd density vibration. The economy will continue to suffer being replaced with an exchange of skills system. From the higher 4th density perspective this will be a blessing for everyone.

Everyone who chooses the path of ascension will be able to allow and live in perfect abundance, and will barter and exchange their Source-given skills to enjoy a rich and happy life. Life as many of you know it now will change. But for those who have no wish to ascend, or wish to experience more of the 3rd density, life as they know it will not change all of sudden at 21-12-12, but it will in time.

For a new era is being born in your planet earth. The rich, affluent Golden Age is returning but unlike other times, will not fall. Gone are the days of rise and fall empires such as Lumeria and Atlantis. The collective karma of those times that has been part of you, right down to very DNA, is now clearing allowing you to accept and integrate more light in to your being. And as 4th density souls move in to the 5th your hearts will become fully enlightened. Your light body will start to appear and become integrated. And light-body activation is a natural process and should not be impressed upon through types of special meditation as some in your world see it.

You will as consciousness co-creators, and soon as after as Creators, will foster the most incredible gifts of transportation between realms and consciousness beyond your thoughts at this time. Heaven upon earth will be created once more and this time it will remain. With love and support always, your friends of the light.”

Calista 2012

Calista Ascension

Calista Ascension

Calista is an international writer and teacher discussing topics of spirituality and ascension. She is the founder of Angel Healing™ and Atlantean Crystal Healing™, as well as the Ascension Kits™ – a new meditation and healing tool.

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