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A New Earth

Margaret Hunt 10 Dec 2014 comments
A New Earth

Have you felt it? Have you felt the changeover in the earth’s energies?

Our blessed earth has been renewed; a new vibration has been transmitted to the world for the regeneration of the earth itself and the inhabitants.

Some of you may remember in the nineties there was much talk of ascension, it was a new concept to us and there was an abundance of speakers, books and tapes telling us what it was all about. Many people took the messages literally as they heard that we were going to ascend; they thought that they were going to leave this plane. I knew people personally who made preparations for this. As always spirit speak to us in symbolic language, the language of light, where we need to go beyond and discover the real mystical meaning.

What was being shared then was a vision of a new earth with the people upon it ascending in consciousness. We were being prepared all those years ago for what is taking place now at this very moment. Stonehenge has been given new energy and as this is the main circle it has radiated its vibrations along the ley lines to all the other circles. The same has happened with the mountains as a new light has come forth from a black mountain and this light has touched all the other mountains in the world. You can see that the planet has been lit up with the most amazing ascension energy which is circulating through all the energy channels which are the ley lines.

The light emanating from the black mountain is for you and you can receive it directly by connecting to it; this light is charcoal grey and it is intended for your heart. As you connect to it you will hear its song, the song of mother earth rejoicing in its awakening. Take this light into your heart and you will feel yourself rise up in consciousness; this will unite you with all other beings upon the planet for we are all sharing this same energy of awakening.

I saw the elementals all stirring as if from a long sleep for they too have waited for this time so that they can help us to regenerate the earth. They ask you to meet with them and they will become your teachers for they are so willing to help. This wonderful grey light will connect you to the great cosmic teachers also; they have waited in the same way for so long to share their wisdom. Do not say that you are not capable of channelling their teachings because they are here for everyone and they are not to be revered.

There has been much talk of a new earth and it has seemed so impossible when you see all the destruction and war which is everywhere you turn but yet we have turned a corner and we are now on the road to transformation. The world will change in ways in which we can only dream of at present and we won’t see it in our lifetime but each and every one of us is important as we plant the seeds for this new beginning.

Know that the process has now begun; what we heard about in 2012 is underway. You may wonder how you can play your part in this new dawning but there are so many ways to begin. Start with the charcoal grey and see every mountain and every circle along with each ley line becoming joined as one; then see each person on the earth touch by this light which now emanates from the earth, let the song fill their bodies and minds.

The ley lines carry wisdom, they connect the planet, and they rejuvenate the earth which in turn rejuvenates those upon it. Go and stand upon them and receive their wisdom, talk to the mountains; they are more than ready to listen. In your meditations go to the mountain tops and meet your guides who are waiting to give to you words of encouragement and visions of a golden future for no matter what is said to you please believe that this world is changing and the future is golden.

As you look around your gardens or as you walk in nature you will know without a doubt that there has been a great change; it is as though everything has come alive and is waiting to communicate with you. Every flower, tree, herb and stone is alive with consciousness and they all wait to help you for they all have their own medicine to help to heal you. The ash tree in my garden has been swaying its branches all morning communicating with me and it connects me to all ash trees. I sat having my lunch next to a pot of the most beautiful golden corn marigolds, a touch of summer on a winter’s day which transported me to the most luxuriant meadow.

All the plants have such magic within them waiting to be discovered but things have changed as the whole world has ascended to another level of awareness and so we see things with fresh eyes. Look to the plants and you will see also. By connecting to this wonderful renewal you will feel so different in body, mind and spirit; you will feel stronger physically, uplifted emotionally and more connected spiritually.

Ascension means the same as enlightenment and all it really is about is lifting up in consciousness and receiving more light and the more light you have the more you will know truth.

Enjoy this time for we have waited so long and many of you have worked selflessly for so long; you can now move forward and you can now speak of those things which until now you have been afraid to do so. The memories of other lives where we had to go about our work quietly have left their mark but you are now free to speak your truth and connect to this worldwide renewal of the earth and its inhabitants.

© Marfaret Hunt 2014


Margaret Hunt

Margaret Hunt

Margaret Hunt is a medium, healer and spiritual teacher with 20 years experience running development classes, moon circles and Mary Magdalene Retreat Days throughout the UK. Previously a school teacher, a health food shop owner and an alternative therapist Margaret now shares her mystical teachings through her work and her writing.

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