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A Beginners Guide to Psychic Work

Deb Hawken 13 Jun 2014 comments
A Beginners Guide to Psychic Work

A Psychic is a person who can read you and your energy field. Where a Medium communicates with the Spirit World a Psychic is able to tune into and understand you.

Psychic ability is a deeper form of intuition and empathy than many people exhibit, but like Mediumship it is present in everyone.

Most of us would describe ourselves as intuitive; possessing gut instinct or a sixth sense, but a working Psychic develops these abilities until they have a finely honed perception of the feelings and motivations of others.

Some Psychics are able to foresee the future; these are known as Psychic Clairvoyants. Others confine their work to providing life guidance. Some Psychics can predict the future with great accuracy, but should you request prediction you must remember that you are putting your future in the hands of a stranger. Therefore be sure to get recommendations from friends of someone they have found to be reliable and effective.

A Psychic may use a number of methods for getting their information. These range from giving you the ‘Psychic look’; that feels as if they look right through you and see everything. Another method is to use divination cards; you will probably be most familiar with Tarot or Angel cards.

Psychics also use scrying. This can be using a crystal ball, a scrying mirror, a bowl of water or sand. With the water and sand a Psychic will ask you to put your hands in the bowl and then plunge their hands in after you to pick up your energy.

I once had a sand Reading was told that a certificate would arrive in the post for me that week yet I hadn’t undertaken any course for which a certificate would be provided. Sure enough, within a week a certificate for some work I had done for the National Health Service arrived in the post entirely unexpectedly.

Where the work of a Medium is clear and uncomplicated – you either have a communicator or you don’t; you either understand what they’re telling you or you don’t; the connection is clear or it is vague – the work of a Psychic is layered with complexity.

Occasionally it can be very difficult when the Psychic realises that the client may not be ready to hear the truths that have presented themselves during a Reading and they have to use words very sensitively.

Some people think they want a Reading and then block the Psychic completely. When that happens you’d get more information out of a stone and it’s best to just stop the Reading.

These are two of the many moral and ethical scenarios that a Psychic faces every working day.They have to get a deep understanding of a total stranger, and they have to take the information they receive and word it in a positive and constructive manner that empowers the client and enhances their opportunity for happiness. It’s a challenging job to put it mildly.

When it comes to individual ability, many people struggle with feelings and emotions that make no sense to them. One moment they’re feeling fine and the next they feel horrible and have no idea why. This is because they pick up on the emotions of others and feel them as if they are their own. It’s very uncomfortable and bewildering if you have no idea what’s going on.

This can happen in the street, at work, at home, in fact anywhere there are people or animals, and it happens in a single instant.

Some things to look out for that might indicate that you are Psychic are:

· An uncanny ability to know what other people will do and they do it.

· Walking into a room feeling fine and instantly feeling horrible for no apparent reason.

· A sense of discomfort in museums and old houses.

· A deep discomfort in dentists, hospitals and doctors’ surgeries (no you’re not just a coward grin ).

· People seeming to be uncomfortable in your presence.

· Total strangers being stand-offish towards you for no reason.

· A feeling of knowing that something is going to happen and it does.

These are just some of the ways that Psychic ability will manifest itself. I used to buy clothes in chain stores and absolutely love them yet be unable to wear them and land up giving them away. When I discovered that I was Psychic I learned to touch each size 12 until one made me smile and buy that one (I literally get a hugely happy feeling through my hands when something is right). Sounds weird I know, but that’s one of the ways my Psychic ability showed up. It’s called Psychometry, but that’s a whole other article.

It is entirely possible to protect yourself from these feelings via what is called ‘psychic protection’. This is where you create an image in your mind that protects your energy field from acting like a sponge. This might sound odd but remember, what the mind believes is true.

There are many ways to do this, and I’ll pen an article on different forms of Psychic protection shortly, but just to get you going:

Imagine that you’re in a bubble of light. This bubble completely encloses you. It can be any colour that feels right to you, just trust what you feel. Once you’re inside this bubble you are completely protected from any emotion that isn’t your own, yet you are still capable of understanding and empathising with others. To do this just sit quietly for a few moments, conjure up the bubble in your mind, pop yourself inside it and close the door firmly behind you. Now you’re safe.

I hope this article gives you some idea of what it takes to be a Psychic. I’ve only touched on prediction because it’s a complex subject, again worthy of its own article. In the meantime, if you feel that you are possibly an undiscovered Psychic become more aware of what’s going on around you and keep a diary of your experiences. Once you’re sure, either get a book on Psychic protection or find training ASAP.

© Deb Hawken 2010

Deb Hawken

Deb  Hawken

Deb Hawken is a writer, inspirational speaker and Medium. She was 23 when she discovered she was a writer and 34 when her mediumistic ability suddenly surfaced, up until then she had no idea that she could speak with the Spirit World. It came as a magical surprise that continues every time she stands up to work.
As an inspirational speaker and writer Deb encourages people to bring spirituality into their everyday lives because she believes it’s the route to true happiness.
She has been published in Kindred Spirit and High Spirit Magazines and was a Feature Writer for Eternal Spirit Magazine. She is currently writing 4 books - at once!
Her aim is to help people and be a positive force for happiness, it’s as simple as that.

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