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A Beginners Guide to Mediumship

Deb Hawken 10 Jul 2014 comments
A Beginners Guide to Mediumship

Mediumship is one of the great mysteries of life that is still to be solved. To those who are mediums it is as natural and normal as any earthly communication. For those without personal experience the reactions range from outright disbelief through healthy scepticism to what can border on an obsession to constantly visit mediums to get one more ounce of proof.

Perhaps explaining this apparently complex field it will make it easier for people to decide what they feel about Mediumship and how it fits into their lives.

To that end, here are a few pointers which I hope will be helpful.

Firstly I am going to be talking about Mediumship not Psychic work. A Medium is a person who can communicate with the Spirit World in order to bring through an evidential message that can be verified by the recipient.

A Psychic is someone who can read the energy fields of living people; they can also read divination cards such as Tarot or Angel cards. All Mediums are Psychics but not all Psychics are Mediums.

Anyone can be a Medium; it is not a closed club that only the chosen few can join. We all come from and return to the Spirit World, and communication between the two worlds is open to all. Many, many people have had their own supernatural experiences and Mediums are far from being the only people with direct contact with the Spirit World.

However, there is a big difference between having the ability and being suited to doing the work.

A Medium is best defined as a person who has trained to develop their ability into the working practice of Mediumship. Mediums work in different ways, the main ones being:

Clairvoyance (Clear Seeing): Mediums who have this ability can see Spirit as clearly as they can see you and me. (A Clairvoyant Psychic can see into the future). Clairvoyance used to be the term for all forms of Mediumship, but ‘Medium’ is more accurate.

Clairaudience (Clear Hearing): These Mediums can hear Spirit in exactly the same way as they can hear you or me.

Clairsentience (Clear Feeling): Clairsentients receive knowledge from the Spirit World by way of feelings, sensations and impressions. For example, if your relative suffered from arthritis a Clairsentient would feel that pain in their body. Clairsentients will also receive pictures or see golden writing in their mind’s eye. The vast majority of Mediums work Clairsentiently.

Claircogniscence (Clear Knowing): You will often hear a Claircogniscent say “I know that…” because they receive information in the form of ‘just knowing’.

Clairallience (Clear Smelling): You guessed it; these lucky workers get to smell the oceans of cheap perfume your aunt used to wear or the sewerage farm behind your childhood home!

Clairgustience (Clear Tasting): These Mediums certainly hope that your long lost loved one was a good cook and liked the same foods they did; otherwise they can land up with a taste sensation that can turn their stomachs. A friend channelled a lady who loved aniseed balls, and my friend couldn’t stand them…imagine!

Most Mediums will use a cross section of these abilities.

To the uninitiated Mediums work with the subject of death, and reactions range from fascination through indifference to pure terror; it’s great of course when people are fascinated, except that you can spend an entire party talking about nothing but work or fending off inappropriate requests to channel someone’s auntie in the middle of a wedding.

Indifference is quite comfortable, you say you’re a Medium, people give you the ‘so what!’ look and you switch to talking about the weather.

The one I’d most like to put a stop to though is the terror reaction. So to clarify, we do not work with dead people. For us there simply is no death. We work with disincarnate people, that is to say those who no longer need a physical body in which to exist.

For us talking to a disincarnate person is no different to talking to someone on the phone, in our own way we can hear, see or sense them but they’re not physically in the room.

You will hear sceptics challenge that statement, and I’ll cover the subject of sceptics in another article, but although they criticise and condemn they can never adequately explain away the kind of information that a Medium can bring through from the Spirit World.

When I spoke earlier of an evidential message I meant a message that contains hard evidence and facts that you can verify as being correct. The best evidence of all is something that you did not know to be true but someone else in your circle later confirms to be correct. However, a message containing very little that you can verify is not a message, there should be only one or two things at the most that you have to check.

I hope this has given you some insight into Mediumship. In further articles I will cover other aspects of Mediumship and Psychic work, discuss the difference between healthy and unhealthy scepticism, and talk about applying spirituality to everyday life in the 21st Century. Until then…

Wishing you happy days and blissful nights

© Deb Hawken 2011


Deb Hawken

Deb  Hawken

Deb Hawken is a writer, inspirational speaker and Medium. She was 23 when she discovered she was a writer and 34 when her mediumistic ability suddenly surfaced, up until then she had no idea that she could speak with the Spirit World. It came as a magical surprise that continues every time she stands up to work.
As an inspirational speaker and writer Deb encourages people to bring spirituality into their everyday lives because she believes it’s the route to true happiness.
She has been published in Kindred Spirit and High Spirit Magazines and was a Feature Writer for Eternal Spirit Magazine. She is currently writing 4 books - at once!
Her aim is to help people and be a positive force for happiness, it’s as simple as that.

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