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72 Angels of the Zodiac

Elizabeth Francis 30 Jan 2018 comments
72 Angels of the Zodiac

aka as the Angels of God

For those who know that they are there, they will realize that Angels are an integral part of our world. They have been as long as humanity has had the concept of an omnipresent Divine Being has existed and knowing humans, there never was such a time. The work that Angels do is both varied and comprehensive, so much so there is one that we can turn under any circumstance.

In order to understand these Beings of Light, human kind has over the millenia categorized them and been taught to view them in human form, with the addition of wings, which shows that we understand that they can fly. We have been encouraged to dress them in flowing gowns, usually holding something symbolic which represents a message the Almighty. These images are of course drawn from our imaginations and are designed to help us relate to them so that we can contact them and gain comfort and guidance from them.

However, as most of us realize, these images and our catalogue system come nowhere near depicting the truth of who and what Angels are by any measure. This is because we are not capable of seeing even one percent of the electromagnetic, nor hearing as much as one percent of the acoustic spectrums.

This means that all human beings suffer from the equivalent of severe tunnel vision and selective hearing. This is because our brains can only take on board a certain amount of information at any given time, if it is over loaded, it either drives us insane or kills us. So, when it comes to angels, we can only see and hear less than one percent of who and what they are and what they can do.

What we can do to extend our very limiting understanding is to use the information we have. We know that we refer to these Beings of Light who were think are emissaries of what some call God and others Divine Spirit. Irrespective of what we call it, this energy comes in many shapes and sizes and transcends sexual identity. It is also the word some of us use to explain the creation of the cosmos and all the life forms in it. Due to our less than one percent abilities, we are still unable to understand the power and the process of creation but what we do know is everything is made up of energy; therefore, Angels must be a form of vibrational energy.

However, when it comes to the 72 Angels of the Zodiac, it is very important to recognise that those who originally named this specific band of Beings of Light, The 72 Angels of God; must have had a smidgeon of understanding greater than one percent when they catalogued them. Otherwise how could they have recognised the importance of their purpose, which actually added to the power these particular angels.

If we want to receive a greater understanding of that we are unable to comprehend, we need to shed any preconceived ideas we have about angels. By doing so we can step into that of the Universal Mind, which is greater than the sum total of its parts, enabling synergy to occurs thus allowing us to converge and experience that which we do not comprehend.

We will come away with the awareness that the Angels of the Zodiak have an energy that is 99% purer than beyond our understanding of pure, 99% more loving than our understanding of loving, 99% more powerful that that which is beyond our understanding of power, and 99% more knowledgeable beyond that of our own cognizance.

Bearing this in mind, it won’t be surprising to read that this band of angels were hand picked by the Divine Spirit to protect the hidden letters of the name of this being, a name so secret and sacred that it cannot be spoken. The Shemhamphorasch is made up of seventy two holy letters, which enabled the concept of the Kabbalah to develop, a system that could be used to both govern and provide us with guidance and insight.

When applied to Astrology, the holy letters transform the chart itself into a tool, which is driven by the power of the Divine Spirit.

Each angel governs over a number of degrees, which deal with specifics such as measuring, co-ordination, accuracy and time in degrees of rotation.

As we all appreciate, astrology is a living, breathing science, which is a very efficient and effective divination tool. It was designed to help us regulate and to keep track of ourselves during our lives.

Therefore, an astrology chart manifests at the time of our births. These multi-purpose charts are eloquent maps of our solar system, which show us where and how we fit into the cosmos. The chart plots our existence from the time we are born until the day we die. During that time-line, it provides us with guidance whilst giving us options and the direction that we need to achieve our goals whilst allowing us the leeway to exercise our free will.

Working through the chart our Angels of the Zodiak can forewarn us of possible positive and challenging events, which are influenced by the movement of the planets, which is coupled with the consequences of our own actions. The combination of which results in us being able to alter our destinies and make our lives easier, whilst we journey to meet our fates.

All the sacred letters that the 72 Angels have also been aligned to corresponds with specific astrological elements, which when taken into account in the reading of our charts can help us to overcome our limitations and by extending the range of our free will.

Each one of the letters represents a key word, which has a meaning and when we work with our Angel of the Zodiac, we are given the opportunity to use this key. By doing so, we can look at that one percent of knowledge that lies within us in a new light, and by doing so; we have a greater appreciation of and insight into both others and ourselves as we live our lives within the metaphysical collective.

Just one more thing that I think is important to mention, many of us tend envisage angels as gentle fluffy beings of light, which one level they are. However, if we look under all the fluff and feathers of these 72 Angels of the Zodiac we will find that are armed up to the teeth with love, compassion and the occasional sword, all of which creates taught love, something that they not afraid to use defend and protect us, usually from ourselves.

Such is their dedication to our well being, that if Angels died, they would fight to the death for us. Fortunately for us they don’t die. Find out which angle governs your birth date log onto http://www.elizabethfrancis.co.uk/shop/angel-amulets

© Elizabeth Francis 2014

Elizabeth Francis

Elizabeth  Francis

Book Author, article writer, Radio host, Elizabeth was voted best UK psychic by findyourownpsychic.com of 2013, Elizabeth Francis is one of the countries leading intuitive’s, having worked internationally in this field for over 15 years. Elizabeth is qualified complementary health therapist, having gained qualifications in counselling, anatomy and physiology with the Institute of Crystal and Gem Therapists in 1997. Elizabeth appeared on the Steve Nolan Show as well as the Spirit Trap - A Ghost Story documentary.

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