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2013 Where do we go from here

Joylina Goodings 20 Mar 2014 comments
2013 Where do we go from here

Angelic, Planetary & Numerological influences on 2013 & beyond.

Now we have turned the corner and 21.12.12 and all the prophercies are behind us, we are moving on towards the next golden age and the angels and everything else including numerology and the planets are here beside as us, giving us encouragement and support. See last months’ article re Cycles of Time to see how this fits into the bigger picture. Saturn has been working hard in conjunction with Pluto and Uranus who are continuing their current restorative influence through to 2015 when other influences will take over.

Numerologically there are significant opportunities for humanity to grow and the angels are here to help us take full advantage of them.

2013 is a 6 year. 6 is a symbol of motherly (or fatherly) love, giving its love and care to friends, family and the immediate community. In a 6 year we seek to create an environment of peace and harmony.

2014 7 - in a 7 year we seek and search for the TRUTH, 7 doesn’t take anything at face value—it is always trying to understand the underlying, hidden truths. The 7 knows that nothing is exactly as it seems and that reality is often hidden behind illusions and seeks the inner wisdom.

2015 ,= 8 balance. The 8 balances the material and immaterial worlds. At its best, it is as spiritual as it is materialistic. It is the great Karmic equalizer, a force that just as easily creates as it destroys. When the 8 comes knocking, you can be assured that you will reap what you’ve sown and it is our responsibility to sow the seeds now of manifesting our spiritual natures into the material world. In 1215 = 9 The Magna Carter was signed, known as the Great Charter of Liberties is was the culmination of a period of change. If you like it was the first Charter of Human Rights upon which other great charters have been founded such as Constitution of the United States. Again we have the opportunity over the next few years to take a giant leap forward for mankind.

2016 = 9 year completion of cycle before we move into a new cycle

The 9 lives in the world and understands the connections between all of mankind. It is a humanitarian, and sees no real difference between its neighbor next door and the person living in a very different culture and environment on the other side of the world. The 9 is the least judgmental of all numbers, the most tolerant and the most conscious.

2017 = 10 = 1 a beginning and if we work with the angels we can have enter a new era with Peace in our World.

They angels have been here throughout the millennia assisting us and guiding us back towards our centre. Our true being of love and compassion so we may take our place within the holotropic universe. At their new higher frequencies they are here to help us take full advantage of these energies over the coming years.

Until now we have not been able to connect to the angels at the highest frequencies but this is now changing and their energies are being shared with us at the higher orders of powers, virtues, dominions and thrones. As we shift our energies to the 5th dimension then so they will continue drawing us upwards by sharing their energies of the 6th.

This means that we are able to connect to higher levels of energy and that new angels are now able to communicate with us.

The four major archangels, who also operate at the higher dimensional levels such as Thrones through to Seraphim will be operating at higher frequencies focusing on:

Raphael as angel of healing, balance, science and knowledge will be working with Eth and the other angels above, across the time space continuum, bringing new knowledge to the fore. Working with the scientists who are looking for the unified theory of everything. What is the purpose of this cosmic theorizing I hear many of you ask yourself. As science has developed it has come more and more in line with what Sharmans’ have been saying across the ages. At the same time whilst many of the theories have been neither proven nor disproven, many technological developments have come out of the experiments. Things such as space travel, the internet, medical advancement etc.

Science tells us that there are multi-dimensions, interwoven within the space time continuum, these false barriers that sit between man and the cosmic heart are slowly lessening as we raise our vibrations by taking personal responsibility to ‘be the best we can be’. As we live from our human divinity rather than from our animal instincts. We have all read about and experienced the human potential, what we can do when we work together in peace and harmony, and we know the worst of ourselves. At the end of the day whether we take advantage of this opportunity to create a new golden age, to work with the angels at these higher vibrations and bring about a world of peace and harmony depends upon each and every one of us taking personal responsibility and releasing our pasts and creating a glorious future.

Gabriel will be working with Eth and the other angels, communicating the wisdom of the past, present and future to us and extending the energy of Mercy within us all. Helping as go back to our divine roots to manifest that divine within ourselves and our world.

Uriel as Throne of Planet Earth oversees the transformation of our world and our planet. Calling on all the angels at every level to aid us in our personal and collective transformation and we return to reconnecting to Oneness through reconnecting to our divine being and manifesting it in this world.

Michael will be working with Lumiel to help us throw light on our inner truth, giving us the courage to cut those cords that bind us to our past shame and fear. But more of the other angels next month.

The angels ask that we all take personal responsibility to consciously raise our vibrations to the highest levels and make use of these new frequencies. So there is a free downloadable meditation on my website to help you create the pure white 5th dimensional heart chakra in your heart and breathe it out into our world thus creating a world of peace love and unity.

© Joylina Goodings 2013

Joylina Goodings

Joylina Goodings

Joylina Goodings, author of Your Angel Journey, and President of the British Astrological and Psychic Society is a well respected, experienced professional speaker, workshop leader, spiritual consultant, soul coach and healer working with multi-dimensional energies such as Angels, Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters.

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